3/28/2011 Starting date

  • Looking forward to getting started~  I need all the encouragement I can get  :)  I usually start with a bang and within' no time...just go blah.  I really don't want that to happen.  So all encouragement is welcomed.  It's not my norm to reach for help.  I'm reaching for help.  Looking forward to sharing with everyone.  Love and Peace!

  • Ma Cron,  You will find great encouragement through this site, the people on here are real supportive. This is a great program and actually its easy to stay strong throughout the 12 weeks, at least I have found it so.   The trick is in the planning.  Plan your meals out completely.  Have all the foods at your disposal before you start. And stay with the program as its written.  Plan your workouts too.  Don't go into the gym or your home gym and wander around, take in the sheet with each and every workout, every minute planned and follow that plan.   It will become automatic, but planning is key.  Wishing you the best.