Q2 Crew, Starting Sunday April 3rd!!! Ready To Rock?!?!?

  • Wow! You've made amazing progress! You should be really proud of yourself!

    I have really struggled the past month and have made 0 progress. That doesn't mean I'm giving up. My mini goal for July is to lose at least 10 lbs. and get into a consistent early morning workout routine again before school starts.

    Congratulations Island!

  • ISLAND!!!DUDE!!!! You better be getting that tan minus the shirt at the beach!!! You look amazing! Kudos to you on your determination, perseverance, big heart and positive outlook...it's been a real pleasure following your progress and you've been an inspiration.  WAY TO GOOOOOOOO:)  C3, look out!! :)

    Kim, hang in and don't give up!!! Persistence is the key....none of us are perfect :) You've been wanting to do this and you have been...you know you can.  And you know the next month will fly by (why does that always happen in the summer months, why can't March go as fast??!!) you can do it!

    And time is flying by here....8 weeks til the big day:) !!  

  • Hi, all!

    Sorry I've been MIA... work got a little hectic, which made life a little hectic, and then the husband and I both ended up getting that nasty summer cold that's been circulating.  Made it difficult to do HIIT's when you're hacking up a lung =(

    Anyhoo, at the end of our first challenge, I'm happy with the results... especially considering how many times our eating went to crap and all the gym days we missed.  I went from 242lbs to 229 and lost about 1.5" at my waist.  My other measurements really didn't budge, so I think maybe I didn't measure the same spot?  The husband went down about 15lbs, so he's feeling pretty good!

    We're already starting our next challenge and are pumped about it!  I'll be purchasing a set of calipers on Amazon this week, as I'm tired of the body fat on our scale not budging.

    IslandDude... seriously.  You look amazing!!!  You should be incredibly proud and thrilled with the results!!!

    I hope to "see" some of you during this next challenge.  This forum has been great with support and getting ideas =)

    Have a happy, healthy 4th, everyone!!

  • Kris I am :-) I cant stop thinking about what 12 more weeks will do for me so Im taking a week AR and going again.. thanks again

  • Island, again congrats.  I think that the exciting thing about your stats is that you lost inches inspite of the fact that you have been hitting the iron pretty hard.  I would not be surprised to see you adding inches in the next challenge.  Did you get a BF% calculation?  I would guess it is 10-15% less.   Great job!  Enjoy the downtime.

    @ Kim, put one step in front of the other (to quote a children's movie classic)...I wouldn't focus on the weight goal as much as the consistency.  JUST KEEP SHOWING UP IN JULY.  Get that routine back in place and let the numbers fall where they may.  Have faith in the program and if it's 10 lbs, 5lbs or 25, you know you are going to get there

    @Bride, thanks for the info.  I probably will not adopt coconut water into my diet and will continue to drink POWERADE (a Coke product ;-)

    As for me, I am still chugging along.  Most of my exercise is from a big home project (adding a pool) which involves lots of pre-work like masonry and landscaping.  I am definitely sweating to the oldies in this 90+ heat and 90+ humidity for long hours on the weekends.  Glad that BFL has prepared me to have the stamina for a hard day's work.

    Cheers, Y'all

  • Hi all!

    Island dude - you look amazing and should be SO proud of yourself!  :)  I have the same thoughts that you do - if I can make this much progress in this 12 weeks, imagine what you can do the next 12!  

    Kris - Awesome job for you, too.  I know it's been a bumpy ride, but you HAVe made progress - imagine how much progress you can make when you are able to put yourself into it completely.

    BFL Bride2be - You are going to look amazing in your wedding dress - I just know it.  Thanks so much for all of your info and motivation.

    Jessica - A shout out to you as well - thank you for all of the info you've provided along the way! Your after pics are fantastic, too!

    Aloha to everyone else from sunny and beautiful Maui!  I'm on my vacation - and am finally wearing a 2 piece bathing suit comfortably!  :)  My final stats - lost 15 pounds, 11 inches combined, and 2 sizes.  I would have loved to be tracking body fat, but I didnt' do it to start.  I feel so much more confident in how I look.  I am taking a week off (somewhat) while I am on vacation - trying to eat good for the most part, but I haven't really done any workouts since going on vacation, other than some hiking, walking, and swimming.  I plan on jumping into another 12 weeks when we return.  I think it was Frick that said - progress, not perfection...that has been my motto.  :)  Thanks everyone for all of your support  and knowledge.  You are all an inspiration!

  • Thanks tracey :-) Im looking forward to next monday already lol.. and I hope you are enjoying yourself on the rock right next door to me.. congrats on that 2 peice!

  • TEAM!!!!! checking in :) Wanted to see how all of you are doing and if folks are on to new challenges :) Jessica, got your request but trouble with site at moment so not able to accept, but I will!!

    On my home front...So THE DRESS arrives tomorrow...I will be traveling so won't see it til Tuesday...and then the fit test :) based on measurements I should be there though which is cool.  Still a bit nerve wracking between the fit question AND that my trip is for a job interview.  Send some positive good luck vibes my way!!! :)

    I have been doing well with the high protein, low fat, lower carb ratios.  With 7 weeks to go til the big day, I'm still on my misssion to reduce as much bodyfat as possible ...without turning into a raving lunatic :) I'm working out hard and eating clean, so when it comes, it comes :)

    Let's hear some updates!! :)

  • Hey, Bride!

    Well, the husband and I just started our second challenge this morning, and it felt GREAT to be back!!  We did UB this morning, and considering we haven't been to the gym in a couple of weeks, I know I'll be sore the next day or so, but it will be worth it.

    Took new before pics and new measurements... really looking forward to "sticking" this challenge.

    Bride - you'll have to post pics of you in the dress =)

    I hope to see everyone on the forums (this thread or others)... I've already "run" into IslandDude!

    Have a stupendous day, all... eat well, work hard!