Q2 Crew, Starting Sunday April 3rd!!! Ready To Rock?!?!?

  • I've been reading all the posts and haven't had a chance to reply until now. It's great to see all the familiar folks here and so many new ones to come along on the next challenge.

    Since I feel like I've finally got my head in the game I'm still working out this week. The program my trainer gave me is a tough one. I had to workout last night instead of the morning. I can usually talk myself out of it at night, but I made myself do it and of course, was glad I did.

    Dave, I had the same kind of night as you. I was awake at 4:15. I got 30 min. of TM time with inclines and sprints thrown in. I'm glad I did because I'm worn out tonight. I hope I get a decent night's sleep tonight. I have a meeting first thing in the morning that I'm not looking forward to but at least it will be over soon.

    I was reading a 12 week transformation thread on bodybuilding.com and they recommend cardio 7 days a week. It's only 10-15 min. on ST days as well as "rest" days. I know for me, I need more than BFL recommends. I just thought it was interesting.


  • Hello everybody I was on the need support thread with gman cajun and peeps, I would greatly appreciate coming on to the Q2 crew for my second challenge I am finishing up my final week and will post pics either sunday or monday taking a week or 2 of AR trying to get my knee back 100% im either gonna be biking or swimming.... anyway nice to see all of you here and looking forward to keeping up with everyone.... Much  mahalo and Very much Aloha!!! .... kaina

  • Hey Team! I'm looking forward to starting C2 with you all on Sunday/Monday. C1 went pretty well, I sort of stumbled my way through the finish line, but I'm ready to go on Monday for the next adventure!



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  • Morning Q2 Crew.

    April,2 its coming tomorrow April 3. Hehehe Challenge 4 for me , Here I come. LoViNg BFL way of living.

    Kaina ~ So glad to have you aboard our Q2 crew.

    Mandy ~ So glad to have you aboard our Q2 crew also.

    Welcome all the ones who would like to come on our Q2 crew team, To Support , motivate, and be motivated by !!!!!


    Boom~ Chica...

  • I'm Trying to do pictures, to get them up on my profile.and my Blogs. Hoping to get them up when this Challenge comes to the end. It will be summer... hoping to have all my weight off this summer.

  • I am so excited to start the challenge...I will Begin Monday and post how it all went... We will be going to Disney in a few weeks, so I'm already stressing how I will stay focused.  One day at a time!  Good Luck to all starting tomorrow!!!!!

    I was in sports authority this am and I was tempted to struggle and buy a treadmill.  I stopped myself and realized that I already have a machine home that is perfectly fine for cardio.  If I can get through this challenge with success, then I will purchase it! lol... okay..enough from me.... ttyl


  • Hi all, count me in!  I started an "unofficial" challenge on Feb 14 and have had good results, but just came back from a vacation and needing to re-focus, so this would be a great group :) BTW, my name is also Kim and to the other Kim....funny we share the same goal, I have yet to complete a full 12 week challenge! But I am getting married in August and am committed to seeing it through!!! :)

  • Hi Kim,

    I got married in Sept. and even that didn't work for me. I hope it does for you!

    I've had a great week and for once, have gotten all my workouts in and stayed pretty close to my nutrition plan. I'm hoping to see a loss on the scale when we start tomorrow.

    Here we go!


  • I'm in it to win it with you  Roosed!  Count me in for this challenge too!  I'm going to start on Monday too tho :)  I need my extra day of rest in order to stock up on provisions and get ready for C2!

    Quit World of Warcraft, Quit Diet Coke, Quit Processed foods, Started Body For Life and got healthy.


  • Q2 CREW! I just finished My first challenge My pics are posted in my profile... Im taking a week AR I hope.. wanting to get my knee back 100% still gonna swim or bike ride.. just the running i gotta take it easy on.. although man i was really beginning to like it... anyway I'll be checking in with you all challenge 2 starts 4/11 woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I DID IT!

  • @ Shoshie, I agree diet coke is what we need to give up to being to eat clean and have success with body for life... maybe its me personally because i drink way too much of it...I still have one major question... to those BLF alum... years ago on to site there were many recipes, I mean hundreds ( which I still have that I printed out,... for some reason there are less on this site now.. any reason why? Just wondering... this was back in 2001-2003,,,,

    I will going food shopping shortly and I will be ready for the week.  so excited to see a transformation..I gotta say that I am really freaked out about taking before pics....

    Good Luck All.... 



  • Morning all Q2 crew,

    Well I see that everyone is getting ready for there Challenge tomorrow morning, Need today to get food and exercises ready . Great to see that you are getting your program ready for the week. I have it up and ready to go tomorrow morning UBWO. and my food menu for this challenge done.

    This will be my meal for Monday throught friday

    Workout in the am morning before breakfast.

    Breakfast ~ egg whites and one whole egg

    2 slice of turkey bacon

    one piece of whole gran toast

    Now I have a quality portion of protein and carbs

    and I have a bottle of water 710mls

    Midmorning~ Choc, shake Myoplex Choc.is my fav..

     a bottle of water 710mls

    Lunch~ Tuna salad

    Mix tuna with mayo and relish lemon juice. pile the tuna on top of lettuce and then have a baked apple.  a bottle of water 710mls

    Midafternoon~ Vanilla myoplex shake,  a bottle of water 710mls

    Dinner ~ Turkey or chicken with cranberry sauce

    serve with  steamed brown rice or sweet potato

    veg, broccoli and carrots or carrots and turnip.  a bottle of water 710mls

    late evening ~ Myoplex shake or will have cottage cheese with greek yogurt. No water before going to bed. =)


    *Boom ~Chica*

  • Ok, I was going to start tomorrow but why put it off.  I've had 2 days of AR so I'm ready!  I am going to be the "No Muffin Top Mom" in 12 weeks!  I posted my final C1 pics today.   I'm putting the pressure on myself this 12 weeks, absolutely no occassional cheats on eats this time!  I lost 5 lbs in C1 and my goal is to lose 10 lbs in C2, which would put me at 115 at 5'3" and I think that's reasonable and doable.

    I'm really excited to see everyone on this thread, I think we have a cool group!  I look forward to reading your posts!


    My meal plan will look like this.....

    1)  Myoplex Carb Control Shake - Choc, wtr  (110 calories)

    2)  FF cottage chez w/blueberries or greek yogurt, wtr  (200 calories)

    3)  5 egg whites and green peppers on whole wheat muffin, wtr (200 calories)

    3)  Grilled Chicken salad with lots of green veggies (maybe salsa as dressing otherwise no dressing, wtr (350 calories)

    4)  Chicken Tortiall soup (without the tortialls), apple, wtr (250 calories)

    5)   Myoplex Carb Control Shake - Choc, wtr (110 calories)

  • Your pics look great! I see big changes and your legs have much more definition. That's the toughest part for me to change. You'll see big results on this next challenge!

  • Jessica~Your pics are awesome!!! I see big changes going on, and You are going to look totally HOT after these 12 weeks.