Q2 Crew, Starting Sunday April 3rd!!! Ready To Rock?!?!?

  • Hi everyone. I will put up my stats here for everyone to see before we start Q2 crew next sunday.

    Just  wanted to post my official results of C3 BFL

    When I started BFL in April 4 2010 it was just after April fools. and I weighted 200.3lbs and said to myself, Wow I can't believe I got that big. I wasn't that big in my life. So here I am now almost  one year later.

    For Challenge 3#

      Starting Date  01/03/2011

    Weighted in at = 185.5




    rt thigh=22.5

    lt thigh=22.5

    7 weeks later of C3

    weight =177.6




    rt thigh=21.5

    lt thigh=21.5

    Then I got my body fat done and my BMI done.

    body fat was 43.4%

    BMI was 29.7%

    Week 12 of C3

    weight = 171.8



    abs= 38

    rt thigh=20.5

    lt thigh=20.5

    body fat now 40.5%

    BMI now 28.6

    I was hoping to reach 170, That was my goal for Challenge 3,  Next time I will hit my next goal make for Challenge 4... =)

    Boom ~ Chica ~ woot.

  • Happy Sunday crew!!! For those of you joining in, asking if you can climb on board, ABSOLUTELY!!! Doesn’t matter if this is your first challenge ever or you 20th! We all have ideas to share, opinions to voice, accountability to seek & lend so THE MORE THE MERRIER!!! Tell your friends to get their butts on over here too LOL!

    I know we don’t OFFICIALLY start until NEXT Sunday but hiking the nature trails of the nature preserves around the Memphis area is a Sunday ritual with yours truly, Mother Nature permitting.  So today I hit the trails shortly after sunrise in a cold wind out of the NNE @ a VERY nippy 40F. Walked the trails for a couple hours then sat in the car for a while hoping it’d warm up. Walked one more loop totaling 10ish miles & called it frozen. Headed to the gym to defrost & hill climbed on the dreadmill for another 3 miles which seemed harder than all 10 hiked outdoors to be honest but, for those of you who already know me, y’all know how mental the Griz gets LMBO!

    For those of you who are just coming on board, don’t worry! My nickname & mentality are MUCH more gym related than anything else! 97% of the time I’m just an overstuffed Teddy bear with broad fluffy (for now) shoulders to lean on LOL!

    Rock on crew!!!

  • Well everyone...my final photos are up...but haven't posted my measurements yet...have to get to bed..will post tomorrow night.  I am going to enjoy resting for a week and joining the Q2Crew for another Challenge on 4/4.

  • Hey everyone, I hope there is room for one more to join this group, I have read through all your posts and I am ready to conquer this Challenge with the help of some great mentor's.

    Kim: I am in the same boat as you, I started a Challenge in March of last year and because of some unforeseen misfortunes I was not able to continue the Challenge.  I will be the first to admit that I am great at starting things but finishing them is not my forte'.  I have made a pledge to myself that I will finish this challenge from start to finish.  This time it feels different that there is going to be nothing that keeps me from finishing this Challenge.  With the help from the people in this group and with the help from each other...we can do this!!!!!!!

    I am looking forward to this adventure with all of you!!!!!!!!

  • christine, MLK, Jessica - welcome to the party.

    I have enjoyed relaxing the last three days, but am ready to get back to BFL mode today.

    I'm still planning on burning enough calories to enjoy those KrispyKremes next weekend before Q2 officially starts.

    @ AnneB a big BoomChickaWoot on the numbers.  Awesome

    @Cajun - pictures look great. You have made us proud!  Keep up the good work!

    Enjoy the downtime, reflect on the progress.



  • Thanks Frick!  I am going to relax and let my muscles heal this week so I can hit it hard during Q2Crew!!!  I had time to go in and post my numbers...just a quick summary for Challenge 1 Summary:  I am down 54.5#, down 12.7% bodyfat, improved BMI 7.9% and took 77" off my body.  I started in the category of Below Average Bodyfat (NOW Above Average--moved 2 categories), in the lowest category of Poor BMI (NOW upper end of Average--moved 2 categories), in the Below Average Resting Heart Rate (NOW I'm Above Excellent/Athlete) and my confidence and whole outlook on life is positive and vibrant!

  • Good Morning Everyone~

    I love all the energy  this thread has already, I know its going to be an awesome group to continue this journey with.  I am finishing my challenge this week with my husband Mark, who's had amazing results and starting on 4/4 with him again.  Trying really hard to get him to login and post on the new forum, he's a little 'post' shy but hopefully I can get him to post his before and after pics and join the group. :)  Have a great week everyone!!!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Hey!  Just checkin in so I can follow ya'll!  I have some goals as well.  Once I get the clear from my chiropractor and midwife I am ready to start exercising again.  And I want to incorporate the 6 meals of healthy carbs/protein, just not too lowfat :)  My goal is to not gain too much weight this pregnancy, under 30 lbs if possible.  In the past I was always let myself go, stopped exercising and end up gaining about 50 lbs.  

    Cajun~Wow!  You look amazing!  What a transformation!  Good luck with the contest!

  • Hi All,

    After much coercion I am here to check out this forum thing that my wife Marcia aka Peeps has been talking about.  I've read through the posts and am excited to try this forum thing out and get feedback from fellow body for lifers.  I will post before and after pics this weekend once our challenge is finished.  I will be looking to add muscle and definition in the next round, for me weekends are a challenge, I enjoy Sunday sports with the drinks and finger foods that go along with it.  I'm hoping to keep that to a minimum but still enjoy myself. See you all next week.

  • Hello All,

    I have been on the Needing Support thread with Peeps and Cajun.  If its OK I will be joing this group for my 2nd challenge.  My 1st challenge doesn't end until 4/14 and I don't plan on stopping just restarting.  I will post my final pics on this thread and my other thread.  I'm struggling to finish up strong but have still had some good results.  Looking forward to another challenge with appears to be a great group.  




    Cajun~  Your look amazing!  What a transformation!!!! the first round, you just showed that you have to really want it to have the results you got. Great job. keep it up girl ~ BOOM ~CHICA~WOOT ... Good luck with this Q2 crew we will be with you till the end. I know you are going to give it all you have. Just by your  pictures...=)

    Frick~ Thank you ~ The numbers weren't big. But I want it to stay off and not come back on  me, so I'm loosing it slow.

    Peeps~ I see that your hubby found his way over here.

    Mlk, Jessica, Mark, Utahdesertunner, Gman21,  Christine. Welcome to the Q2 crew playground...

    Sorry~ Christine~ I think I called you Christina a couple of post back...LOL

    Utahdesertunner, Gman21,~ Need your real name I have been writing everyones name with you  post nick names... Thanks

    Everyone have a great day and see ya'll on April 3, 2011 or after the ones that are starting 4/4.

  • AnnB,

    My real name is Kevin.

  • My name is Toni

  • Well gang, this morning the gray matter hard drive spun up an hour before the alarm went off. Then I tossed & turned for 30 minutes. Next, while having a freaking BIZARRE dream I managed to sleep through the alarm & overslept 30 minutes. Momentarily toyed with the idea of saying screw it & sleeping til desk time but remembered that today was to be LBWO, always my favorite, so I jumped up & flew through the morning rituals, hitting the gym door only15 minutes behind!

    Given the time crunch, adding in some lousy night / bad morning anger & a large side order of frustration, generated a couple personal records today!!! 69,680 LBs of LBWO iron got ground to dust @ a new record of 1.69 Tons per Minute including a new good girls / bad boys (abductor / adductor) PR of 24,400 LBs total!

    After all of that the Griz is feeling ORNERY today!

    Consider yourself warned LMBO!!!

    Rock on crew!

  • I'm IN!!!! Contest 2 for me. Made improvements in C1 but not fabulous improvements. You can look at my profile for pics. This week is Active Rest for me and I start C2 on Sunday 4-3-11 as well. I would love some extra motivation. I belong to another thread and Cajun suggested this one. I would love to check in and get new ideas and make new fitness friends.

    Thanks for including me!