Q2 Crew, Starting Sunday April 3rd!!! Ready To Rock?!?!?

  • Okay, come April 3rd it'll be time for my 4th challenge & I need a beast of a team to motivate & be motivated by! I’m just wrapping up my 3rd challenge with an awesome team from “Kicking off 2011 With A Bang” gang & several of them are committed to rocking on!!!


    We’ve even arranged AWESOME backup co-captains for this challenge!!! AnneB, an extremely energetic & successful young lady challenger for the gals & Frick, 1 awesome very experienced motivational dude for the guys as well so on the occasional off day for me when I just can’t get to the web you’ll always have somebody keeping you accountable & cheering you on!!!


    Let's make 2011 the year we regain control!


    Kicking off this challenge Sunday April 3rd, wrapping it up Saturday June 25th. Any takers?!?!?

  • COUNT ME IN....With you guys and AnneB leading the pack...we can only succeed!!!  I am committed to Challenge 2...but am starting on 4/4 (Monday)....Can't wait to see your pics everyone from this past Challenge!

  • D'oh, Cajun beat me to the first post!

    I am ready to kick in C7 for me, but actually, it is just a migration to maintenance mode.  I will be commenting on the trials and tribulations of maintaining a rolling 6 week average for diet and exercise per Mr Phillips BFL.  

    I broke my target weight yesterday by a pound at 182.0 lbs, so going forward, my goals will be around maintenace and "floating down" to certain numbers.  Look for that post next week.  

    I already celebrated the end of the Q1 challenge with a delicious sleeve of thin mints and intend to polish off the pint of B&J fudge brownie and KK doughnuts before Q2 starts

    Again, if any one is interested in seeing my excel spreadsheet that I use to maintain my numbers, drop me a line at fffrick@msn.com and I will gladly forward it to you.  I have been using it religeously for almost two years, now.

    Q2Crew - Here we go (again, for some)...get ready to rev those engines, set your goals, and hit your 10's.

    Enjoy the down time and reflect on the progress to date.



  • Hello Everyone~

    I am up for another challenge and def ready to rock!  My challenge ends next week, no AR for me, I feel like last week was my AR, my body just needed a break, so it was a tough gym week.  So count me in,  I will be with you starting 4/4.   Nice to meet those that weren't on my old posting forum :)  Lets do this!!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Hey~ Boom~Chica~ Woot.

    I'm here to, I see you both beat me to Q2 LOL

    Move over Weight Watchers, there is a new way to lose weight...It's the BFL way and it works the real way it should. Boom ~ Chica~ that Weight watchers.

    I am ready to kick in C4 for me~ I got this guys. We can make this work for us Guys,

    Cajun~ Glad your aboard on the  4/4 (Monday). you got this.

    Frick ~ I can learn so much from you. C7 Wow,~ I so glad your here. Looking forword to learning more from you. And I would love to see your excel spreadsheet .~ I will drop you a line. =)

    Roosed~ Thank you so much for kicking off this challenge for Sunday April 3rd, ~You rock my Griz.. Love chatting with you on facebook to. =)


  • Peeps~ Glad your aboard on the  4/4 (Monday). you got this

  • YEAH...I'm excited.  I am trying to get the folks from my other two threads...

    Need Support Starting my Challenge 1/3/11 &

    Starting 1/3/11...who's with me

    to come join us....they want to do a challenge 2 also...

    I would appreciate if you guys and girls would invite them...if you don't mind.

  • Count me in. I need to actually stick to the plan and complete a full 12 weeks for once in my life! I'm counting on all of you to help kick me along the way when need be!

    Here we go!

  • Morning Crew.

    Last HIIT done for my C3. will be here on April 3 / 2011 Here we go. 1hdhawk, Not your real name need it to write it down so I can keep track of everyone who is coming here. So I can kick butt if you need it , to stay on track on your challenge. I will not be mean but I do have a whip to use...LOL

  • It's Kim

  • Count me in for round 2!  I'm looking forward to another great group!  I come to this forum with Peeps and Cajunbluez, hey gals!!!  Lookin forward to your final pics!

    Not sure what you all think, but it's truly motivating, and creates accountability, posting pics and bio in the profile.  It's really awesome to hear everyone's personal journey, and the photos, well those go without saying.  I've already done the humiliating task, so feel free to check out my profile.  I plan to update it with my final pics next Sat., my C1 ends 3/31.

    Ok gang, I'm on a personal mission to be in the BEST shape of my life (turning 46 this summer) in 12 weeks!!!!  My weaknesses are wine and chips and salsa, so any suggestions to beat those cravings plz let me know.  I'm excited that my husband woke up the other morning determined to lose 25 lbs, perhaps I've motivated him.  Regardless, this should help me stay on track as well.  I think warm weather for additional activity is going to be key as well!

    Rock on everyone!


  • Count me in as well... Is it okay if I am starting challenge 1 ?  i had success in 2003 with my first challenge and I'm back.... I will start on April 3, 2011 as well.  ooh I am excited.... I still have tons of recipes from my first challenge back in 2003....I love the accountability... its what I need....


  • Hi everyone

    Sooooo glad to have you all aboard the Q2 Crew this time around. Welcome ~ Kim , Jessica, Christina.  Welcome to the play ground. =)

  • GOOD EVENING Q2 CREW! As of tonight, C3 is in the bag for the Griz (for those who don't know me yet, that's me & the nickname's a long humerous story going clear back to C2)!!!

    Tonight my C3 final numbers were actually more encouraging than expected!!! Challenge #2 October-December ROCKED as motivation was HIGH & great progress was made dropping 32 LBs! This challenge has seen a couple personal life derailments & my lousy shoulder blow ups but I've still lost 9 LBs, 17" of BAD body & 3% of my BODY FAT!!!

    Running my body fat numbers for C3 shows that I’ve actually lost 10.5 LBs but have added 1.5 LBs of lean muscle so I’ve netted down 9.0 LBs of pure flab while increasing the flab burning muscle on this old train wreck!

    Still MILES to go but as Aerosmith says, "Life's a journey, not a destination!"

    Rock on crew!!! See y’all next Sunday for our next round!!!

  • Congrats on your results Dave!

    I want everyone to give me a kick in the butt during the upcoming challenge whenever you think I need it.

    The biggest goal for me is to complete the entire 12 weeks (for once)!