Buts and Guts REUNION 3/28/11

  • Thanks Sherry!  I bought the Myoplex lite powder yesterday and had a shake last night.  I put frozen fruit in it like you said and I thought it was pretty good.

    Melissa - how are things going?  Hope everything is going well.

    So, I took my before shots in my bathing suit last night.  Ugh!!!!!!!!  I have a lot of work today.  But got up this morning and I got my workout in.  

    Hope everyone has a great day!


  • Hi all!  I got up this morning feeling pretty lethargic and I did not feel like doing my workout at all.  But I did it anyway, and managed to push myself pretty hard!  I'm tyring to think of exercise as a must, not as an option, and it worked well for me today.

    I think my lethargy was a "withdrawal from caffeine" thing...I had started this week thinking I would cut out caffeine too, since in the program, Bill Phillips said that if you drink caffeine you should drink a couple extra glasses of water to make up for it, and I have a hard time as it is getting all my water in on some days.  But I have since discovered that my body protests a lot (headaches, fatigue, etc.) when I try to quit caffeine cold turkey.  So I had a cup of coffee and I swear it was like taking some kind of magic energy pill!  I guess I'll have to cut back gradually instead of going cold-turkey.

    Hope you are all having a great day!


  • Hey guys!

    I just wanted to let you all know, I am in this however I have astomach virus and have been seriously down and out for the last few days, As soon as I can stay out of the bathroom for more than a few minutes at a time and keep some food down I will be back with you and ready to go,

    It sounds like you all are doing great keep up the AWESOME work I will be joining you soon! For now I am with you all in Spirit!!!!

    You can do it!!


  • Hi everyone!

    Sorry you aren't feeling well, Lonna.  Hope you feel better soon.

    I just finished my day 5 workout.  It was UBWO again, and I used the same weights as the first day, but it didn't seem as hard as it did that first day.  I felt like I could have done more weight.  On Monday I was kind of under the weather and today I was feeling good starting out, so it just goes to show...

    Hope to hear from you all soon!  And remember...move those butts to lose those guts!!  : )


  • Lonna - I hope you are feeling better.  Excited you are going for round 2 with us.

    Sherry - awesome job on the workouts.

    Melissa -  Hope everything is going well for you.

    How was everyones weekend?  How was your day off?  I had a great weekend and took full advantage of my day off but got right back on on Sunday.  It wasn't easy but I did it.  1 week down and feeling good.  Waking up this morning was tough, but I know if I don't do it, my workout will never get done.  As hard as it is, it feels great to check it off the list once I am done!

    Go Butts and Guts!  Hope everyone has a great week.


  • Hi-ya everyone!

    Yes, I am ok . Alive and kicking. (but not so high).  Remember we all had a really bad week 4?  Had my "week 4". So, all said and done, its all behind me now.  I have been ok keeping up, but I know I will be putting it into high gear.

    I have about 12 years (of age) on you guys, and all I can say is I wished I started 10 years ago, so you are ahead of the game.  Keep going!!!  My body is changing (hormonally) and this program is the only one that will transform me.  I seem more sluggish, I need more iron and yadda yadda yadda.

    Thanks for being there for me.

    I like the RTD . Strawberry is my fav. I put peanut butter in the chocolate, and fruit in the vanilla.

    Anyone try "spinning" yet.  My daughter has a club membership and I am going to try it when she is off the crutches.


  • Well, it looks like after a strong start, this round will be put on hold for me for a couple of weeks.  I got some bad news the day before yesterday that my grandmother, who has always been active, healthy and full of life, is in the hospital. It looks like pancreatic cancer and the prognosis is grim.  I think my whole family is in shock - she has never had any health issues and is always active, and we all assumed she'd be one of those people who just kind of go peacefully in the night at the ripe old age of 110 or something.  Then the very first time she ends up in the hospital and it's something as serious as this...

    I'll be flying home to support her and my family and to spend some time with her.  I'll be gone for a couple of weeks, but I hope to pick up from where I'm leaving off when I get back.  It'll be good for me to do, to help keep my mind off things, etc., but I won't have the means to follow the program while I'm gone.

    I'll check in when I get back.  Until then, I hope you are all well and are doing great with the program.

    Take Care,


  • Hi all!

    Sherry I am so sorry about your grandmother.My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Melissa, I am so glad to hear you are doing good!

    Mel, I hope you are doing good to I am so happy to hear you are all doing so good!

    Well I am on the mend, whoa has it been a rought couple of weeks between me and my hubby being sick the stomach virus and upper respitory infection life has been a challenge however, I am determined and even tho I have not been working out or eating proper ( I was only able to keep a few things down) I did manage to lose 12 lbs.. LOL Not a good way to do it  I do not reccomend it! LOL

    I will be kicking things into gear on Monday, Please hold me to that!! Today was the first day I feel like me again and I have 101 things to catch up on.

    Thank you all for being concerned.

    Have a great day and great workout!


  • Hi All!

    I recently saw a movie " My Big Fat Greek Wedding". And there was a line in it where everyone was in the kitchen and the mom turned around and when she turned back she said:

    "Where did everybody go?" Ha ha, and guess who I thought of FIRST!  US


    Sherry, so sorry about your grandmother. Thoughts and prayers for her and you. Let us know hows it going.  

    Holding you to it Lonna, did you kick it into high gear?  Yep,   planned on it myself. Then baM! Worse monthly cycle, migraine, and now bad sleep again.  I am thinking that I need to kick it up higher cause when I did so-so at least I slept, but now I am slipping into the didn't sleep, can't get going, depression again. And FOOD CRAVINGS! It's like I'm preggers or something.

    Reading my Oxygen mag, and then I am going back to my Pro-Science CLA. Who recommended Oxygen anyway?  When my husband gets the mail and hands me the magazine,points to the covergirl's abs and he says "This is what I want for Christmas. Ha ha! hey  wait a minute!!! I shouldn't laugh, I want that too. But before summer!

    "Get your motor ruuuuuuunning!!!!"

    Head out to the highway ( well replace that with Head out to the workout! )

    We are Born to be WILD.  WHOO HOO!!!