How many calories are you ladies eating?

  • For you ladies that are having/had succcess with BFL, how many calories are you eating a day on average? I've been trying to keep mine to around 1200 and definitely no more than 1400 (on occasion) and by the end of the week am craving carbs like crazy and usually end up going nuts on free day on all things carbohydrate. After that, I am good for about 3 days and don't feel hungry, but by Thursday, the energy is down again and carb cravings are up...or maybe it is just calorie cravings in general. I'm thinking 1200 might be a little low. I'm 5' 8", 140 and was very athletic to begin with. I only have about 5-10 pounds of fat left to really bring my abs out. I've heard of the theory that to lose more, some times you have to eat more (while still maintaining the proper deficit of course) but am a little scared to try it. I want to make the most of the 4 weeks I have left in my challenge whether that means staying with a strict 1200 calorie plan or adding in a little extra!

  • Honestly...I have had some success finally by increasing my protein portions...1200-1400 is probably too low for you.

    If you are eating 5 meals per day you should get 28g protein PER meal (based on 1g protein per pound of body weight), if you are having 6 meals then 23g per meal. That is probably more than you are getting now. I would try and bump up the protein slowly and see what happens...Also drink tons of water...

    Just my opinion, I am sure others will chime in and help out!

  • I definitely am not getting that amount of protein. I usually get closer to 15 grams per meal. Maybe that will help if I bump it up. I have this fear that increasing calories will only slow progress but everything I've been reading lately says sometimes an extra couple hundred calories is often what it takes to fire the metabolism back up after to  severe of a caloric reduction. Thanks for your input.

  • About the same calorie count as you but definately been eating more protein.  My general rule is 20/20 carbs/ protein but sometimes is like 25/25!  What week are you in?


  • I am in week 9...3.5 to go! I've seen such varied calorie intakes with great results both ways. Margi Faze the 2007 or '08 champion ate about 1000 a day  and another gal on this forum (akmama08) was eating 1400-1600 and more on weight training days plus had all out binge free days and looked amazing after 12 weeks and was competing in fitness competitions a few weeks later. Two different caloric intakes and both got amazing results....Margi had more weight to lose to start with though. I just have found that I've been dragging the last 2 weeks by Thursday, then go nuts on free day with my current caloric intake. I am willing to stick with it if that is best (hopefully clean up free day now that we are in the final stretch), but wonder if I would do better making some changes with protein or calorie intake.

  • For whatever it's worth, I'm eating 1600-1800 calories per day.  I'm like you, I'm a huge carb lover, and if I cut my calories back too far I'm cranky and end up going nuts by the end of the day.  My weight loss is only about a pound a week, but I'm afraid if I cut my calories too low (which to me is that 1200-1400 range) I will goof up my metabolism and lose out in the long run.  

  • MN Mom,

    Wow! I've been following your progress and you are doing great! Glad to hear you have been doing so well on that many calories. I think I might try bumping it up and seeing how I do. Except for the 8 pounds I purposely gained over the holidays (it had been a tough running season and I wanted a total break) I didn't have a whole lot to lose, so I wonder if I sent my body into a bit of a starvation mode. I am making good muscle gains but the energy lately as been so low

  • I'm getting about 1000 - 1400 per day, depending on my appetite, and I'm four inches shorter and am decidedly  not  athletic. It's only week four for me, but this seems to be working for me. 1200 seems on the low side, and I'd also be concerned about the intense carb cravings. Personally, mine went away after about a week and a half.  

  • I'm not counting my calories at all. I used to when I was on weight watchers and just "dieting". But I am really just sticking to the portion sizes set by BFL BUT I do usually look at my protein count for the day so I can make sure I get enough. To me (and it looks as if others agree), making sure we get enough protein is the biggest concern.

    As far as the carbs go, you might look at what carbs you are eating and choose ones that you enjoy more often, such as pitas, whole wheat tortillas or whatever you think you are craving.

    I do agree with these guys in that if you are getting enough protein, you probably won't get hungry like that.

  • Hey marathonmama- tried to send you a message and couldn't! Wanted to ask ya something!


  • Thanks everyone for your input. I think I will try to shoot for closer to 1300-1400 calories than 1200 and focus on getting a little more protein in, which I think I've been a little low on. I've been doing that the last 2 days and so far, do not feel low on energy, hungry, or craving anything...I'll know if it's working if I still feel this good at the end of the week. I didn't pay much attention to calories the first 4 weeks and did great. Just measured portions. But, as I neared the end of the 7th week, I started making my meals a little smaller in an effort to tighten things up more for faster results...unfortunately it back fired and I bonked. Lesson learned!

  • I'm new here but I remember reading somewhere that if your wanting to lose you should take your weight times 10....if your working out which we are, I weigh 155 so I've been eating around 1450-1550 cals a day, figured I would lower it as I lose, (ive already lost 80lbs) but I don't have any cravings at all...much better than the previous diets I've been on, actually I'm not calling this a "diet" this is what I want to follow forever if possible....I like it a lot....I did BFL years ago and during that time I needed to lose quite a bit of weight, this time I don't really care much if I lose weight I just want to be healthy and tone up.....SO...My question to some of you is how crazy do you go on free day?? I have my first one coming up on saturday, I remember when I did this before I went a little crazy and I didnt lose much weight, but this time I dont care about losing as much...I'm just curious how some of you handle that day? thanks Laura

  • Hey beehivebaby-  I used to write down my cravings and save the list for free day!  I don't do that anymore but still kinda take mental note of some of my favorite foods that I am missing and have some.  I really love not thinking about my meals and just eating. I feel like it and eating whatever craving comes to mind on that day!  Something chocolate is a must!!!


  • Laurie,

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    I have used BFL off and on since 1999. What I found was that when I was 30 pounds heavier, I took free day however I wanted to and often went all out and still had great results. I also did BFL for 4 weeks (then stopped because I got pregnant with my second child) 3 years ago and I only had about 10 pounds max to lose. I did not take more than a free snack on my free day and I had great results for those 4 weeks. I am now in week 9 and am finding that now that I am once again down to that last 5-10 pounds I do much better with a more controlled free day than an all out binge. I like Laurie's idea of writing what you are craving during the week and focusing on that. Last weekend was terrible and my first major slip day became a free weekend and I still am not down to the same weight and measurements that I was Friday morning before my free for all started....of course it has only been 3 days. I think the more you have to use, the looser you can be with free day. But when you get down to those last few pounds, I think you need to be more careful. At least that's what I've found with my body.

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