Starting Monday 3/28/11

  • Yay   great to see everyone is ecited about monday.  was feeling a little low today after  going to a funeral today for a friends son and was contemplating putting this off another week but not anymore.  Lady L just reminded me (as I was reading) that life happens and we still have to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for that. we go.  :)

  • Hey all,

    Jillian, I'm sorry about your loss. I agree that you should still start on Monday though.

    Ok, so here is an idea for our team name.  Another team member on here, "Highbeams" gave a quote to me and it's inspiring. "The only difference between TRY and TRIUMPH is the umph!" lol!  What about Triumph Team?

    Also, I've made a checklist for myself to make sure I have everything done before I start, to make me more likely to succeed and to make me more accountable to do this challenge. I thought I would share it.


    Here it is:

    • Get a stop watch
    • Get supplements (whey powder)
    • Get small baggies to put whey powder in for on the go.
    • Put good songs on IPOD
    • Plan 1 month (4 weeks of workouts)
    • Make grocery list and plan 1 week of meals
    • Get a water bottle
    • Take before picture
    • Post before picture (no matter how terrible it is) somewhere where I can see it everyday
    • Take before measurements
    • ENTER the challenge on here
    • Get a calendar or daily diary
    • Get a duotang to organize and put daily workout sheets in
    • Write out my specific goals
    • Write down my daily do's and don'ts of the program
    • SPREAD THE WORD to everyone I know about what I am doing so I am more accountable

    My list may seem like a long one, but I already have a few of these checked off. If any of you have anything to add that I forgot, please let me know. I am SUPER excited to get started! Also, I think it might be a good idea to share with eachother our starting info such as weight, bmi and measurements so it will go that one step further in making us accountable and motivated to change. If it's posted for everyone to see than we can't deny the truth that we are out of shape, we have to face it and take on the challenge.

    LET'S GO TEAM!!!! (POSSIBLY TEAM TRIUMPH, let me know!) :)






  • Hi All,

    I love the name Team Triumph ljones! I'll restart a thread with that name and our start date. I had a rough week as some of you also did, we spent almost three full days on the pediatric ward with my son for pneumonia. It was pretty scary but he's ok now. After barely getting sleep, living on crappy takeout, and no exercise for all of last week I'm motivated more than ever to get moving (I did lose 3 lbs at least). It's raining here today but I hope to get the dog out for a good walk at least. I have all my healthy foods (my husband is also trying to follow the food plan but prefers to run rather than lift weights). I'm going to do a weight lifting program I downloaded on my iPhone instead of the traditional BFL lifting (it's still 3 days per week) and will do the HIIT cardio. Because of my schedule as an ICU nurse I'm going to workout 5 days/week with my Saturday workout being longer and both cardio and weights. Good luck everyone! I'm having my hubby take my before/after photos tomorrow (uggh).


  • Sandy,  

    I think its great you are starting the program, even with adversities that life throws at you and I do wish you all the best.  Can I please give you some unsolicited advice?  Follow the BFL program as it is written and not substitute different programs into it. It does work, and there is science behind why it works.  I am not saying other programs don't, and I know its a huge temptation to add things to it.  I think everyone goes through that, but read through the exercise part again and give the weight lifting a try.  I am starting week 9 on Monday, and already committed to a second challenge.  The program works, and I wish you and all those on your thread great success.

  • I like Team Triumph - especially with the Umph part!  I am switching over to the other thread...


  • Good Morning Challenge friends!!!!

    If you remember I will be starting my C2 challenge with you guys tomorrow.  I just posted my pictures to my profile from beginning to end.  For those of you who are starting the first time, the program works with no doubt.  Check out the pictures under my profile.


  • Love the Team Name - how creative!

    That's a great list too :)