Starting BLF 3/21/11 - The beginning of a new me!

  • Hey everyone - I started on March 21st and I'm going strong.  I have one issue though.  If I use cottage cheese as one of my meals, it doesn't seem to fill me.  I have the 2% cups that are snack size but they seem to be the size of my fist, I thought they were perfect, however, they are only 11 grams of protein.  I ate it with a banana and some cinammon.  After 1 hour and a half, I am hungry again.  Should I be eating 2 of them?  I am not sure if I should go by my fist size or the 20 protein/20carb rule.  Need a little help here......thanks!!  

  • @ Linda- can't help you out with the cottage cheese, I don't eat it unless it's in Lasagna:)  

    @ Bizzey- Great work on the lbs loss!

    It appears as if our group is shrinking, I hope that is not the case:)  I need lots of encouragement:)

    Well after almost 3 weeks of yuck, sinuse infections, fevers, head colds ect ect ect I finally made it back into the gym to work out.  Gratefully I only missed a week of workouts and glad to be in motion again.  The kids are healthy and strong and my husband didn't get it!  yeahoo!!  Things are looking up.  

    Had a great run.  I'm going to start doing some weight classes because I don't think I'm hitting my 9 and 10 with free weights, however I always am sore the day after attending a class.  I think I push myself harder .

    Have a great week and hope to hear from more of you.


  • Hey everyont =]

    Hope all is going well .. I am excited about tomorrow !! I live in florida and its about 92 degrees outside so running is a double layer of sweat coming off =]

    I am going to eat perfect this week that last 2 weeks I cheated a couple of times during the week becuase I was attending a lot of work events outside !!!

    Would love to here from everyone...

    have a great week

  • Hi guys!! I'm still hanging in there!! week 5 I believe!! had a rough weekend, went out of town for a mini vacation...I didnt stick to the plan at all!! I just had fun!! so got back on track monday, my eating seems to be fine..I track my calories on fitday, so I keep them under workouts aren't as stellar as they should be, but Im doing it as well as I can!!  glad to see there are some people left in here!!! I'm always reading, just sometimes don't really have much to say!! hehe........keep up the great work everybody!!! Laura


    I WAS ON THE GO...

  • Hey everyone, of course I am still here. I am proud to say that I have not broke routine (okay well I bent a litlle on the diet....portion control but I have not broke it lol)! Of course the workouts are the easy part of it all for me. Now the only thing with the workouts is I am not following the ab workout as it is designed. I do 3 different ab workouts instead of the one i.e. crunches 12-10-8-6-12, obliques 12-10-8-6-12 and reverse crunches 12-10-8-6-12 all on LBWO days and my cardio consist of bike riding on average 2-3 hours. So I have modified my carb and protien intake a little. I have not really been focused on my protien that much due to I had muscles, pretty decent size for my height, my biggest problem was my weight and where it was. So my first goal was to trim the excess, which I have done a masterful job with so far. I am still hanging on to 169, I might have lost a 1/2 pound since last week, but that is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than 182, being that I am pnly 5'6! Where I can see the biggest difference is in my body fat. Although I have not checked it since day on...which was at the time 27%, I can see my abs forming and I am starign to see my muscles appear more defined. Plus, all my clothes are boder line too big now, which is not a huge problem because I have always wore my clothes on the big side anyway. Wife is till doing good. We found some motivation for her and she is back on track. I think she got a little discouraged when she saw the quick weight loss on me but not on herself. Don't get me wrong, she has lost some since day one, just not as much as me. Part of it is, I do alot more cardio than she does and of course, with all that woman go through when they hit their 40's (changes in thier bodies, metobolism, thyroid etc), sometime it is harder for women. Convincing her of that was tough but some how I did.

    So all in all everything is going great. We got UBWO today, which is great. I ride my bike to the gym now, which is about 5-7 miles away, and riding back home after LBWO kinda sucks when the wind is blowing at 15-20 mph's, directly at you. Unfortunately here in Houston, when the wind comes off the Gulf of Mexico, it always blows South to North and I live South of the gym so there is no way of getting around it.....well there is, I could just drive or ride with the wife but freaking gas is high! Besides, riding gives me a good warm up and cool down after the workout.  I am trying to convince the wife to ride to the gym with me, no luck so far lol!

    @ Agribbons, 92 degree's, its hanging around 89 right now, supposed to get to 90 today. Make sure you stay hydrated!

    Everyone stay focused and motivated........We got 6 more weeks to go, I cannot wait to see everyone's before and after pics! Speaking of that, I am going to try to post some before pics and week six pics this weekend, hopefully I wont forget.



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  • Had an awesome morning at the gym even though i woke up feeling sore and lazy i got my butt up and to the gym!!! I am thinking about sticking to eggs,tuna,chicken for my proteins??? What do you think?? I am also thinking about cutting breads 100% !!! Im addicted and it will be good for me , i think...

    @mike-yes it is veryyyyy hott in FL .. SOUNDS LIKE YOUR DOING AWESOME !! =]

  • Okay since everyone is extra focused, I will share my 1st half C2 overall experience. First I weighed in this morning at 166! Down 14 lbs now. I know my body fat has decreased! I can actually see my abs forming. I have......well let's see..........a kindo of 3 pack with the fourth mucsle trying to appear lol. Where i can tell the difference the most is my waist. All my belts, I am using the next to last hole, so I need to add buying new belts in the budget. I have no idea what my waist size is, but I usually would by my pants 34 in the waist and now my pants bunch in the waist, with my shirt tucked in, I would imagine I may be around 28 to 30 inch in the waist now. Of course the weight training has gone well, I have to keep reminding myself not to lift too heavy, even though I could. No sense in getting to my 6 reps and only getting 4 good reps in and the last 2 being sloppy. My cardio has gotten crazy. I rode 20 miles yesterday, took me about 2 hours, and felt good afterwards. I think between the cardioand changing my eating habits is the reason why I lost so much weight so fast. It has been pretty windy here in Houston for the month in April, so most of the time, I am riding against 15 mph wind, which sucks, but I good a cardio. My wife has been in charge of the ab workout and I thinks she enjoys watching me in agony! I guess she is getting back at me for all those times I pissed her off lol. She has a real intense ab workout and she has done a masterful job and keeping me focused on working my abs as hard as I work the rest of my body, which is why I have a 3.5 pack right now lol. Of course she is doing great, she just so damn critical of herself, like most women, so keeping her motivated has been a challange but she is a trooper. My diet has been great, of course I had to up my carb intake to balance the cardio that I am doing. I still need to up my protein a little bit. I already had muscles so It's not like I had to focus on building. With my body fat dropping, my muscles are more defined but I still got a lot of work to do.

    So my second half of C2, I am going to make some minor adjustments but for the most part, I think I am on the right track. I hope everyone is doing well and stay motivated.


    p.s. I know I talked about psoting week six pics and I took some with my cell phone, but I am not where I want to be so I decided to hold off and wait until week 12, therefore you can see my before, mid way, and ending pics.

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  • Awesome job Mike , I am very happy for you =]

    However I feel like wwe are the only ones left in the group!!!

  • Where is everyone ?????????????????????????????????????????

  • Hi there!  Sorry, I kind of dropped BFL.  It was great for a while, but I have been much more successful learning to eat when I'm hungry and exercise when I can.  Good nutrition and exercise are still a priority for me, of course, but I would get so stressed when I missed workouts or meals that it wasnt really effective for me.  Just thought I would drop in and let you know!

    It seems like things are pretty quiet.  I hope other people are still working towards a healthier lifestyle!  Dont give up!

    Mike- Congrats!  It sounds like you are doing great!

    agribbons-  How are things going for you?

    What week are you in now?  7?

  • Good morning to all of us that are still standing. I actually have missed 2 days of workout, Wednesday was a cardio day for me and the weather was horrible here in Houston (finally got some rain but boy o boy did it rain). Yesterday was the same, I was supposed to do LBWO but when it rains here, people quickly forget what they learned in drivers education and road rage is at it's highest so after I got home, I decided to stay in. So today I have cardio,we have a front coming through but it will be gone by this evening so I am going to do a 20 miler today on the mountian bike. Plus, tomorrow, I am going to to try the infamous Buffalo Bayou ride in downtown Houston, 40 miles up and back plus about 14 miles round trip from the house to the trail so wish me luck. I weighed in this morning at 165! I got five more pound before I hit my target weight, I am guessing I will end up lower than that , which is okay. My wife told me this morning I look so much better lean than bulky.

    @ Janinie - sorry to see you drop BFL, but the good thing is , you are still utilizing the principles. Good luck to you.

    @ Agribbons4 - well it looks like it is just you and me kiddo! Thanks for the compliment. I really appreciate it. How are you coming along? I cant wait until day 84. I wanted to post some pics to show you all my progress but I decided to wait until after day 84.

    I even got a couple co workers who have confiscated my "RED" book. I am pround to be an inspiration. It is funny when people come up to me and say "Mike you look different, are you okay" (like I got some weird disease or something lol), I always respond, "I am great, I just lost some pounds". It is so nice to see my belt buckle, without having to stand in front of a mirror. The only thing I am not happy about at this juncture is my abs. Although my stomach is a much smaller, I only see a 3 pack. Probably has to do with my eating. The good thing is I am not taking any time off because I actually love working out and the diet is not so bad, so maybe on my C3, my abs will come together. I think I am actually going to enter the challenge the next time around.

    Have a great day folks. After today for me (tomorrow for most of you) Week 8 is over! Stay motivated


    The only limitations that you have , are those that you set upon yourself