Starting BLF 3/21/11 - The beginning of a new me!

  • Hello,

    My name is Lyanna and I am  32 years old. I need and want to be healthier! I have struggled with my weight for over 10 years. Since last March, after getting my gallbladder removed, I have gained 15lbs and am very unhappy with myself. I know I need to change. I quit my job last month and I am currently seeking employment else where. I have also returned back to school this semester. I have time for this challenge but I know in the future I may have to adjust my schedule to complete the BFL program.  

    I want to complete this challenge because I want to feel comfortable and proud of the way I look and feel. I want to have more energy to enjoy life. After gaining weight since last year, my energy levels have dropped and I feel more self-conscious about visiting friends and family. My pants are not fitting comfortably anymore. I want to feel healthy and happier when summer arrives instead of trapped in my fat body. I want to find cute summer clothes that fit without feeling self-conscious. I know a lot of other woman can relate. Besides the vanity reason, I truly want to be healthy. Diabetes and cancer run in my family and I want to change my eating habits to eat clean and set a good example for the kids.

    I have a great support system at home. I have an amazing boyfriend and together we have three kids. Two teenage boys who also want to go hang out at the gym. But I would also love to start a support group here as well. A group that encourages each other to keep going.

    So far, I have found great motivation browsing at some of the before and after photos on here and I am amazed at the transformations. It encourages me to make this change. 

    I have a lot to lose and know it will take more than one challenge. My goal is to lose a total of 62 lbs. But for this first challenge my goal is lose 25lbs of fat. If you are starting next Monday too, please lets do this together! Share your goals and why you want to complete the BFL challenge. 

    I chose to start on Monday to give me time to prepare and plan ahead. 


  • Good luck!!  I'll be at 2 weeks left when you start so I know what you are going thru.   Good luck.... meh.. scratch that, you dont need luck!!   You will do it!!

  • ha ha  Thank you! Still waiting to see if anyone else will be starting 3/21/11

  • Lyanna,

    I would love to join you on this adventure.  I am a 42 year old married, mother of two.  I weighed 116lb when I got married 7 years ago, and the weight has just crept on every year.  I currently weigh 235 and have been recently diagnosed with type II diabeties ~ which is absolutely unacceptable!

    I am starting Monday 3/21 and intend to fully commit myself to being successful this next twelve weeks, and then continue on until I get where I want to be. It's not only about the weight, I just want to be healthy and feel good about myself physically.

    If you creating a 'team' or group - please count me in!!!



  • Hey! I am planning to start on Monday the 21st as well. I`m just getting all my workouts organized, songs on the ipod, etc. I am 23 (24 this year) and i have some weight to lose, but mostly I just want to be fit, active and healthy, and i think this would be a real good way to do it. I have a friend that did this challenge and had amazing results and she is still keeping up the same results. its amazing

    I think we should start our own little group, even on skype IM or something would be great to stay in touch and keep eachother in line!


  • Yeah!! I am so glad to have others starting the same week. We can do this!

    Have you both read the book?

    @Tampagirl - I weighed 105 before I had my son 14 years ago.  ;) After I had him, my weight has been up and down but never below 140.  I am now at my highest and it is really bothering me. I am now at 187 and that is a lot since I am only 5'1. I know I will have to do more than one challenge as well. I agree it's not only about the weight but also about my health. Diabetes runs in my family and I need to take better care of my overall health. I want to feel confident this summer instead of insecure about the way I look and feel as well.

    @AllisonC - Having a friend that has went through the challenge with great results should be very motivating for you. I find it encouraging to see the before and after photos that are posted on BFL's forum. Oh and congrats to you friend! What is skype IM?

    What other preparations are you making for next week?

    I have cleaned out my fridge and purchased healthy foods. I am planning a menu for next week and will cook what I can over the weekend. I still have to take my before pics but I will do that over the weekend. I am scared to look. LOL!  

  • Hey ladies! I am so happy to have found this board! I'm starting on 3/21 as well. Three years ago I had Lapband surgery and Ive done amazingly. I went from 344lbs to a low of 207lbs. Now I am hovering around 215. Being 6'1" , those numbers arent as big as they look. hehe.  I'm using this challenge to get to my personal goal of 195lbs, but I also want to get in the best shape of my life.

    On jan 26th I had surgery to remove the skin left over from losing so much weight. The skin kept me from running and doing any activity that required impact and even planks. While I was recovering I read Champions B4L and I was inspired.  

    Last year I sank thousands of dollars into a trainer but while I felt hotter and fitter than ever, I didnt lose any weight or sizes. I think I was working out so much and not taking in enough calories. Starvation mode has become an issue for me. so B4L eating plan along with the workout plan excites me.

    Im aslo using this challenge to prepare for the NY Warrior Dash in Aug.

    So Ladies i am claiming it! I will lose a minimum of 20lbs during challenge and will drop at least 1 pant size.

  • Hi ladies, I am starting monday too!! I am 35 (almost 36) I did BFL years ago and it helped me to start working out, but life got in the way and I quit....I have lost 80lbs in the last year on a diffferent very restricted crazy diet, and now I really want to start eating real food again and get toned, I am super flabby!! I still need to lose 10-15 lbs but this for me is not about losing weight like it was last time...this is about feeling better and toning up and eating to live!!

    My husband is also going to start with me, we dont have any equipment yet, we are going to go buy some free weights this weekend and we will do our cardio outside, rain or shine..and we live near the ocean in oregon so its mostly rain for us!! lol..I would love to hear everybodys tips on getting ready, shopping lists meal ideas...I know that we will be eating a lot of eggs and cottage cheese and yogurt for easy meals...any other ideas for easy??  WE CAN DO IT!!

  • Welcome Tittania & Beehivebaby!!

    @Tittania  - Wow you have certainly been through a lot of changes. I know at the end of these 12 weeks you will reach your goals. You have come far already. Congrats! What is the NY warrior dash? How many miles?

    @Beehivebaby - Yes we can do it...we will do it! Congrats on losing 80lbs!

    I persoanlly think preparation and planning will be the key to success.


    I went grocery shopping the other day and stocked up with brown rice, wild rice, potatoes, lean ground turkey, chicken breasts, whole grain pasta, chunky vegetable red sauce, eggs, fruits and veggies. I plan on cooking up the chicken breasts and brown rice for the week. I will also make the whole grain pasta with ground lean turkey and divide it up into serving sizes and freeze it.


    Not sure if anyone will be using the supplements but I am. I have used the EAS Betagen in the past and absolutely LOVE IT! I also got the CLA pills. I have also tried the myoplex bars which are truly yummy unlike some other bars. They help when I have a chocolate craving. I also have tried the myoplex-lite pre-made drinks in the chocolate flavor...again LOVE IT!


    I have a gym membership that I got last August but only went the first month... I know shame on me! I will be doing my workouts at the gym.

    I think it is a wonderful idea to share tips and recipes along the way too! :)

  • I think that I will cook up a bunch of chicken in some salsa or lowfat soup and use that next week, I think I am going to try to avoid the bars for now, I might get some protein powder because I think that the shakes will be easier to get down when i'm not feeling hungry, I'm not used to eating very much so my stomach has shrunk quite a bit...I am trying to load up on the carbs this week to shock my body into being fed again!! I'm also going to hide my scales for a while!! I will measure on saturday before we start!! I hope we are all excited for our new bodies that we will have!!

    anybody have any suggestions on protein powders that taste good?

  • Thanks Lyanna! It has been 3 years off the best and most trying times but all worth it. The Warrior Dash is a 5K fun run. More like an adult obstacle course. The NY Dash is being held n Windham this Aug. It looks like a hoot. They are held all over the country and some internationally.

    @Beehivebaby congrats on losing so much weight!

  • tittania congrats to you too!!  its a nice feeling!! now on to getting our bodies in shape!!! :)

  • Hey everyone!  I'm Jay and I'm almost 32. I stay at home with my two kiddos. I need to lose roughly 15 pounds and TONE UP. I've not done myself any favors in the eating department lately, but I'm looking forward to the simplicity of eating clean.  I actually enjoy hard boiled eggs and oatmeal.  When I decided to do this a few weeks ago, I pulled on my running shoes and dusted off the weights to see where I am.  I have a great deal of work to do and I'm starting on 3/21 with all of you!  So ready to take this journey with some like minded folks!  I have tried a few different bars (I can't choke down shakes or protein powder very much) and I do enjoy the Myoplex lite "crunchy" bars.  I'm going to boil 18 eggs this weekend and get some chicken and veggies ready to go!  

    My goals are to tone up, lose at least 15 pounds, and fit comfortably into a 4-6.  I'm a tight 6 right now and I can't stand it.  I weigh 148 and I'm 5'5".  I think I will go ahead and post pictures on Monday, just for accountability!  Let's rock these 84 days!

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    C1 - 3/21/2011 PUPPY POWER!!!

  • Hi! I am very interested in starting with you! I might begin a day or so before you, but that shouldn't matter much. I will write more when i have a chance, probably later today.

    thanks, ellen

  • Welcome Thesunshinekid and Ellen!

    I want to start a blog. Does anyone no how or where to go for that?