For all those who started on 14/3/2011

  • Hi everyone!

    Miss our conversations here.  We had a couple of very challenging weeks at work and the dust is now settling :-)  We went away for a 4 days to take a break but things should be back to normal.  The only reason we were not posting was due to our extremely tight schedule between home, work and doing BFL.  

    Anyway, we are still in this...since day one :-)  We are SO very proud of ourselves and you guys.  We are all doing awesome.  I think this is the first time in my life where I intentionally decided to do something and I am actually going to COMPLETE it.  I am really very proud of us!

    We also went some clothes shopping in Edmonton and it was great to see how our sizes have changed.  But I also realised that no external thing (e.g. new clothes) can make you feel as good as being healthy and in good shape).

    Finish strong everyone! You should be very proud of yourself.

    Can't wait to see all your After pictures!

    I-B-I-D    I Believe In Dreams

    Want it.  Plan it. Do it.

  • hey guys! just wanted see how everyone is doing!!!

    things on my end are going great! i weighed myself for the first time and i am down to 137 i havent seen that since highschool :)

    ive been talking to my boyfriend to recently about competing in a fitness compettion and we have bot decided to try and do one this coming october! i still have a lot of work to do but body for life has put me in the right direction thank god!

    hope all is well with everone and we are almost done finish strong guys! i know you can do it !!!

  • Hi everyone!

    Great to hear how well you're all doing! I've had a bad week last week, went on holiday and then when I came back home I had a week full of parties and celebrations so although I've not missed my workouts I haven't been eating clean and feel so so bad. And needless to say I have not lost weight but that doesn't bother me much. I'm not stopping my BfL so I'm not really feeling the "hurray I'm nearly done" celebratory feeling. I don't want to be done, aside from the fact that I have 3 more kilos to lose I quite enjoy what BfL has done to me both physically and mentally. I obviously won't be as strict as I have been, I've already slacked off quite a bit these past 2 weeks in terms of what i eat but the daily physical activity, the alternating between cardio and weight training, the interval and resistance training, all that I have learned from BfL is staying right here with me.

    Having said that, I do want my last week to be perfect, I need to get back into the BfL mode after my "week off" and I actually missed being strict with myself. So, like Amanda18 said, finish off strong guys and best of luck for this week!!!

  • Hi there ,

    I have also been rather quiet. I have lost 5kgs , but those jeans are baggy around the butt , with no overflow on the waist !!!!  All of a sudden people have noticed and I am getting a lot of OMG  -  what have you done . I think my body shape hase changed as well . Like you Shapeup , I have had a very bad eating two weeks . I have stuck to my workouts religiously , but somehow with birthdays , dinners etc . I have not been able to eat clean. I would still like to lose another 3 kgs and probably if I had not gone off the rails I probably would have already ....... I am also going to continue .... I am going to change my exercise routine and in this last week eat as clean as possible , and try for another 12 weeks.

  • Enjoy your "last" week.  Be VERY proud of being committed to a 3 month goal and then actually completing it!!  It is a great feeling to have come thus far :-)

    I-B-I-D    I Believe In Dreams

    Want it.  Plan it. Do it.

  • Well 12 weeks ago we decide to change our life and begin a body for life program , and now we have come to the end and what have we done . we have become stronger and we fell in love with our self's again , everyone of us should pat our self on the back and be proud of what we did ,. i so look forward to seeing the before and after pic

  • Well people we are done and I know we are so proud I will post pic this week as soon as I can well done all when I post pic I will write my final words to all

  • ok first thank you to everyone that took this program with me and helping each other with it this is my final outcome

    OK here is my measurements before starting body for life


    BF 27.2%

    waist 113cm

    hip 113.5cm

    chest 117cm

    arm 40cm

    thigh 70cm

    Now this is my after 2 weeks to go measurements

    Weight 100.5kg

    BF 21.1%

    waist 103.5cm

    hip 108cm

    chest 113cm

    thighs 70cm

    arm 37.5cm




    sorry the after pic where done with iphone as my roommate is over seas atm and had noone to take better pic but when i do get them i will repost this as you can see it was a good outcome for me , no i'm not big muscle guy but i think there is a little there :) so i'm taking 2 weeks off and then begin program 2 after so keep an eye out for my post when i start

  • Wowww Nickvasa excellent job!!!! You're looking SOOO much different than that other pic you posted of yourself a few weeks back, you must be so so proud of yourself!

    These past 12 weeks have been one heck of  a ride and I have learned soooo much about how to take care of my body, which has completely changed shape. BfL has changed me into a fitness fanatic and I love it, I have soooo much energy and constantly trying out new things to challenge myself!

    I'm off on a mini holiday today so can't post pictures until after I return.


  • i will be posting pics soon just been to busy to get around too it!! CONGRATS everyone :)