Can I sub other sports for the 20 minute aerobic workout?

  • Hi folks!  I'm doing the planning right now, starting on Day 1 tomorrow and very excited to get back to non-*** status!  I'm pretty good to go with most of the program, but one question I have is the aerobics.  I have been boxing on and off for about 3 years, and wonder if it's ok to substitute two of the aerobic sessions with sessions at my boxing gym.  Those sessions usually run about 2 hours and cover everything from warm-up to bag and foot work to sparring.  Or would it be better to just double up and do both on the requisite days?

    Thanks in advance,  Eric

  • Hi Eric!


    No idea re your question, but challenge starts for me tomorrow as well. Good luck and good to know I'm not the only one on day 1!


  • Eric: In my humble opinion I would not substitue HIIT with anything else. Would I continue to enjoy boxing because you enjoy it? Absolutely. However, take note on how your body feels, make sure you eat whole carbs and filling protein before and after boxing just in case it takes more fuel to get through class. During the last few weeks of your challenge, you may find you are feeling burned out and may need to cut out the boxing. I am in my third challenge, and both challenge 1 and 2 I got that tired burned out feeling about week 8 then again in 11. Listen to your body, and it will tell you what is working.

    That is totally just my opinion. I did aerobics 3x a week for an hour, then rode my bike for an hour every morning. I see it now as an endurance "sport" and not at all like the benefits that HIIT is doing for me.

    You can read more about HIIT under the library tab.