Starting March 7. Who is with me?

  • Trish.....I'm so, so sorry!  Please try to have some soup or something, you're going to need the nutrition to get through the week.  Please email me if you need a sounding board; again, I'm so sorry!

  • CT-BFL (Kim?)  Please please please do not feel bad for me.  You have enough to worry about with your grandfather passing.  I was able to drink a protein shake and keep that down.  It will all be fine.  It will just take time.  She was only 36 years old and she had 2 beautiful children and an awesome husband and all I can do is keep asking myself, why?  Why?

  • Finished out yesterday in a haze.  I missed 1 meal and substututed a Baby Ruth in another.  I know I know, its bad, but I took the lesser of the 2 evils.  It was either get a candy bar or a pack of smokes!  I will be cigarette free for 1 year as of May 5th!  I opted for the candy bar for my comfort.  But other than that I did very well yesterday.

    I got up this morning and did my HIIT.  I jogged/ran/walked my 20 minutes.  I did the best I could with the energy I have.  I did not sleep well last night.  I woke up several times and everytime I did sleep I would dream of Dani and it would wake me back up.  I just need to take it minute by minute.  Force myslef to eat.  Get up and do my workouts.  Make myself!!

  • Another day in paradise.  I did what is required of me to succeed in the program yesterday and have done so, so far today.  It mever cesses to amaze me when you think it couldn't get any worse, BAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM, your knocked back down again.

    I hope everyone else is having a better week 8 than I am.  WHERE'S THE MELT?!?!

  • Did well on my eating yesterday, only missed 1 meal.  We had 2 softball games last night.  It wasn't a whole lot of exercise considering I couldn't get on base causee my hitting was horrible!!  And I played catcher and right field.  I got up this morning and walked fro 20 minutes.  Thats all I could get out of myself this morning.  I am completely exhausted.  Sleep hasn't been very good to me this week.

    I will not be back on the computer again until Monday so everyone have a great weekend.  Enjoy your mothers day!!

  • What a tough test I had to go through last week!!  Phew!  I made it!!  This week has been tough too because my brother flew down from Alaska and we are cooking all this great food and I cannot have any.  But I have done very very well and I am proud of myself.  My size 18's are getting lose!!  YEAH!!  I cannot believe I have made it this far and still have the want to go longer and farther!!  It's amazing how I am feeling.  I cann;t wait till I get to go shopping this weekend and buy me a size 16 pants!!!  My weight on the scale is stuck but obviously the inches are still falling!!  I would love to be able to post on the 29th that I was under 200 pounds and a size 14.  However, I think the 16 is a more feasible number and I am good with that!!  Cannot complain considering I started at a size 22!!  6 pants sizes down!!!

  • hope you all are doing well.  Good luck in life and with your last 2 weeks.