Working out with muscle soreness...?

  • I have read so many mixed things about this topic so I'm wondering if anyone can give me a straight answer.

    Here's my situation:

    I started the Challenge on Monday. Did UBWO on Monday. I was SO SORE on Tuesday I could barely move.

    On Tuesday I went and did cardio and by Tuesday night my legs were a little sore.

    This morning I got up and REALLY didn't want to do LBWO because my legs were still a little sore but went anyway.

    As I'm sitting here tonight my entire body is so sore. Should I be doing cardio tomorrow with sore legs (that will be even worse tomorrow morning since I did LBWO this morning) and if my upper body is still sore (and I assume it will be judging by how I still feel now with more than 2 days of recovery under my belt) should I still do UBWO on Friday?

    If you're unsure, please don't feel obligated to answer. I'm just looking for some solid information about why or why not this isn't a good idea.

    Thanks in advance!

  • If you started the program cold turkey, i.e., with no previous training of sorts, expect to be sore for the first week.  It will begin to decrease as the weeks go on.  You're working a myriad of muscles and muscle groups that have not be pushed to their limits in quite some time. 

    A couple of tips:

    Stretch. If muscles are stretching them allows additional blood flow to return to the muscles and aid recovery. Do this before and after cardio.  If you're sore, you can still workout, but take it easy and use a machine like an elliptical or stationary bike to minimize impact on the body, instead of a treadmill. 

    Take it easy.  Remember the plan is built on 'intensity levels' - not concrete workouts which must be completed.  Part of doing this program is learning about yourself, your body, and its limits.  

    Don't take tylenol -- use Aleve, or something with Naproxen.  Acetaminophen can be tough on the liver when taken frequently. 


  • Steph,

    I am only in week 5 but I can tell you that for the first two weeks, I was exhausted.  And sore too.  But the exhaustion was overwhelming, after work when I got home form workouts all I could do was lay on the couch until it was time for bed.  I woke up tired, but still did the planned workouts.  But that did change, I wake up feeling good now, yes I still get tired or sore, but I feel good.  I am feeling stronger and better all the time.  I reach for those 10;s in every workout, and shoot for a personal best every single time.  So stick with it, your body will adjust.   And as Runningdown said, stretch, stretch, it really really helps.  And aleve has got me through some of those real bad days.  Good luck to you