Start Date Feb 28th. Destination Summer!

  • Starting my second Challenge on Feb 26th and looking for some fun and motivated people to spend the journey with.

    You can read my story in my profile, but to summarize, after my 38th birthday last July I hit rock bottom with how I was feeling about myself. Way over weight and unmotivated in life. After 12 fantastic weeks for  the first time in a very long time keep I kept a self promise to myself. Had great results and very happy with my challenge. Did the entire 12 weeks without missing a single workout or going off the nutrition plan.

    I finished that challenge Oct 24th. Over the last 4 months I have maintained my weight which I think is a record length of time for me and continued on with working out. Not as religiously as during my challenge but 3-5x a week anyways and eating clean about 75% of the time.

    So now its time! Time to take another step along in my journey to being in the best shape of my life before my 39th birthday. Looking for some people wanting to join in, share our triumphs and tribulations. I found the support and encouragement of my original group to be such a huge help in sticking the course during my first challenge.

    My 5 goals for this challenge:

    The first and most important: I will honor my self promise and finish this 12 week challenge giving it my very best effort.

    I will lose 20lbs of body fat.

    I will fit into a size 32 jeans

    I will drop my Body Fat to 12%

    My last promise will be the hardest to do, but I am determined to make it happen. By the end of my 12 week Challenge I will be a non smoker.


    My Success journal is ready to go. The motivation pictures are back on the wall and fired up to see how far and hard I can push myself this time!






  • Lets do this! I'm staring on Monday, February 28th and I know I'm going to need some serious support.

  • I'm in! I've been "testing out" the eating plan, and trying out a new gym (quit my old gym to work out on campus for free, I feel so old compared to all those undergrads!) and some HIIT because i felt like I needed to ease into the program. But I'm counting Sunday as my "Day 1" of the program (since I'll work out Sun-Fri and take Sat as free day) and I would also love the support!

  • Excellent! Welcome aboard!


    Stephinator, I read your profile story. I had the BFL book for almost 10 years before completing my first challenge last fall! Never to late to cross that abyss!

  • OK, this is great, I just came online to find a "support group", planning to start tomorrow, 2/27, close enougn!  Would love to join you!

    I, too, finished a Challenge, this past fall, and did pretty well for a while thereafter.  But in the past month have been slipping back into old patterns, and see that I need this structure and support and guidance.  Looking forward to a clean lifestyle again, and want to lose 20 pounds.

    I have my Success Journal as well, will work on it today.

  • Hi Iam to starting 28th Feb ,first time and having just turned 50 I will need all the ecouragement I can get .Look forward to the next 12 weeks and hearing about the steps we make as time goes by .Cheers to the future!

  • nice everyone... lets do this! im starting tomorrow as well..2/27/2011.. starting on a Sunday that way Saturdays can be my cheat day.. (out all day catching semi-pro and arena football games :-) .. I did the challenge about 8 years ago and it worked great... exciting to do it again when im a little older(27) and it helps now that i can cook a bit! :-)

  • Hey looks like this would be the perfect group to join to do this challenge with.  I started my first BFL challenge last year and I am sad to say that I only did it for approximately one month before I had a couple of set backs that derailed me from completing the whole 12-week process.  I am going to say that the 4 weeks that I did complete were truly amazing, I cannot say enough about the energy and the little transformation that did occur.  I have made a promise to myself that this time no matter what happens, I am finishing this Challenge.  I am tired of being a person that starts something and does not finish.  It is never too late to cross the Abyss and this time with the help of you wonderful people I have no doubt that I will finish my journey.  Good luck to you all and I look forward to sharing this experience with everyone.

  • Thanks for joining! I'm wondering, what were your setbacks? If it's too personal and you'd rather not share, I understand, but I guess what I'm asking is, do you have any advice for those of us who are new at this or ways that you are going to not let setbacks keep you from finishing this time around?

    That's one of the things I'm worried about...that I have committed to this thing but something will come along that will make it hard and I'll abandon it. I SO don't want to do that so I'm wondering if you, or if anyone else on here, have any thoughts on that.

  • preparation is huge! my 1st time around I did about 8 weeks.. but then not being prepared catches up with you. I had my journal and looking back in it I can see how some things had changed towards the end. There is a section to write down what you plan to eat and then to  write down what you actually ate. Same with the workouts, what you plan to do and what you actually did.. Well in the beginning I had both sections written in. Well towards the end I was only writing down what I actually did!  also in the beginning I had notes.. I would write down What i needed to change in my next workout. Like what areas were too easy, too hard.. start at this weight, finish at this weight.. Also in the beginning I was on this site often, looking at other people's stories.. and I fell off of that as well.. so yea.. preparation is huge.. also start  and finish your day with positive thoughts.(also through out the day often of course) ..and for me personally I am a Christ follower and Love to take this time to pray for strength and many other things as well.. positive affirmations are huge! and just being friendly over all to yourself and others just gives me a sense of well being!

  • Good Morning everyone! Hope the day is going well for those of you who started today!

    Started yesterday as I like my Fridays as my off day for a couple reasons. First because it's a work day I found it easy to keep my free day down to just a free meal and made something sweet in the evening.

    Anyways, man if feels good to get back in the swing of things. Great UBWO (Upper body work out for those new here) and a very good run today. Found my focus again to really push for those 10's. Eating my 6 clean meals feels like coming home!

    Have a great day everyone, focus on your goals and dreams. Enjoy the process and don't get bogged down in the details.

    I would like to share one little thing I did that really really helped me in the first couple weeks of my last challenge. Grab an Ace of Spades out of a deck of cards. On one side glue a small picture of your goal body. On the other side glue a small before picture of yourself. Any time I get a craving for something that is not part of the nutrition plan, or just don't feel like dragging my butt to the gym, I take that card out of my pocket and look at it. It's portable and discreet and such a huge motivator to keep me on track. I call it my Ace in the Hole.

  • Hi everyone! I'm new to BFL but am excited to start my journey tomorrow 2/28.

    I will be 25 in April and am hoping to be in the best shape of my life by then! I have been active all my life playing sports, and since graduating college I've really come to love running--last year I completed the Boston marathon. My downfall has, and probably always will be food--specifically sugar/sweets/dessert. I think this is where BFL will be beneficial to me--cutting back on the junk and focusing on real, whole foods.

    I'm excited for the journey and wish you all the best of luck! I can't wait to hear all of your successes for the next 12 weeks!


  • That "Ace in the Hole" trick is TRULY genius! I can't believe I never thought of that. Everyone always says to put before and after pictures up on cabinets and the fridge but that's not discreet at all. I don't want my family and friends coming over to see these pictures all over the place. Again, thanks for the idea!

    I'm starting Day 1 tomorrow and I'm a little nervous. The gym that I belong to is not exactly your typical gym. They have many rooms and sometimes it feels like a maze. I don't even know if they have free weights! I'm getting my butt out of bed and going there early tomorrow to scope it out but I'm super nervous. I have been having the same dream for 3 nights in a row that I get to the gym and they have no equipment! How bad is that???

    Anyway... I look forward to hearing about everyone's progress over the next 12 weeks... we all need to remember that we have a support system here and USE that. I know I will...

  • My name is Jen, I am 36, and a stay at home mom that runs a childcareout of my home. I also have a small farm, and over the years have let myself go. I am going to join you all for the next 12 weeks challenge! I did a challenge a few months ago, and had some decent results. Keeping tabs on the food and my eating was the easier part- getting the exercise in was the hard part.... But- I have signed up to run a Half marathon in September, as well as compete in a Warrior Challenge... And, my DH and I have just booked our first trip to Hawaii- in 8 weeks. I want to rock that bikini! So, fellow BFL members- LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good morning all! Just wanted to check in and see how Day 1 was going for everyone else?

    I got to the gym this morning for HIIT and currently having Meal 1 (egg whites with veggies and 1/2c oatmeal). I actually downloaded and printed Emily Alvers 4 week meal plan for women and am trying to stay as close to that as possible. I'm  feeling optimistic so far, but realizing there is a LOT of meal planning/packing/preparing that goes into this!

    Hope everyone else is having a good start!