Women vs Mens program

  • KarateGal, I am JIllC on Transformation.com.  I finished my 12 week challenge 2 weeks ago and have started my 2nd.  I worked out at home at 5am.  I had met with a trainer many months ago and I went back the other day (he shares office space with someone I occasionally see) and he said you look great, did you take my advice and find a trainer.  I said No, I did it at home following a book.  He was amazed.  I had him look at my pics online, he was even more amazed.  Follow the book, I am proud of my strong muscles, but I think you will agree that I am not too muscular.  It really does work, but it takes committment.  If I can do it, I know you can!

  • LaQuitta ~

    I beg of you, please do not do the HCG diet. It is not healthy to restrict yourself to so few calories. You are not fueling your body with a combination of healthy foods. You are not exercising your body. You will not learn life long habits from HCG. It is not natural.

    I am begging that you give BFL a full 100% 12 week effort. I would almost be willing to bet you any amount of money that you will be bowled over, ecstatic, impressed and amazed at the changes you go through, both physically and mentally.

    I have really had a sore spot for a while about the HCG diet. I truly wish people would just get healthy. That is not a healthy option.

    Please take this BFL journey with us. I promise you won't be sorry. :-)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • JillC, thanks for your encouragment! I needed to hear if from a female. I will continue to go by the book. I have several challenges the next few weeks with being out of town. But I do not want to put off starting the challenge. Thanks again for your input! :)


  • KarateGal:

    I have yo-yod most of my adult life. I also excercised for hours on end and got nowhere near where I am with BFL. I have tried all kinds of quick fix SCALE WEIGHT LOSS diets. BFL will give you better results inside and out. Today I had the time to revisit the Frequently Asked Questions sections on this site under the Library tab. I suggest you read them too for inspiration and clarification perhaps. Here is a snip of one I thought in particular you would like.


    During the Induction phase on a low-carb diet, most of the weight loss is water and muscle glycogen (stored carbohydrate).  Once you have depleted your body’s supplies of water and glycogen, you cannot lose much more of them. Also, the dehydration and energy drain that accompanies this period make it difficult to train with any intensity.  Needless to say, we do not find this approach consistent with the typical goals of our consumers which include losing body fat and maintaining (or gaining) muscle mass.

    Once you switch over to a nutrition program that encourages nutritional balance (like the Body-for-LIFE® program), you support your muscle glycogen stores and your body’s ability to remain hydrated. On the scale, this will appear as an increase in weight.  Many people are afraid of this weight gain anyway, so they do not eat enough. Not only does this keep their weight down but it keeps their energy levels down, too. It also reduces their chances of burning fat effectively because they do not have adequate muscle mass. Then they eat less and train more without ever giving their bodies the fuel they need to accomplish their goals.

  • I was first introduced to Bodyforlife in 2003. When I first did the challenge I was doing it to "prove the book wrong". I could not believe a person could change so much in 12 weeks. I followed the program very close for 12 weeks and at age 44 I had my first 6 pak in my entire life. My profile pic is me at the end of that challenge (44 years old). I would recommend following the book as it says. You have nothing to lose!! If at the end of 12 weeks you are not satisfied with the results you have every right to throw the book down and say " I proved you wrong". It works for both men and women. In all fairness to all the trainers out there.....BFL is not the only way. There are many good programs to follow but BFL certainly has a proven track record. All the best!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • LaQuitta,

    I too have done HCg in the past and had great results.  However, I can honestly say that BFL transforms my whole life and puts me in a better healthy way all the way around (physically, emotionally...)  I don't know about doing these intense workouts on HCG.  If you are doing HCG it should be through a Dr. since the only true form of this hormone can be given through injections that they have to prescribe.  Ask your HCG Dr. about combining them.  

    However, BFL works!!!!  If you stick to it you will feel SO much stronger and healthier.  That is the true goal right:)

  • Hi Kickass gal! hehe, how can you not say that with "Karate"!

    Ditto, to what all my buddies have already said.  I don't know your age, so I'll give you my perspective (older chic), just so you can see what lies ahead....

    I'm at the "older" end of my mates that have responded.  I'm short and stout )5'2" and now weight 120lb from 153lb) and build muscle quite easily, but I'm 50 in just over a month...... I've just finished my 3rd challenge and one year of BFL with a bit of a break between C2 and C3. I have not taken any supplements in my challenges, which will alleviate soreness and pave the way for "heavier lifting", the heavier you lift the more supplements like Betagen help and the longer you rest between sets, the bigger the muscle you build......

    A female has to lift VERY HEAVY  to gain muscles like you see in some of the women who compete in most Body Building Competitions that we see in magazines like Oxygen.  The women that compete in the "Beach Body or Bikini" comps lift "heavy", but not rediculously heavy and do not take steroids ( I think some of the others do).  The problem for us females is.... what do you have to do to be "toned", well, in a nutshell - you have to do a bloody lot of lifting and you have to PUSH yourself to have that beautiful definition all over ESPECIALLY if you are in your mid 40's and onwards.  The younger you are the easier you will build and retain the muscle...  look at guys in there 20's and 30's... full of testosterone, they hardly have to lift a pea to gain muscle... 40's, they can keep it pretty easily as long as they "do stuff", 50's, they need to "pump it up" to keep it, 60's - we have a champ on here and another wonderful guy, they have to really work at it to keep it because their testosterone levels are falling rapidly - HELLO welcome ladies - thats us - WE HAVE TO WORK REALLY HARD TO GET THAT MUSCLE AND  KEEP IT, especially after the mid 40's.....

    If you put the required effort into your weight training sessions and REPLACE your HIT with your Karate workouts you will definately lose the higher end of the 20lb you want to lose. At the end of the day, after a "12 week challenge" you want to find activities that are physical and challenging that you ENJOY, so personally I think it's great that you are doing Karate and not going to give that up inplace of HIT, but it may compromise some of the "muscle gain" becasue of the length of the sessions, but I believe thats fine with you, if you try to do HIT as well as Karate, you will run out of "intensity or steam" at some point in the challenge, just be careful and make sure you have your complex carbs around your workouts to keep your energy up.

    Wow, jees I'm waffling on here, hope that helps in some way - ALL THE BEST!

    Debs xxxxx


  • Debs, you are too funny. Thank you for your input, I am not far behind you. I am 46, 160lbs, 5'5". I was at 219 when I started working out and losing weight in January of 2008 on wight weight watchers. So I have been eating pretty well. Minus this much protein. I have stalled at this weight. I would like to lose 10 by June. I would be estatic 15-20. But then again....I am not too worried about the weight if I can just get down a dress size or two. As you said I am not willing to give up my karate. But I figured if I consider that my cardio, I hope it will be okay. Maybe just do some low impact cardio during the week. I have no idea what you mean by HIT. What is that? I am new to BFL this is C1. But I do see that it is something that I can continue. Especilly with all of the help from here.

    Since I have lost the wight at my age it seems to sit in my lower abs. Should I be doing more ab exercise? I also do pilaties once a week. It has built up my inner ab strength. So when I do ab exercises I really do not get sore or feel it. I hear so many people complain after a group fitness class that their abs were sore for days. I am pretty sure that I am doing the exercise correctly. But I just don't feel it. I have noticed a change in my upper abs but not my lower. My age I guess?

    Thank you everyone!!  Pam

  • What's HCG?  Just curious.


    Failure is not an option!

  • KarateGal:

    I am almost 44 and a life time member of Weight Watchers. (whatever!!) Yes I lost scale weight, because that is what I was to do. I also got 'skinny-fat' with little to no muscle from the program. When I started BFL last August I was mortified at the protien content. But I kept the faith, and I am much stronger and healthier eating and excercising with this intensity. You will appreciate the strenth part of this program I have no doubt.

    HIIT - means High intensity interval training. Our cardios are based on that. If you go to the excercise tab you can read about it. You only have to work out for 20 minutes - it is fantastic! You work hard and are begging for mercy at the end of it, but then your done!

    I bike to work most days (8km total), and will play tennis when it warms up, but my HIIT will always be my priority because I know it works.

    Keep chopping out your challenge! Hi ya!

  • I would like to attest to the scale weight vs. inches fact! YOU WILL see results with BFL with minimal scale weight lost. The cottage cheese ass and thighs will start to disappear!!!! Being a little plump, but smooth is much more appealing than being skinny and still have cottage cheese booties! lol! AND the benefit is that once that muscle is there and maintained, you will burn more fat (that cottage cheese will be melting while you sleep, sit at your desk, drive! WOOT!)  I am on week 9 of my challenge and I have lost 10lbs. I have lost 8 inches overall. I am not at all at the weight I initially had hoped to be at this point of the challenge, but then when I look at my before and after pictures... it blows those numbers out of the water and they do not matter. I LOOK like I have lost 20lbs!! This was a very, very , very hard thing for me to wrap my mind around when I first started this challenge. Every diet I have ever done had been geared around scale weight!!  I had to re learn everything I had ever learned about dieting. Anyway, I can't stress to BFL beginners enough, especially us women, DON'T GET CAUGHT UP ON SCALE WEIGHT!! Just give it your all, forget the scales, take pictures of your body at different stages and measure yourself! Prepare yourself to be amazed! Best of luck to you! I am super excited for you and what you have to look forward to!