Women vs Mens program

  • I showed the trainer at my gym my workout plan. He said that it was geared for men. And that I should be doing it differently. He suggested 4 sets (12 reps) each) and no rest in between two. Should I be doing 4 sets or 6 as a female? I am getting confused. This is my first challenge day 3.  Along with the suggested exercises I do karate 3 nights a week for one hour each. And for my cardio I will be doing fitness classes. (steps, intervals etc) He also suggested staying away from the myoplex bars. What do you guys think? Are the ladies doing the ladies plan or the women's plan?

    FYI....I want to loose weight as well as tone.

    Thanks in advance for your input. Pam

  • Hi KarateGal,

    Nonsense. In my limited experience, I have as yet to find a trainer (wtth the exception of the one trainer who TOLD me to do BFL!) who will agree with BFL. They want you to hire them to help you is what I figure, or they were taught very differently.

    I do not like the BFL book for women AT ALL. Far too simple and 'easy' for lack of a better word. The Original BFL book is for men and women and far superior in my humble opinion.

    I have done BFL and it WORKS FOR WOMEN!! Follow the program to the letter and you will be amazed at your results!

    I don't eat protein bars very often but when I do, I opt for the brand, PURE PROTEIN. For cardio, I suggest you do the HIIT cardio for the best results. Your karate might interfere with your energy level if you do it as well...

    C1W7D5 May 16th

  • Hi Confidnece,

    Thank you for your input. Usually I would agree with you about the trainer. But not this one. We do not have the same schedule at all. Plus he is a friend of my daughter. He just thinks that it would bulk me up to much. I have to agree with you about the exercises. I will stick with the six reps the way that it is listed on the spead sheet.

    Have you lost weight so far? How has your energy level been. If I consider my karate and cardio kickboxing my cardio, I think I will be okay.

    I am enjoying the plan so far. My quads are still hurting (good hurt) from Wednesday. Feels great. I hope I can continue to do as well as you.

  • "bulk you up too much" well... depends what he means by that.  You will build muscle but nice muscle. :-)

    I was last weighed at my 4 week mark and i had only lost 2 lbs, but I also had lost 5.25 inches over all, 3 of which were from my waist.

    I started at 127 lbs so I don't have a ton to lose. I would love to get down to 115. My real goal is to rid myself of fat and build muscle, which this program WILL do!

    My energy is fantastic but I do get tired and need to sleep more than usual.

    C1W7D5 May 16th

  • Nonsense is exactly right.  I work out with guys and I lift heavy weights, in example my one arm rows are now with 55lb dumbbells, I'm not bulked up.  You don't need the trainer, the trainer needs your money ;o)

    Follow the book as written, the results will really surprise you.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I love my gym. However, the normal way people do things there...is hire a trainer. Thus, trainers see me working out, without enlisting their help and paying them and I think a few of them are discomfited...Sorry...but I don't want to pay $65 an hour for help when, at this point at least, I am able to get great results on my own. PLUS, I don't always trust the advice they give OR do I necessarily want to LOOK like some of them.

    If I ever hire a trainer, she will be in the peak shape I aspire to be in, as well... not round and doughy the way some look.

    They may know a lot but if they don't look like they are walking the walk, I don't want to pay for their talk... LOL

    Someday, I might hire one for my abs...

  • Personally, I would take that as a challenge! Show your trainer what this program can do. There are a ton of before and after pictures that do not reflect what your trainer is speaking of. If I thought I had to work out like a "girl" I probably wouldn't. I don't do girly stuff really well. I LOVE TO LIFT!

    My 10 week progress photos are posted. You can see if you think I look like a guy or if I should have done a "ladies" plan.

    The Myoplex lite bars should be stashed in your purse or car for emergency situations, such as stuck in excessive traffic and unexpected emergencies.

    The best part about this plan is that it doesn't require assistance from anyone else. In fact, it will help you to become more and more independent everyday. You can make these decisions!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • heheh Yes, Renee! I am very competitive underneath, as well...so my secret delight is working out and waiting for the day when they do my final measurements. Two or three of the trainers have already complimented me on my progress...

  • Thank you ladies! This is what I needed to hear. :) I will go to you ladies next time for advice. I really needed a  female point of view, thanks so much!  Unlike you, I want to lose about 10-20 lbs.

  • I do have to say, that the trainers at my gym are extremely friendly but just very focused on their own clients. And, perhaps I am jumping to an incorrect conclusion about them. However, each trainer is out to build her own business so I shouldn't be surprised that they are eager to get new clients and perhaps someone who works independently on working out (such as myself) frustrates them. And, who knows? If I wished to pay one of them, I might achieve these results even faster, still following BFL, since they might have great tips to improve my form, etc.

    I just prefer to work at my own BFL pace and invest my money in my healthy foods, supplements etc and learn as I go.  :-)

  • Hey Confidence,

    Im just starting my challenge and on this fitness thing I am so lost as to lifting and cardio and Ihave been reading my butt cheeks off and Im still just hoping to get this started correctly with out hurting myself.

    I do have a question though i was doing the HCG diet and I stopped months ago, I ws going to start back but some one told me about the book and so I bought it started reading and decided to get busy.

    I wondered if anyone knows about using the HCG with this weight training plan cause that is supposed to help you loose fat and build muscle as well? Can any one give me any feed back on that?

  • LaQuitta,

    Just stick with the BFL book and plan. It WORKS!!  Good Luck!  :-)

  • Did you get better results using the supplements (cause they are a little pricey for me right now) I have found some products at Walmart which is pretty decent but not everything is there

  • Renee - you look fantastic! I can not belive you did that in 10 weeks. Not that you looked bad before.... but such a difference. It is nice to hear a womens point of view. I hope that I can stick to it and acheive the same benifits. Way to go!

  • LaQuttia... you really can't workout while you are on HCG.  You are eating such a minimal amount of food.  With BFL you are eating to fuel your body to optimize your workouts, build strong muscle.  With HCG you are eating one way while you are on it, then you go into different phases... you never really learn how to eat.   BFL to me is a lifestyle, and as you continue to build muscle that helps you burn fat even better, vs. not working out and it getting harder and harder to lose weight.

    Pam  ~ Be the change you want to see in the World ~ MG