I'm Starving!

  • My fiance is a fitness trainer and a former body builder. He lived on Chicken breasts and green beans while he was training. He swears by it! He said we are allowed-meat and veggies. If it isn't one of those two things-we don't eat it for dinner. Other nights we have plain hamburger patties with seasoning and green beans.  No pasta, rice,flour products or sugar-including pizza! We are allowed Cheese, sugar free yogurt ,peanut butter for snacks(sparingly of course),nuts,and some fruit(not a lot though because of the natural sugar in it.) I have given up milk and now drink soy in chocolate protein shakes-which I can alternate with plain oatmeal(which I also don't care for). I also can eat fish like tuna and tilapia-I  hate red meat! With the limited number of things he has approved for us to eat-meal time is pretty boring. Tomorrow I think we are having Chicken stir fry-no rice! Meat and Veggies all the way!

  • Can I ask then if you are actually following bfl all the way, or just the exercise part.  Because the list of foods you describe don't seem to match what is on the bfl list.  Just curious really.  I wish you luck in your endeavor.

  • I need to find the list of foods allowed. I read the book a couple of years ago,but can't remember foods. I now have the body for life journal that helps me to track my workouts and plan my daily meals. It also has a lot of inspirational stories about other peoples success stories. I will see if I can find BFL food lists ASAP so I can see what else I can have. My fiance isn't terribly supportive with this program and wants me to just follow his advice. I kind of want to use both-there is just a few conflicting ideas I need to iron out first.

  • DEFINITELY get the book and read the "Eating For Life" chapter! It is crucial to success in this program. The meal program allows as many vegetables as you want, lean protein (chicken, cold water fish and salmon, lean beef/bison, lean pork, tofu), egg whites, complex carbohydrates (whole grains, brown rice, quinoa, potatoes), fresh fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter, etc.

    The key is to balance your protein and carbohydrates, 1 portion of each with each meal. What worked for your fiance might not necessarily work for you. And if your fiance is buying your kids cookies instead of spending money on real produce because "it's cheaper" (is treating diabetes and obesity cheaper?) then I would say your best option is to follow the Body-for-LIFE program or do what you personally feel is right.

    You can also go to the "Library" tab on this site and there is good information on meal planning, grocery lists, etc.

  • I found the Food List on here, check out: bodyforlife.com/.../food-list

  • I just the book here in our house-in my fiance's book collection of different dieting and workout programs! I couldn't believe it! So now I am going to read it and start going off of the food list involved. I actually have been eating things that are listed-just need to eat more proteins I think. I am so excited!

  • kris, good luck with the conflict with the fiance and bfl, that can't be easy at all.  Hopefully you will find what works best for you and you are successful.