Starting2/21/11 - anyone starting first time or again?? Help me help you!! :)

  • Hey Everyone. Day 2 and it is going to be a great one. I started my first meal on the right track today and I will do my workout later today after work. I am an evening workout person do to my schedule and my body just doesn't move as fast in the morning :).

    Hey Sista Terry, how are you doing? You can do this!! One day and sometimes one minute at a time :)

    Keep me posted and I look forward to hearing from everyone.

  • Wow Day 2 has been awesome even though it didn't start out that way. When my alarm clock went off, I stayed in bed. At 6 I told myself I could sleep till 6:30 at 6:30 I told myself that I could do the cardio when I got home from work (I can't, I have two kids, dinner, lunches for tomorrow to make and everything else), I then told myself that I could do it after my husband got home from work. I won't, he gets off at 9pm and I know I won't make myself do it... so I pushed my butt out of bed and hit the gym. I think my biggest issue is that I knew the cardio would hurt. I dreaded the cardio more than the weights because it does hurt to push yourself. Sucking in air, side hurting, legs wobbly, I dreaded it and siked myself out. But I went to the gym and did it. Pushed a little too hard and ended up having to pull back alot on the last two rounds but it was awesome that it was only 20 minutes and I was sweating like crazy.

    The food part was actually really easy today. I made my meals last night before bed. I wasn't really hungry at all and actually at meal 4 I dreaded it alittle bit. It definately helps to keep yourself busy during the day, because yesterday, I was off work and was watching the clock till the next meal.

    I worked out my upper body yesterday and OMG- I hurt so bad, correction, my chest hurts so bad - sore- that I am not sure if any other muscles are sore:) although I tried to crawl around with my 10 month old and my arms wanted to give out.

  • Hi Kris, my name is Shalan and this is my first time doing this program.  It seems like a lot of people on here are veterans, it's a little intimidating!  

    This buddy system and team work is really great.  Every time I've gone off track with my diet I only had myself to answer to so it felt like it didn't matter.  I'd like to try it with others that are striving to achieve the same goal.

    A little about me... I'm a Mom to 2 amazing kids, divorced and very full on divorce induced junk food.  It really was the no-carb-left-behind project.  So now its time to turn it around, look forward, upward and onward.

    Cupboards are clean of all junk, fridge is stocked of quality foods and scale is ready for tomorrow.  I'm so dreading that scale.  

    Nice to meet you!  Good luck!!

    Here we go...


  • hi Shalan13... love the no carbs left behind. I totally get that. today i did good with my eating but it was a bit hard I still am hungry and need to go to bed asap so I don't eat anything else as I have run out of meals for the day... hee.. hee... but I think it is b/c I realized the last time from my journal that the first few days were hard b/c I think i am withdrawing off the sugar, sweets, carbs... so thats ok as they say ... Awareness is the first sign to Recovery... and that is what I want full recovery for my body for life.

    Hello to everyone and sweet dreams.. Emmy..

  • Welcome Shalan!  ...(Is this a JR Ward reference?)

    Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue.

  • How has day 3 gone for everyone? I'm not going to lie my upper body is on fire.........I hurt so bad, in a good way of course:)

  • Good to hear everyone is off to a good start. Keep it up...all through the challenges that will happen and we'll  come out much happier and energized on the other end. Thanks for letting me watch you guys.


  • how did everyone do this week. lets not let this strand die.... have been busy at work, I hve been eating very clean... workouts could be better!! I hope to hear from you all soon. Blessings.

  • My  week was really good. It got really busy toward thurs so I wasn't able to jump on the computer as much. I don't know about you but my body was sore from Tuesday- Friday! I feel better today, yesterday was my Free day as far as food, didn't mean for it to happen that way but it did:) Today my calves are sore, I'm thinking from running on the treadmill for my cardio. I've noticed some small changes and people made comments that my face looked my smaller so I'm excited to see how my body will change by week 4, 8, and 12.

  • I had a great first week!! It seems once you get into the habit of eating clean and working out, your body no longer wants the carb- coma foods. I have lost almost 10 lbs in the first week, which I think was water weight and 2 inches so far all around. It's very motivating to see results this early on.!!

    Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue.