What I did wrong, and why I'm starting my Challenge anew

  • Bill Phillips says "Fail to Plan...Plan to Fail". Well that is exactly what I did...I failed to plan! I started my second challenge January 13 (I think), and did very little planning. I have put nothing into this challenge and as a result have nothing to show for it. Well, actually, I do...and that is no change in my body or mind, and have done nothing but struggle and beat myself up! My first Challenge went so well...I had my start and finish dates on my calender, including every 4 week milestone. I took pictures every 4 weeks. I did have trouble starting week 11, but learned from an old post by Mike Harris (God Bless his soul), that starting week 11 your muscles are demanding so much from your body, and that alot of people experience tiredness and lack of motivation to finish, and this did happen to me. Amazingly I saw the most change in my body during the last two weeks even though I was kind of 'peetering out' so to speak. 

    My NEW Plan is...well, making a PLAN! I will be setting new goals, taking new 'Before' Pics, measurements etc., figuring out each 4 week date as well as my finish date! I am going to make a 'Dream Board' so I can visualize my success and will be starting a new journal! I feel ready to take on this Challenge for REAL this time! I have also recruited a buddy and her husband to go on this journey! They are really excited about it! 

    I have seen the post about the stairs and starting over, but I feel this is right for me and the best choice! I am excited and ready to GO!! 

    To a new Challenge!


  • Way to go on that start again. Visualization is a great technique to help through the rough workout days.

  • A quote I stole from someone's BFL profile...

    "Though no-one can go back & make a brand new start, anyone can start & make a brand new ending"

    Good luck this time around and here is a link to a video made by Margi Faze 2007 BFL Grand Champion. I watched it every day for the first 2 weeks to help keep me motivated until my results alone were all the motivation I need. I still watch it when I want some extra "umph!" to keep going strong!

  • Great story...thanks for sharing! I will be watching this often!!

  • Leggs,

    Just saw your pics on your profile. Great job on challenge 1! You definitely have the potential to look like Margi Faze did in her bikini contest!

  • Loved the You Tube video. I am 37 and a mother of 5. My youngest is 18 months. It really shows that you can be in great shape again after children. Thank you!