question about the training program

  • Hi,

    I'm reading the book "body for life" right now and I will begin the training as soon as I finish the book.

    Right now I'm on page 102 and I've already read about the training program (monday upper-body, tuesday 20-minute-cardio, wednesday lower-body, etc...)

    But ehm.... I am 168 cm (or 5' 6") tall and weigh about 53 kg (or 116.8 lb). I am very skinny at the moment, so I have little fat. In other words, I do not want to lose fat, because I have so little of it to begin with. Should I skip the 20-minute-cardio then? Because that was designed to lose fat, right?

    Oh and besides that, I do gymnastics on tuesdays and thursdays and I wouldn't want to give that up because I have to rest because I did the 20-minute-cardio. Can I just do the gymnastics instead? Okay, it's 3 hours and not 20 minutes, and it might be too hard on my muscles cause I did a workout the day before. But gymnastics is fun and I can try to not work my muscles too much. Just a few flips here and some twists there. :-P

  • Hi Evert,

    This is a great program and you'll never regret picking up the Body for Life book.  I can't comment on the gymnastics, but about the cardio.  Cardio is good for EVERYONE even if you don't need to lose weight.  So I would do it.  Since weight loss isn't an issue for you, I think most here on the site would recommend increasing your portions (good, healthy food - not junk) which would also help you build muscle.

    Hope that helps!  Best wishes.

  • Can you build muscle not consuming more than you burn off on weight lifting days?

  • First off. I wish I had your problem! Haha. I have read how past champions who simply wanted to build muscle limited the HIT cardio to only once a week and increased their portion sizes slightly. It is possible to build muscle while creating a calorie deficit and losing fat. However, it sounds like you don't really want to burn fat. Check out It explains the science behind why body for life works and how you can tweak it for your personal goals (whether aggressive fat loss or simply building muscle). My thoughts on the gymnastics is that if you are only doing one HIT cardio session a week, you will still have enough energy to keep up with the gymnastics and not hurt your muscle gains. Just watch your energy levels and make sure you are getting enough nutrients to fuel your muscles.