IDEA: post your ending date on each email

  • Post your ending date and challenge with your name so everyone can tell you where you are. In this way, when someone reads that you are exhausted, or on top of the world, or starving or whatever, we can figure out a potential pattern and prepare ourselves.


    Someone just posted she was exhausted but since I don't know the week she is in, I am wondering if it's just personal life stuff or the workout and food is challenging her to be fatigued.


    Thanks for considering!


    BTW, I am feeling: on top of the world because I am shrinking... and my energy and mental outlook are fabulous  -- except that I do need a nap in the daytime. I tend to only get 6-7 hours sleep at night so a nap tides me over.


    May 16th, W7D5

  • I like this!!


  • Marcy-Wait til you finish the challenge...You'll feel OUT of this WORLD!!!!


    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I know this is an old post but -

    it seems the exhaustion may be early on. Not to say that some one can't be exhausted from life's challenges, or a really intense work out.

    I am on my second week of the nutrition and work out, third day of the 12 week challenge.

    Body For LIFE builds stamina, more energy, and a strong positive direction in life. I felt exhausted yesterday morning, but had an appointment with a trainer for lower body/trunk. The trainer was to show me a few more optional strategies to be used with the sets and reps to change up the 40 min work out when I feel like I am plateauing.

    But, I went on line-that morning to the BFL home page, looked at some before and after pics, and some testimonials. Then I went to my myspace page where I have 1600 friends and blogged my plan for the day. And, when I was done, I was pumped up and ready to go.

    No matter how exhausted you are, sit down, go to BFL home page - get pumped up, share it with your facebook, myspace, twitter, .... and plan your day in writing to your friends - inspire them with your words, and you will be inspired.

    Re-lite your fire every morning. You can! You will! I am! Right now. It is 7:30 AM, and I am feeling the flame grow - right now.

    Check out my blogs at

    Feel free to introduce your self and comment, or tell me what you need to do for the day and how your going to make it happen!

    You will inspire me, and yourself from the seed of motivation! Help me to help you, to help me ...


    - Terry

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Hi Deb!  I know what you mean! 5 years ago, I finished a challenge and the results were simply amazing and I DID feel out of this world. EVERYONE was talking about the physical changes in me and I had to keep buying new clothing!!

    I am already starting to feel 'out of this world' because I am SEEING and FEELING big changes already! I wake up feeling lighter and EAGER to get to the gym!

    C1W7D5 (5 years ago doesn't count, right??)