Just started and still hungry

  • Hey forum, 

    I just started my first challenge this week after I promised my wife I'd lose 15 lbs. I'm starting at 6'0, 210 lbs, 25% body fat and I want to get to get to about 10-15% body fat by the end of the program.  I noticed that I am pretty consistently hungry even after I finish eating. I used to eat one meal per day and have it be fairly large but I would be full for the entire day. Here's what I've been eating so far:

    1. Breakfast: 1cup oatmeal 2 eggs 2 egg whites (~500 cal) 16oz water
    2. Snack: protein shake (~250cal) with 16oz water
    3. lunch: chicken with veg  and carb (~350 cal)16oz water
    4. snack: post workout protein shake (~250 cal) with 16oz water
    5. dinner: chicken with veg (~200 cal) 16oz water
    6. snack: chicken with veg (~200 cal) 16oz water

    Total calories: 1750

    Total water intake: about 6.5 pints

    My BMR is 2132 and my caloric needs are 2932 (for my starting weight)

    On a side note I LOVE veggies and I was thinking about eating them until I felt full due to the low caloric value. 


  • You need to increase your protein intake. 2 eggs and 2 whites is only 19 g protein and men (typically) need around 30-35g PER meal to sustain the energy needed for the BFL workouts.

    Granted you WILL lose weight with your meal plan, but in my opinion, there just aren't enough calories there for a 210# male.

    Shoot for 35g protein and 30g carbs per meal. Don't worry so much about the calories...work the program and the program WILL work for you!

    Best wishes to you!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Going from one meal a day to six is an extreme change - it's no wonder your body is sending you hunger signals. Your body will adjust in time.

    However, there are some tweaks you could make that might help. I see you are having two protein shakes (meals 2 and 4). If these are protein shakes and not meal replacement shakes (such as Myoplex or Myoplex Lite), you need to add a piece of fruit as a carb source.

    It's great that you love veggies and I encourage you to keep eating them. However try adding another carb to meals 5 and 6, such as brown rice, quinoa or whole wheat pasta.

    What size chicken breasts are you eating? Make sure you are getting enough protein. You might also add a couple of egg whites to your breakfast.

    Getting your calories right is a balancing act between low enough to lose weight and high enough to provide the energy that you need for daily living plus exercise. 1750 sounds low for a guy.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Thanks for the input guys, I'll try it out today and see if I have better results! I'll be sure to follow up tomorrow. Also, my chicken breasts are about 4-5oz boneless.

  • I agree more protein, stick to egg whites only in the morning with fat free cottage cheese, do the oatmeal as a snack, then add more protein at lunch- think tuna...

  • Hasam,

    I found that after all the junk I had been eating, I had "toxic hunger" symptoms the first week or two. I wouldn't call it real hunger, but more like withdrawl from all the mindless snacking and junk I had been eating. I noticed by the 3rd week, I wasn't hungry very often and my meals went from every 2 hours to every 3 hours without thinking about it. And sometimes I had to remind myself to eat....something I never have to do in my life! I think once your stomach gets used to not being stretched out with huge meals and knows that it is going to get frequent feedings, it makes the adjustment. Good luck!

  • oops, that post was meant for Josh...I thought Hasam was the original poster. sorry!

  • Congrats! that's how I am, I actually forget that I have to eat now LOL