Making this commitment

  • Hi all!  I'm on W1D4 of this commitment and am going to stick with it!  I've been struggling a little this week getting everything in order and on track with the plan since I work different schedules almost daily and have been having difficulty with my sleep schedule.  Seeing changes on the scale the wrong direction (probably due to lactic acid and muscle soreness) haven't been the most encouraging for me either.  I know something is different with my outlook on the BFL plan though, because even after sleeping about 5 hours last night (broken sleep, and reason for not getting cardio in this morning), and working 14 hours at work today, I came a few posts online, and went over to the gym to get the session in today.  It may not have been as "intense" as it needed to be, but I wasn't slacking either.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration in whatever posts I read that may have helped me get to the gym tonight.  Any other plan I have done, my motivation usually sputters out before I start to see any results (especially on my 14 hour work days every 2 weeks).  Thanks!

  • Hi There!

    My first week was a struggle getting used to eating 6 times, remembering to bring all my food to work and stuff, but it gets easier. I also had sleep issues the first couple weeks. I'm on W3D4 and have been figuring out what works best now. My weight hasn't gone down but a couple pounds and that has been discouraging but not enough to give it up. I've made the commitment like you have and we're going to see it through until the end. I know we'll be glad that we did. Good luck to you, sounds like you have a great attitude and will be successful!Susan

  • JNMdaisies ~

    And each day the routine becomes a little more intuitive. The first few weeks planning is a little new, but definitely gets easier and more critical. Sleep was way off for me the first few weeks. You are tracking perfectly! Keep going!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)