Starting Feb. 21, 2011. Anyone else?

  • On Day 4 now. Posting alot more info in the BFL Warriors thread if anyone wants to check over there. Good group of people there that have done the program a couple of times and know the answers to any question you may have.

  • I started today, so I would love to hear your progress.

  • So far so good.  I'm super sore, but I didn't lose as much strength from last time as I thought I would. Eating seems much easier this time around.

  • Hey ya'll, how we all doing? I'm on Day 6 right now, going strong. Noticing several changes in my body, both on the exterior and the interior. Not drastic changes on the outside, but my system on the inside seems to be adjusting well and running on good fuel. I'm feeling pretty sore in most of my body. Since I've never really done any squats, my thighs were pretty sore for a few days too. No cheating has happened and drinking water like crazy. It's funny how your brain starts to work when you're going through something like this. Lov'n it. Few more weeks of an uphill climb and it'll be smooth sailing after that. Keep it up everyone!!!!

  • How we all doing? Still going strong? I've been doing the majority of my updates in the BFL Warriors thread so I don't get over here much. Get me up to speed where you're at. Thanks.