• Hi all! Just started the challenge and I'm feeling confident that  I will get out of this what I put into this! Quick question-has anyone used Bodylastics or similar band system  instead of the free weights for some excercises or while traveling? What do you do when there's no gym around?

  • I've used them and they work really good. Just before I started BFL, I sold my set of Bodylastics to a friend because I hadn't used them in quite a while and now I'm wishing I had kept them to use along with my weight training. lol! But yes, they work very well.  

  • Thanks Mike! It's such a different feeling from free weights that I wasn't sure about them, but maybe it will "wake my muscles up" when I travel or can't make it to the gym! 

  • Alio - I agree with mikik470. I am using my "tube' right now for triceps by wrapping it around my chin up bar and doing extensions that way. The further I move from the bar, the better it gets. :)

  • The bands are the next best thing to cable machines. You get close to the same type of negative resistance which is great for building lean muscle. Good luck with the program! Stick with it, take it one day at a time and you'll do awesome!!

  • Thanks Mike an Legs- I like the chin up bar idea- then I don't have to move the door thingy-IThanks so much for the encouragement!

  • Alio: I am excited to report my triceps are sore today. I havent had them feel this way in weeks. I have usually stuck to weighted bench dips and lying kickbacks and although I made them tough, obviously by switching up and using my stretchy tube with handles I utililized other tiny tricep fibers.

    Im kinda glad I did get a sore back and had to choose a different arm/back excercise for safety sake.