2011 challenge

  • where are the 2011 challenge dates/info?

  • bodyforlife.com/challenge

    Hopefully this works.

    Mary Ann

  • They are not posted yet.  I emailed them and below are the "guts" of the response I received -

    Thank you for your interest in the EAS(R) Body-for-LIFE(R) Challenge!  

    The Body-for-LIFE program is 365 days per year and you may start on any day! Your start date may be any date you choose. Starting now will place you into Round One of the 2011 Body-for-LIFE Challenge. Regardless of when your start date is, your challenge must last exactly 12 weeks in order to be considered an official participant in the Body-for-LIFE Challenge.

    All you need to do is take your before photos and get started.  Once you have begun, you will need to print off the official Body-for-LIFE entry kit provided and complete the 12 week challenge. After you have completed your challenge, please take your after pictures and complete the small essay (instructions in the entry kit). Please note that you have 15 days from the date that you finish to send us your completed entry kit materials.

    We hope to have the 2011 Entry Kit available very soon. For reference, we have included below a link to the 2010 Body-for-LIFE Challenge Entry



    You may print and use this kit for the 2011 Challenge. Please feel free to check back at http://bodyforlife.com/ for the Official 2011 Body-for-LIFE Entry Kit! You may also submit your kit on-line at bodyforlife.com/registration.

  • I have seen posts that mention rounds, including the above post. Is there a significance to the rounds? Are there prizes for individual rounds?


  • I don't recall there ever being prizes for rounds.  For me it was always a "target" date to aim for to start, a mental thing, but in the end didn't really account for anything.  They used to "highlight" after each round people that had done well which was always encouraging for me and I looked forward to.  

    I think the overall prizes and age breaks have changed a couple of times too over the years, but in the end, I just really need to get in my mind that I'm doing it for myself.  When their round start date is or what the prizes or age breaks are shouldn't matter.  And they should just take the rounds out of it in my opinion, if in the end they are for nothing.   Just put in the date of when you have to be completed by to be considered for the given year and be done with it.  Would also eliminate us all waiting for them to be come out.  And since everyone knows next year is coming, and when, I'm confused why it takes so long to post the dates or the "challenge" kit.  But, agian, in the end I'm using it as a reason that I shouldn't be and should just be getting on with it.  

  • The point of round is you can submit a completed challenge once per round. 4 chances to compete a year.. Also makes their "judging" easier...

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