Started January 24, finally got a blog up!

  • I began the Body-for-LIFE challenge on January 24. Exciting to be starting week three! I'm glad I made Sunday my free day, it made going to a friend's Super Bowl Party quite enjoyable, and I managed to no over-indulge, just get in the right amount of snacking! :)

    Anyway, I began a blog to chronicle my efforts that I will hopefully be updating 3-5 times a week with my progress. But instead of simply listing workouts, feelings, and foods, I have decided to make it a somewhat inclusive journal with a zombie spin! Being a gal in her mid 20s who has a lot of imaginative friends, we are all enthralled with the new pop culture craze of zombies and it seemed like a fun and interesting way to spin the journal's entries. The focus will still be on the system and its benefits but I thought it would be fun to give the writing a different angle.

    You can check it out here:

    I'm only one entry and the "About" section in thus far, but it will grow for sure!


  • WOW! That was a great read of your last 3 weeks put smiles on my face.. Thank you, I am new to this site as well and started my third round at this on the 10th the first 2 was a complete failure. I like the take on how you put a different spin on your journey thus far you definitely have a subscriber here I'll be checking in every week to see how things went.. Take care Ms. zombie vigilante. :)