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  • This is me trying to practice the Law of Reciprocation, hope somebody gets something out of this!

    I keep seeing all these posts about not seeing results and BFL not producing results quickly enough, then I see stuff to keep folks from getting down on themselves about not seeing results and to stay motivated until the end of the challenge. This is good, that people are sharing to help others. One of the things mentioned was that BFL was not designed to produce fast results and I disagree with that.

    When my husband told me all about BFL I only listened half-heartedly, I had my own plans for diet and exercise. They were similar to BFL but not as extreme, they were basic healthy guidelines and would produce the same results as BFL only it would take a year or two. Then he made me realize that BFL was a 12 week program and THAT was what I could not believe.

    12 weeks IS fast, and this program actually allows one to obtain results in a healthy way! The ONLY way to see weight loss or size difference any faster is surgery or VERY unhealthy lifestyles. Surgery will still take a few weeks because of swelling and recovery, not to mention all the bruises liposuction can leave! The unhealthy lifestyles might give quick results but at what cost?

    In today's world of instant gratification we maybe forget that our health does not work that way. Human body weight can fluctuate 5-10 pounds day to day from water and waste, it is natural but some companies try to cash in on that. This one is up front and honest from the get go, and I appreciate that.

    I did not plan to step on a scale for at least 4 weeks but had to and I gained a few pounds. This actually made me happy because it confirmed that I was gaining muscle mass, I suspected because it was easier to do things. (though there was an initial knee-jerk reaction, lol)

    Heck yes, I am tired of my gut and can't wait for it to go away, but I know that this program is the best, fastest way to get rid of it without compromising my health. It will even improve my health!

    Remember to have faith, if you contracted any job to be completed in 12 weeks would you expect it to be done sooner?

    --- Kitty


  • NICE!!  Thank you Kitty!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • WooHoo Kitty.  I know that I want quick results...that would be great.  But an even better situation for me is that I feel better and know that I am putting better stuff in my body and getting up off my ass and exercising.  The diet industry has impacted folks to the extent that some may hear "Body for Life" and try to use it like a fad.  It isn't.

    Maybe for some folks because it doesn't have a pill for a crutch it isn't good enough.  Folks maybe don't like knowing that they have to just rely on themselves for results.  Guess what, if you are reading this YOU CAN DO IT.   And when you are required to educate yourself about nutrition and exercise you are better prepared to face life after 12 weeks, whether that is a subsequent challenge or maintaining your results.

  • Great post Kitty, keep up the good work!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • Thanks Kitty!!  :)


    Failure is not an option!

  • I am on the other side, where I gained immediate benefits just in the first two weeks.

    And, I have heard a few times now that men typically lose weight faster.

    I know, it's totally unfair.

     i lost 17 pounds in my first two weeks.

    Every one is different and will respond differently to increased activity, and low carb/high protein diet.

    So, kitty, you are smart to stay focused, and stay the course no matter what!

    Also, try to see where, and how you make some meal plan adjustments, to even a leaner plan using the BFL recipe's.

    Keep us posted!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Yeah everyone is different. I finished my first week and I've lost 5 pounds and my cardio is getting too easy so I'm going to have to add more resistance on the bike so I can actually feel a burn. Eating 6 meals a day at first is hard but then it just becomes second nature. It gets to that point where you're doing it and you dont even think about it. You start naturally making healthier choices for yourself and you dont crave junk anymore. Especially not after seeing results.

    I've read stories of people who completed the challenge who said they didnt see any results until they were half way through. Some saw it instantly. Whether it takes a week, a month, or 9 weeks, you cant not lost weight if you eat the right foods and exercise regularly. And trust me, I have my own crazy going on where I feel like if I slip up one day I've ruined a whole week of work, but it's not true. You dont have to deprive yourself of anything, you just have to learn to eat it in moderation.

    For example, the other day there was a bowl of easter egg chocolates in my office. The serving size was 7 peices. I believe it was 260 calories and 24 carbs. So instead of 7 I ate 3, and I used that as my snack in between lunch and dinner. You want a candy bar? Eat half and save the other half for later. Get a kit-kat and eat 1 piece of it and give the rest away or refrigerate it and allow youself one piece of it every couple of days.  I eat the myoplex carb control bars. I'll have half for a snack between breakfast and lunch and the other half between lunch and dinner. Or sometimes I'll have the whole thing for breakfast if I'm in a rush and then snack on almonds or vegetables or cheese later on. It all just becomes routine and after only a week of doing it it's like second nature to me.