Looks like I will have to wing the first week!

  • I am very excited about starting! Workouts are good, suppliments ready,  log books ready......just lacking on the meals. I am in school and am being bogged down this weekend. I know enough to throw basics together to get by the first week, but does anyone have quick, basic foods to throw together for the first week. I can cook some chicken breasts and hard boil some eggs, but besides that....any quick ideas?

  • Kurtzy,

    Here's some ideas to get you through this first week:

    Breakfasts - high fiber cereal, or instant oatmeal, with 1/4 cup crushed walnuts or almonds + 1/4 cup dried fruit (blueberries, raisins, cherries)Lunch:  2 sliced turkey on whole wheat with lettuce & tomato, non-fat yogurt, small cup chicken soupSnacks- myoplex shakes, green tea, fiber one bars or equivalent, 1/4 cup cashews.  Dinners: grilled chicken breast + fresh or frozen broccoli or caulflower.  See, it's definitely doable even without a lot of cooking ahead of time.



    p.s.  - you could put this in the 2-7-11 this is no drill thread if you're joining us...

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  • Since I am new to this I am unfamiliar with posting. Do I always have to go to "getting started" to find the thread, or can I get to the thread from my conversations. When I posted this I thought it was going to the thread. Is there a way I can go to my profile and connect to the thread from there? Thanks for the tip. I love oatmeal with boiled egg whites! Lunch sounds great and I actually have everything for the dinner....so I am good Thanx!