A mess of questions. Lactose Intolerant, Hate most vegetables, Live in Dorm with terrible Kitchen, Living out of a Mini Fridge, + Cold Weather

  • This is my first post and I know I am not a lone with a lot of these problems/challenges/questions but together they have made it quite a pain to follow the body-for-life program.  And I know excuses are like.....

    But here we go anyway:

    First positives:

    The gym on campus is awesome and has an 1/8th mile indoor track and plenty of machines, but the weight room can become packed.
    I am not on a meal plan and I can cook healthy/great food.
    I am currently in "Decent Shape” 5’10" 192lbs, can run 2-7minute miles in a row, and can run about a 6:30 mile. (Slower than I would like to be)



    1. Live in Fairbanks, Alaska outdoors are impossibly cold it was -35F last week, but now is up to 0F and it is pretty great. So outdoor activities are mostly off limits.
    2. I am lactose intolerant but I can eat some dairy in moderation including cottage cheese and mozzarella, and I thank the wonders of science everyday for lactose free milk.
    3. I live in a dorm and only have a mini fridge to keep all of my food in, which makes it very hard to keep enough variety for the week.
    4. I share a kitchen with roughly 30 people, and they are disrespectful/filthy college students, as far as leaving the kitchen destroyed, and they screw with anything you leave in there for over an hour such as a slower cooker, or just a baking sheet full of chicken in the oven.
    5. Water quality is garbage have to buy cases of water bottles, seems pretty wasteful.
    6. Cooking for one person seems wasteful as it is hard to purchase small amounts of foods at prices that are not incredibly inflated
    7. Produce in general in Alaska is pretty bad.
    8. And the other problem is I cant eat most vegetables including:
      1. Tomatoes
      2. Bell peppers
      3. Romaine lettuce
      4. Spinach leaves
      5. Zucchinis
      6. Cucumbers
      7. Green Beans
      8. Olives
      9. Broccoli
      10. Cauliflower
      11. Squash
      12. Asparagus
    9. And I know I am forgetting some other things but this is a pretty good start.

    I know this is a lot of complaining but my questions are if anyone has solutions to any of these problems?




  • Hey Brice,

    A few, random, tips...

    1 - try getting to the gym early in the morning or late at night. If you're a student, early mornings are often a no-go, but if you're not late the previous night (you probably shouldn't be too often, if you're on this programme), and you can haul yourself out of bed, try getting down early. Likewise, I do a lot of my workouts late at night - between 8-10pm when my gym closes sometimes. It's much quieter, though motivating myself to go after a hard day's work is tough!

    2 - Milk is not really an important part of BfL, and most cheeses are absolutely out anyway. I occassionally have a bowl of no-sugar muesli, but beyond that, you can get by without milk altogether. If you can have Cottage Cheese though, that's great - not my preference, but it's great on this programme.

    3 - I find the bars / shakes to be invaluable (I'm too reliant on the bars really - need to cut these down!)). You don't need a fridge for these, and you can get a lot of 'meals' stored in a small space. Even easier if you get a tub, rather than the sachets of protein powder.

    4 - A dirty kitchen is just part of being a student - no help I can give you there!!!

    5 - I'm not a fan of vegeatables either, but I've found myself eating a lot more of them, and getting used to them since I've staretd training. I'd never touch broccoli before, now I have it most days. Same with most greens. What I would advise though - if you're not having much in the way of veg, make sure you take a good multi-vitamin each day.

    Hope that helps...

  • Hi Brice, and welcome. Asaldo has some good advice for you, and I have a couple of additional observations.

    There are many exercises that can be done with body weight alone, such as lunges around the track. Do a google search for "body weight exercise" and see what you can come up with. Here is one site where I have found some: www.myfit.ca/.../exercise.asp - also consider buying a set of resistance bands.

    There are plenty of lean protein sources other than dairy products. Many dairy products are considered carb or fat rather than protein anyway. Alternatively, there are also supplements such as LactAid or DairyCare that you could take.

    Is that list of veggies that you can't eat or that you won't eat? Veggies are like exercise - you may not like them, but they are an integral part of the program, so get used to them. Try preparing one new veggie each week in a new way. For example, my kids don't like zucchini either, so I shred it and put it in soups or sauces and they don't complain. Frozen veggies are an alternative to fresh produce.

    Finally, I see several references to "wasteful." You have to drink water anyway, just be sure that you always finish your bottled water and there won't be any waste. Can you boil water and keep it in a gallon jug? I don't see investing in quality nutrition as wasteful, I see neglecting your body as a waste of potential.

    Ask yourself if you are truly committed to a twelve-week BFL challenge. If the answer is yes, then do what you need to do.

    I am looking forward to reading about your successful challenge. Best wishes.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Thank you for the quick and detailed responses.

    The waste was is going through 42 plastic bottles a week, which I do recycle.  The water up here doesn't have bacteria in it, it just has a lot of chemicals which are not healthy to digest so unless I set up a reverse osmosis lab in my dorm room that is pretty much out.. And the vegetables and fruits I buy don't seem to make it a full week, so if I have homework and don't cook all my food and instead eat a sandwich they just go to waste, and produce is expensive up here. So I do have frozen peas, corn, and berries which I eat regularly.  But some of the fancier/better recipes call for onions, garlic, etc that seem to go to waste because I only use a quarter of them.

    And as far as won't/can't eat, it is pretty much if they go down they are coming back up...

    I do eat a lot of apples, green bananas, and pears, a long with a daily multivitamin.

    And I do make it to the gym 5 to 6 days a week plus I normally do some other activity on my day of rest, such as snowboarding.

    Thanks for the information yet again,

    Good luck to you both..

  • Oh and for nutrition bars I like zone perfect they taste great and are natural, and I use optimums gold standard whey protein because it is mainly whey protein isolate instead of concentrate so it doesn't affect my stomach at all..