Week one down.... Second week here i come

  • I have now completed my first week on body for life....

    The first few days i found i was really hungry as my breakfast, lunch and dinner altogether were the size of my old dinner... But by friday i was getting used to it and almost forgot to eat. Been drinking heaps of water and feeling great, still a struggle to get up early for the gym but i'm sure as i loose weight and get in to a routine it wont be a problem. Couldn't wait for my day off so i could pig out. Me and my partner even went junk food shopping and i brought a  pack of animal biscuits (my favourite thing) which i could normally eat in about 10min, i couldn't even manage to eat the whole box over the day, now i am a sugar addict and if you had told me all of the above and below  i would not have believed you. Cant wait till the end of this week to see ,my results and fell even better. BRING IT ON!!!!!


    Week one results

    Weight was 87.5kg - Now - 84kg

    Fat % was 31.2% - Now 29.8%

    Muscle % was 39.1 - Now 40.2%

  • Congratulations on your first week! Keep drinking lots of water, stick to the BFL plan and the 12 week results will be outstanding!!!

    I used to be a sugar junkie. After eating clean I now can't beleive the things I used to eat! I don't even want those things anymore and I am so glad. BFL works!!!

    Keep up the good work!

    Push hard and rock week 2!