Starting Feb. 1st, 2011

  • Just got home form my I think 9th AA meeting and then did the treadmill - Tracey's workout - made it only 10 minutes! I am exhausted. I  can't hardly move I am so tired. I am going to get up early and do the treadmill then go to the 10 am meeting and take a lady home that does not have a car. And then I am going to come home and watch the Super Bowl!! Go Steelers!

    Can't write tonight --- too tired.

  • Ok - up pretty early - 7:30am - just made me some tea to heat me up - it is so cold!! Put the space heater in the garage to warm it up a little and then off to my treadmill! Not sure if I can make the 10am meeting today, I am tired of going to the meetings! However, they say when you are tired of going, that's the time you need to go. I just don't know about that. Is my EGO getting in the way of going to a meeting?? Or am I really too tired to go? I am a real homebody - leaving the house every single day take a toll on me. I need to get it - but I am not wanting to go!! I made 3 meetings on Fri night - I would hope that would make up for it. But it doesn't. A question that I posed to the group on Sat night was "Why does this work?" and no one could answer that. It is working for me, but I am just wondering "Why"?? Is it like "Don't question God"? Does it work like that? Not sure........... but I am warm - so off to my treadmill!

  • Ok - did my treadmill and now eating oatmeal with banana, fig, peanut butter, and butter extract. Mmmm Good! Tracey's workout hasn't gotten any easier, I can still only make it for 10 minutes, but I will work into it slowly. It has taken me 13 years to put on this weight it won't come off overnight!

  • First, congrats on taking steps toward gaining a future, a life you love and can enjoy.  

    A couple of days ago when I first logged onto the forum, finally made the time for it, to be a part of it, I saw your post "featured". It struck a cord with me on a couple of levels, not loving life, drinking tendancies, and 13 years of weight that needs to come off.   On the drinking part, while I have certainly used and abused, I"ve so far been able to "snap" myself out of it, and never attended AA.  For the past year, I've really just steered pretty clear of alcohol, since I know once I start, I 'm not good about knowing when to stop.

    I wasn't going to say anything as AA is a wonderful program and has saved many.  But, since you mentioned posing a question that no one seemed to have an answer for, and I don't think there is one answer for it, but I would have hoped someone would have answered why the program worked for them; I'm going to say the unsaid, that it doesn't work for all.  Just as an option, possible alternative...  I have known a guy all my life that lost a promising hockey career and 13 years of his life to drugs and alcohol.  How he didn't end up dead or killing someone in the process I have no idea.  But, he finally saw the light and made the decision to change. He has completed his degree, is married with kids and has started Racing for Recovery.  He's traded his drug addictions for healthy addictions and has done Ironmans, marathons, and Ultramans.  He does speaking engagements, sponsors 5Ks, and a triatholon, and hosts support groups both locally and online.  He is now a licenced counselor as well.  He's been there, done that and knows what it's like to come back.

    Again, I'm not sayin ones better than the other, it's finding what works for you.  I believe in you and you are off to an awesome start.  I look forward to following your progress, and will be cheering you on all the way.

  • Thanks Barbn,

    That is really sweet of you! And yes, it might not work for some, but it is working for me at this time. It is really encouraging to hear those stories.

    I just did Tracey's cardio and made it for 20 minutes! Getting better - but still need to make it for 30. Hopefully on Thurs I can do it the whole way. She worked me out hard yesterday and tomorrow is upper body and abs.

    My son had to be taken to the Dr today - the school nurse called and thought he broke his nose! I did my natural healing studff - Reiki, FLower Essences, etc.. And he did not even bruise - but we still have the morning. It might bruise overnight - but we are praying it won't. He doesn't want to go to school, but he will if he isn't all bruised. Still waiting to hear from the x-ray reader - will keep you posted.

  • Nice work on the 20 minutes!!  Small steps add up over time, even though if you are like me you want change over night.  I know I have to constantly remind myself of the little things, AND the option is to go backwards which I DON'T want to do.

    Bummer on the nose.  Hope it's not broke and the bruising was minimal or even better non-existant.

    Keep the forward progress moving, one step at a time!!