• Hi Opti!  I'm back!  I'm so impressed with your results!  I'm dying to get to 139lbs.  I love your shirt story...lol!  You'll never believe this-my husband and I started yesterday!!!!!!!  He's not into the workout part yet, but it's a start.  He's writing his food down and drinking his water!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy!  I am sorry that I fell off the boards.  Life got really crazy and I started to feel bad about my results.  But I'm back on the bandwagon and really excited!  I would like to continue to be here with you if you want.  I hope to really keep my momentum up while hubby's doing it too!  Having this board has really helped me on my toughest days.   Would you be interested in continuing this board or starting a new one?


  • oh how did I miss this last post?  I was clearing out my email and saw an update!  I'm so excited.  Glad nothing happened to you why you dropped away.  (Sometimes I wonder when people disappear, if they got in an accident or something and there'd be no way to tell!)

    I'm so HAPPY your hubby's on board, at least conscious of what he's eating, as that's the main part.  mine is eating the healthy things I put in his lunch (I think.)  He still likes his treats at night, which I've slacked and joined in the late night treats too :(  Otherwise my eating during the day has been spot on!  And I've done more activity outside instead of 100% BFL workouts.  I started riding my bike to the gym when time allows.  HIIT biking over the winter really improved my stamina for biking now!   Hills are so much easier and I have it in a harder gear than I always have in the past.  And tomorrow I'm trading in a LBWO for a free Zumba class just to see what the hype is about, and for something fun in a group setting.

    The Coffee Crew is totally supportive and almost TOO busy sometimes.  But there's always good vibes going on there.  Everyone's on different weeks there.  i don't even remember what week I'm currently on 'cuz my cat peed on my countdown sheet and I immediately threw it out.

  • hey, moxie, you still out there?

    just wanted to update you.  remember bp8runner from the 11/8 thread all those months ago?  She's back and starting BFL again!  just made me so excited to see someone from the very beginning pop back on!!  

    I also miss Develope and Loubear from November!

  • Hi Opti!!!!  I'm here!  I somehow missed your last post!?!  I'm so glad you wrote.  How are you?  Are you doing a challenge still? Where are you at?  I'm getting ready for another challenge.  Here is my update.  About a week after I wrote to you, my husband went on a trip up North (Maine) and came home, unmotivated and not wanting to do this.  I have been off the bandwagon myself.  This week, as my husband was preparing for his trip to Sweden, he had to buy more pants.  His size was bigger than he thought.  He also bought a new sportsjacket that was way bigger than we thought.  I said, "Time to start BFL again?"  And he said yes, after this trip.  So, I'll still play dumb and be hopeful and try to motivate him.  I've begun running outside since about May.  I go maybe 2-3times a week.  I've sloughed off everywhere else.  I've gained about 5 lbs.  I really want to do it again.  I need to.  I feel like running has been difficult dealing with aches and pains, but now walking seems SO SLOW!  hahaha  I miss the discipline.   I miss reaching out to everyone and keeping up on everybody.  Do you keep in touch with anyone from our boards at all?  Jacium?  Miss you!  Let's keep in touch!


  • MKM,

    I've been around, infrequently, but around.  I never did take any pics, but frankly there wasn't much change because I was already "there".  I'm trying to get into something beyond BFL now, with Orrin's & Charlie's help, and I am enjoying running outside in the summer weather.  

    Keep after this with a cool, persistent attitude.  Don't blame yourself for anything;  if you miss a workout etc..  We like to be our own worst enemy sometimes, but think positive thoughts and you will achieve your goals.


    p.s. you can always enter someone's name in the search box, and see if they've posted anything recently.

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • i'm at Week 10 of C3.  i've changed things up a bit where my main focus is clean eating, even over getting all my workouts in.  In the past I've gotten my workouts done, but then didn't make time to eat right.  Also trying out free moments instead of Free Days--hmm, not working too well 'cuz I'm not disciplining myself enough, with all the summer festivals, we've had 2 graduations, 3 birthdays, and now Christmas in July camping starting tomorrow with family.  lots of celebrations happening lately. This is harder than during Thanksgiving and Christmas time for me!

    Sorry about your hubby changing his mind-again.  But that's how almost everyone is.  My hubby does still not have a game plan, but he did drop a size and lbs since he started his job last October.  And that was all due to more walking and drinking more water.  So that's cool that that slight change in his routine gave him positive results.  I think we're gonna make it as far as working on our relationship!  I'm still making the 2 of us completely different meals.  He says he's in a food rut and wants new food, but at the same time he's so picky and will only eat his few certain things-sheesh!  in the past when I used to make us the same meals of creamy cheesy fattening things, if he didn't like it then I would eat the leftovers.  But now I can't do that and it just kills me to throw out uneaten food if he doesn't like it.  So I'm wary to cook him new meals.  He said he'd take a look through my cookbooks and write down ones that look appetizing to him.  Then maybe I can turn those recipes into a 'cleaner' version without him knowing :)

    Wow, your husband gets to go to Sweden?  That sounds exciting!  I know it's hard to stay focused yourself even when he's not--but you can do it!!!  How are your kids doing?  My step-daughter graduated high school a month ago and turning 18 later this month!!  Oh and my husband barely has to go to the chiropractor anymore.  Our summer has been so filled with writing out checks for grad parties and such that I've had to ditch the Dave Ramsey stuff for now.  But will be back on board once child support is done and everyone's done partying, graduating, and having birthdays!  It's funny, we were SO disciplined with the Dave Ramsey when things were incredibly tight.  Then little by little, as more income rolled in, less dr. appts to go to, we slacked and spent more money!  Yuck, had to dig into deeper money sources, but planning by end of 2011 to have it all replenished.  

    I just love this forum-so much support, showed me DAve Ramsey, and I enjoy reading other people's journeys-and from all around the world!!

    I've joined the Coffee Crew thread where everyone's doing something different: some are doing classic BFL, some try Crossfit, some trying the Paleo Diet (interesting theory), and it's more of a 'for life' lifestyle in there.  It seems if I join a thread that's titled with a start date of when I joined, they always die off and i'm not having the same results as those newbies.  Like for instance, this happens at week 4, or that happens at Week 9.

    hehe, I know what you mean about walking feels so slow!!  Due to joint pain, I can't run several times a week, but it's the only HIIT I like to do outside.  So one day i power walked instead.  It was a challenge NOT to break out into a run!  So I tried to walk as fast as humanly possible I thought I looked like a cartoon character.  I stopped biking 'cuz it needs maintenance and I haven't taken the time to dust off the back-up bike.  Excuses yeh I know.  

    I chose the 'follow' option on my profile for you and bp8runner, but I don't know what that means.  I haven't gotten any notifications or anything different.

    I don't keep in touch or have seen anyone from the November thread or this one.  I see Jacium's name sometimes.

  • Hi Opti!  (and anyone else out there!)  I'm back on the wagon.  I haven't officially started anything but I'm doing it again.  I think I may officially start Labor Day.  I've been really needing to get back on a schedule.    I would love to have a buddy to keep my accountable!  What are you up to for the next 12 weeks?  


  • Hi!!!  I'm still on the Coffee Crew thread.  I finished my C3.  My results get smaller and smaller with each challenge, but I'm slacking and changing more things.  The coolest result from C3 was I lost 1/2 " on each thigh.  I think it was from all the biking I did this summer.

    I started a C4 on 8-8.  I originally wasn't going to 'cuz I might have 7-day workweeks coming up.  But then I realized if I didn't, I would just fall right back into old habits.

    One of my goals for this next challenge is to do a handstand!!  I never realized how many people could do them, even people in their 40s and 50s.

  • I...managed to get a case of shoulder impingement, left shoulder only. Good news is, it's slowed me down, but I still lift UB about once a week, and it is recovering, so I'll be ready to kick .....ss again soon. You gals hang in there. Do a perfect challenge, and then take some time off. For some reason, I have dropped another 4 lbs, and it probably has to do with the increase cardio and running the 5K. I'll be by from time to time....


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.