• Optigirl,

    You can't drop out, cause then I'd be the only one left!  Just kidding, I hope!  I'm stilling grinding it out, although yesterday I really took a for real free day - a dinner out for the holiday, with things I haven't eaten in 2 years.  I didn't feel at all bad since my weight was at it's lowest yesterday morning, every once in a while it's actually good to put in the fattening stuff (baked potato with sour cream and butter, plus prime rib!).  I ran yesterday, the 71st consectutive workout day, and yes, LBWO is on tap for tonight.  I finished the 36th cardio session sometime last week, but who cares?  I'll do elliptical twice this week, and then probably on Day 84 just for fun.  Since it is week 12, the best thing to do is eat clean and work extra hard on the weights and cardio, and rest next week.  It all accumulates over time, so don't stop now!!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • It will be the catalyst you needed, IW, because it's going to raise your confidence in yourself and your abilities, and value.  Great Job!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • ah good, I was hoping bumping up this thread would get you others talking :)

    I was talking to my coworker today that did BFL a long time ago, and she's going to start May 1!  I was so excited for her.  I also decided that since I've basically taken AR for the past month or so,  I won't need a recovery week.  for the rest of this week I will be working on my clean eating mentality since that will be my number one focus for C3, even above exercise.  When time is tight, prepping food and eating right will have to come first rather than getting a workout in.  And I want to start fresh on May 1 also so I'm right along with my coworker, rooting her on.

    Inspired woman, it's funny you were apologizing for going on and on.  I love to hear people going on and on about their enthusiasm with weight goals!!!  Your mentality seems to match your name!  And you're so close to your weight goal!!  Wow!!  I bet you were just gushing when you got those compliments!! :D

  • OMG!  It's been so long since I've been here.  I miss everyone.  I've been really busy with sick kids, April vacation and trying to keep up.  I just haven't been on the computer much.  I haven't been following the workouts as strict as I should but I'm trying.  Eating has been great except I took last weekend off.  I wasn't terrible but my husband makes an amazing cheesecake for Easter and I had it two days in a row.  I plan on going until school's out.  I've been getting back on track with working out in the mornings.  I've noticed a huge difference in my belt notches and can't wait to try on my summer clothes.  My hubby is still avoiding sweets and has lost a little bit of weight.  I think he likes how it feels.  I need him to get addicted to that feeling!  So it's been imperfect but I'm still going at it.

    I can't believe it's another 12 wks. almost over.  What are your plans everyone?  Hope you are all doing great!


  • I am so excited to see the results (and hopefully pics) of you guys that will post soon!!  It's almost done!!  

    i'm going to sign up for my very first 5k!!  AND not just any 5k, it is female-only, an obstacle course and Mud Run, called Dirty Girls Obstacle Course and Mud Run.  It's in 16 weeks.  It will be a big thing for me as far as motivation.  I've got 3 big events where I'll be seeing some people I haven't in awhile, coming up for my C3, so I really hope that helps me stick with it this time!!  :  in 6 weeks my step-daughter graduates high school, then in 11 weeks is camping with family, then 16 weeks is the 5k.  i've always loved playgrounds, and this will be like a big playground for me!!

    I've also already written up my goals for C3.  So far I'm on top of things!  Gosh for C2, I didn't even write out my goals 'til Week 4 I think?  Then I kept forgetting  to read them...

  • Hello All,

    I have to update my last newsflash.  I accidently miscalculated how much weight I had left to lose because I made my goal weight 130 instead of the 135 my Dr. recommended.  I wanted to give myself

    a little leeway that if I gained weight I wouldn't immediately weigh in at 140.  So as of today, I actually have 12 pounds to my goal weight.  I'm okay with that.

    On a good note, I did my 1 mile cardio route on Wednesday and I jogged the whole thing after my 2 minute warmup.  This is the same route that when I started walking it last year, I couldn't even jog to

    the intersection of my street.  I'm so excited!

    Keep at it Guys.  Results will follow.  I'm proof of that!

  • I also have not been on the wwweb much, so it is great to check in and see you all winding things up so well.  Thanks for reminding me, Optigirl, that one of my goals for this Spring is to get into a 5K run as well.  I ran an extra treadmill workout last Sunday, and warmed up for 3-4 minutes, then stopped the workout, and re-started the machine at higher speeds.  I covered a mile in 8:16, my all-time best!  

    This Challenge will soon be over, as today is Day 82, and I have remaining one last required weight training workout for tonight, a LBWO.  I am really glad it is almost over, for I have some really sore parts on my UB right now.   I suspect my left triceps is strained, and my right shoulder is stiff as well, hopefully not the start of shoulder impingement.  For active rest I'll do some lighter jogging, some running, get my bicycle going again now that the weather is warmer, and see what it feels like to swing a golf club again (if my stiff arms will let me!).  This deep soreness will go away in a week or two, at least it always has in the past.  My weight continues to stay steady, it's like it won't budge as long as I stay active.  IW, with only 12 or so lbs to go, just keep up the clean eating and cardio, and it will be there in about 6 - 8 weeks.  When I lost first 45 lbs two years ago, it was at a rate of 6 -7 lbs a month.  The key is to be persistent, like a bull dog, and be patient.  It must come down if you're burning more calories that you're consuming in your food intake.

    I'll post some photo shots later, maybe early next week.  I look forward to hearing all of your final results!!

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • :D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D  :):):):):):):):):):):)):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I took msmts and weighed in this morning, with the same conditions I always weigh in every 12 weeks..  With falling off the wagon,  I was expecting all the numbers to stay the same, maybe lose an inch in the waist....

    i lost a little bit in every area: waist, hip, thigh, chest, calf.  Lost 6 lbs (I'm under 140 now, haven't been in YEARS) and still lost 1.5% body fat.  no gains!!!!!!!  :)

    OH yeh!!!!  I am on cloud 9!!!  

  • Well I weigh myself this morning and at 12 st 7 lbs which works out to around a 1 stone that I have lost in the last 12 weeks. Not sure of my other measurements yet but I do feel pretty good about what I have achieved with this program. My mum said yesterday I look to have lost weight. All I can say this has encouirage me to carry on with a similar style excercise program. I'm still considering pursuing my next goal of doing a trianthlon in my local area in a few months time. Would have a number of things to do, firstly getting a bike to train on. Hope everyone is well and have achieved there goals that they have set or planning to set in future.

  • I took a quick pic today, but it looks the same as 12 weeks ago, all angles.  I knew it would, so I won't be posting it.  However, the bikini is getting kinda droopy.

    I've got a menu of items I want to cook up today, it will take me all afternoon.  But then I should be set for awhile.  My grocery store had tons of ground turkey on sale, both the 93/7 AND the 99/1!  Also 93/7 turkey burgers all ready to whip out the freezer when it's grilling time.  And lean center cut pork chops.  I've got lots of meat here!  I know jerky is unauthorized, but I'm making some of that too 'cuz we might go hiking again tomorrow and jerky is portable and protein.

    I will joining the thread bodyforlife.com/.../4061.aspx. Since I'm continuing right along with a new challenge.

  • Great Optigirl,  you really did well and should continue.  I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't even had time to take a quick photo.  I spent all day April 30th helping train adult leaders for scouting, and then worked the Art Fair Sunday at our Church.  I'm on active rest now for ~ 1 week.  My UB has been giving me twinges, and some pain in the joints from time to time, as I slowly recover.  I started up cardio again on Monday, and did Elliptical that day and Tuesday, treadmill last night.  I'm debating about how long to wait before I start lifting weights again, but I've made up enough whole body workout regimens for 4 workouts.

    Great Job All!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Thought I would check in, at least one more time on this thread.

    CyanideFury and I did great. I lost about 42 lbs, I'm not sure what her totals were but she's sleeping at the moment maybe she'll post them later.

    I was at 338 when we started, and I'm sitting at 306 right now. There's no way I'll win the challenge so I won't bother. However, I feel like I've already won. I really wen't about 10 full weeks, and then changed it up a bit with a new workout from bodybuilding.com. Every ounce of credit of what I have accomplished, or ever will accomplish is owed to BFL. I still eat pretty well within the BFL diet plan and I intend to for a very long time. My strength gains have been tremendous. Although I'm still fat at the moment I am stronger than I've ever been in my life. I'm even considering doing some strongman competition training.

    While I don't know if I'll neccesarily do another BFL challenge, the knowledge and experience I've gained from this program will carry over into every single aspect of my life from now on. This is truly a gem for beginners like me. Hopefully the picture loads, but I put together a crude before and after. The after was actually taken about 2 weeks ago. Good luck to everyone here and I definately plan to stop in from time to time.

  • And one more for you calf-haters :)


  • Matt--nice calves!!  I wish mine had lines on them!  That sounds like a great loss!!  I hope to hear Cyanide's results soon.  And Dazza, great job for you too!!!!   :)  alright, still need to hear from you others!

    I've cooked up so many things this week and missed one workout, but made it up later.  It was so worth it 'cuz my freezer is so full of handy things for me to grab and eat.  I've typed up my new goals focused around clean eating, and if I miss a day of reading them, I can't beleive how easy it is to miss meals or forget to drink water.  It screws me up for the rest of the day.  Oh, and that 60% I saved on switching car insurance?  Too good to be true :(  A few weeks later the motor vehicle report came thru and it went back up (even though I told them my accurate driving history when I got the quote).  But in the end I still saved 15% instead of 60.  better than nothing.

    I'm so scared of getting injured b4 my 5k that I'm afraid of pushing for a '10'.  This week I've only hit 9's, but muscles are still sore the next day.  For Mother's Day I'm cooking up a nice healthy meal at my mom's house.  She recently joined Weight wAtchers.  I'm hoping it tastes much better than restaurant food.

  • Hi!  i miss hearing from some of you guys that I've gotten to know since my first challenge!  Just updating:  I went shopping for an outfit for the graduation party coming up and was surprised at the popular styles for blouses now, all baggy and poofy-looking.  I started to try on clothes that I thought were my size, and was just swimming in them!  I had to go back and grab capris that were TWO sizes smaller and size S for shirts!  I haven't worn this size since junior high!!  But back then my skin was tighter whereas now, it's a little looser and more rolls.  I was standing there looking in the mirror at this baggy in-style blouse and thought "if I'm gonna wear this, I might as well just stayed fat!"  so I went and found a nice sleevless tasteful blouse that's not skin tight, but shows off my figure  a little and my arms.  Now just have to find a nice long sleek narrow skirt to go with it. :)

    The thread I was posting on has died down already (seems that happens to most new challenge threads) so I think I'm hopping onto the BFL Coffee group to stay accountable and that thread never dies.  I find I need to stay connected to like-minded people to stay on course.