• Happy Anniversary Jacium!  

    Dev-I'm glad you're still here.  Let's finish strong.

    Opti-AWESOME about your hubby!!!!  

    EdwardR-Sorry to hear about your back, but thank you for checking in!!!!  So glad you are still with it.  3 belt notches and 15 lbs. are such great results!  Keep on going!  Hope your back feels better soon.  Are you seeing a Physical Therapist?  Don't push it but congrats on the eating well.  

    I'm doing well.  Can't believe how far we've come!!!  I plan on finishing strong.


  • Hi All,

     Just checking in to let you know that I am still on board. Have been way to busy to visit and check in.  Have been doing well with the program.  People are noticing and my motivation has not wavered.  I am slightly discouraged because I am leaving for Italy tomorrow for two weeks ( 1 week is a work conference, 2nd week a vacation).  Sounds a little crazy to say I feel this way, but I am so committed to the program that the trip seems to be a nuisance. Terribly nervous about being able to maintain my usual protein intake.  I will do my best to figure it out.  Will check in again when I get back.  Its going to be extremely hard to pass on the home made pasta....have a feeling I'm not going to be able to order whole wheat.  Will also do my best to maintain my exercise routine.  Will let you know how it goes!!!  Arrivederci my friends!

  • Good to hear everyone is still going despite the setback. I'm still going as well even the last week my knees and back and been hurting a bit. Hopefully that won't stop me getting to the end of this program and with only 3 weeks left it would seem stupid to finish now.

  • hey all!

    great to see a few of you suddenly checking in all at once :)  I was going to reward myself at the end of this challenge by getting a haircut.  (I like rewards that I need to get at some point anyway, I just time them out so they are at the end of 12 weeks.)  But there's a place here today that is having a charity event all day where all the proceeds go to wigs for children and if you have at least 6" to donate, your haircut is free!  So I'm hoping I have at least 6".  I'm excited to chop off a lot of hair to go along with the new me.  then right after I will go work out and then buy groceries.  Do my public errands while the hairstyle is still fresh from the salon :D

  • So, Opti, did you cut your hair off?  How are you? How are things?  

    Dazza, good to see your name here!  Sounds like you're still plugging away!

    busynurse (still typed babynurse?!?)  I hope you have an amazing trip!!!!  I know it's tough because of the last few weeks (we're hurtin' aren't we?), but I hope you finish strong and do your best to enjoy yourself!  That sounds like a trip of a lifetime, BFL will be here when you return!  CHeck in with us when you get back!

    Hope everyone is doing okay!  We are in the homestretch!  Hang in there.  Don't forget to show support here.  WE NEED EVERY LITTLE BIT!!!!  Make yourself known!!! Are you still here?

    Doing cardio in about 5 minutes!  Gonna go hit my 10!!!


  • Hi all!

    I'm still here going at it as hard as I possibily can.  I cant believe that we are 3/4 of the way through.  I have been taking measurements and pictures quarterly and weighing myself daily.  I gave in yesterday and looked at the pictures over the past two months and I'm so happy and now even more motivated to kick a$$ in the last stretch.  

    I really enjoy reading all the posts and credit you all for helping me through my illness last week.  I got bit by the flu bug and needed to take last week monday off but still managed to do all my workouts and all my cardio despite feeling horrible.

    I also enjoyed the Poll questions asked a couple of weeks ago. here are my answers

    1)  Which is your favorite day-UBWO, LBWO, Cardio? { Definitely UBWO}

    2)Which exercise makes you hit a 10 easily? {Leg Extensions}

    3)  Favorite snack? {Post work out Protein Shake}

    4)  Favorite Meal? {Veggie Stir-Fry w/ egg whites and lean steak}

    5)  What's the heaviest dumbell weight you are using? {100lbs - Shoulder Shrugs}

    6)Do you plan on doing another challenge? {Yes but in 6 months}

  • Wow, even more people yet that we haven't seen ina while!  I thought some of you had quit or fallen off.

    I've been eating a little more cheat-like this week... Had my free day last Saturday, but then had the chance to try out a new restaurant last night and just couldn't bring myself to order from the healthy menu since we're not eating out as much as we used to.  And today I kept wanting carbs...  I remember this time last challenge I got really hungry too.  I gotta remember more water and protein thru the day.

    Had great workouts these last several days.  Yes, I was able to donate 8 inches of hair.  It was a great salon too, included shampoo and style and free soda (which I declined).  It was a hot day here, so getting a haircut felt great!!  And then my step-daughter surprised us by stopping by for a visit while she and her boyfriend celebrated their anniversary here in town!  It was a great day.

    I don't like to wear baggy clothes at the gym anymore!  I feel much more confident in more shape-fitting clothes.  As this warmer weather approaches, I am SO GLAD I've been working hard these past several months 'cuz now is when it's starting to show!  tank tops, new 'do's, capris.

    thank you moxie for asking, things are going well, we're working thru our problems and budget still isn't perfect, still trying to balance it with life's special moments.  Like we have a friend who's in a play this weekend, technically don't have money set aside for gas and tickets, but we think attending his play is much more important than missing it to save $$.  couple other events soon too we'll have to attend without being able to save up beforehand. Hubby's eating choices are--iffy.  But he admits he's not doing too well in that area.  He's using my words I got from the Dave Ramsey book "baby steps."  he says "I can't change everything at once, baby steps!"  :)

  • Hello Everyone:

    Last week was my best week on the challenge as far as my workouts go. However, I did cheat

    a couple of times foodwise.  At my weigh-in at the end of last week, I had lost 14 pounds leaving

    me with 15 to go to reach my goal. I have been having a lot more cravings lately and I've been

    hungry more often.  

    One big positive note, I've had fewer sinus problems since I started this challenge.  I think the

    combination of eating better and exercising has decreased my sinus problems.  I'm so thankful

    for that.  I hope everyone else is doing well too.  Keep going & let's finish strong!

  • Hey Gang,

    I had another one of those humbling experiences this week (Tues), as I had to dig a garden plot to get some vegetables planted this week. Of course, the motions are completely different for digging and tossing with a shovel than lifting weights, so much of my UB got sore.  Of course yesterday (Wed.) was UBWO day, and I changed up my routine get a variety of lifts, and I'm even sorer today!

    It's very important we all eat clean through the end of the challenge. If you haven't been, consider skipping or at least controlling your free day.  Day 84 is only 17 days away!

    Opti - it is really good to see you supporting the charities.  I have no hair to spare, but I give time when possible.

    Keep posting, and also start thinking about what you will do after Day 84.  You will all deserve a week off, maybe two, and then you can get going again.  Looking back at my workout calendar, there is only one day since we started that I did not work out, and that was Feb. 11th. I am now going over 60 days consecutive workouts.  Of course this breaks the rules, but  not quite the same way as eating a burger, fries, and milkshake would!



    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Only 2 more weeks to go. Sometimes I don't know how I managed to keep doing this what with early starts, aching knees, legs, back & neck and trying to fit workouts in my life but done well to get this far. Following on from what Jacium said about what to do after day 84 I've been considering carry on the training program similar to this to help train to take part in a triathlon in a few months time. Was wondering is anyone got anything similar planned or anything else when they complete the body for life challenge.

  • Hello Everyone:

    I made a great discovery.  I had a black dress that I could wear years ago, but over the past few years, I couldn't get it past my hips.  I put the dress on Friday and had room to spare in it. I was so happy.  I also wore a pair of fashion boots that were calf high.  I never could zip them all the way to the top.  I did for the first time on Friday.  I am so excited!  I am happy to see this progress.  But I still have an additional 15 pounds I want to lose.  

    At the end of this challenge, I plan to continue another 4 weeks until the end of May.  Hopefully, by that time, I will have reached my weight goal.  After that, I plan to continue working out, but I may alter how I eat somewhat to add a bit more variety.  For example, my snack is usually cottage cheese & fruit or a myoplex lite bar. I also plan to start juicing for a meal.  Whatever I do, I plan to maintain my weight loss.  I will definitely do what it takes to maintain this change.  It feels too good to be healthy and strong.  Let's all finish strong.  Stick with it everyone.  It is worth the fight.

  • Dazza04 & Inspired Woman,

    I think you both have excellent plans!  But, I would urge you to take a week's down time from the excercise before you continue on.  

    Last night's UBWO about did me in.  I can feel a pretty deep soreness and exhaustion in my left shoulder now.  By my count, there are only two UB and 3 LB workouts left.  I plan to take a two week break from weights, and just run and hopefully bicycle if the weather is better by then.  I'm also going to start swinging the golf clubs again!  After that break, I'll get back to what I was doing last Dec. and Jan.: Whole Body Workouts.  I was able to do 3 sets  x 12 reps for all the major muscle groups in about an hour, near the max.weight loadings I'm currently doing.  Hopefully we'll still be hearing from Optigirl and Develope soon, as well as Moxiekidsmom???

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Hi all-

    Sorry haven't been here, I've been reading your posts, they help me through hard times.  It seems once I say I'm focused, it's only been lasting a couple days, then it's gone again.  The past week I missed a lot of workouts and didn't eat so well :(  Hubby has had ups and downs and when he's down--well my BFL goes right out the window.  then when he's feeling up again, I get so way behind on everything that needs to get done ('cuz nothing got done while he was in a bad funk).  

    I've been thinking a lot about my goals for the next challenge and if I should try something different.  Now that's it's warmer (actually here in WI it's been snowing again) but when the warm weather gets PERMANENT around here, there are so many steady state cardios I like to do outside, and HIIT has never been compatible with.  So I might do a mixture of those activities in place of BFL workouts, just not sure exactly yet what to replace, 'cuz I still want to lift weights too.  Also, the eating.  My main focus I want to be eating more clean for next time.  Might even try folllowing the meal plans that are laid out in the back of the Clean Eating magazines.  

    One great thing happened though last week and this is gonna sound like a commercial.  Moxie, I took your advice on checking into my insurances, something I knew I should have done a long time ago, but I felt guilty to drop my agent I've had for over 10 years.  So I spent all afternoon comparing auto and renters insurance.  I saved 60% by switching to Geico!!!!  SIXTY!  6-0!  I then called my current agent and she didn't even try to persuade me to stay with her.

    inspired woman--you inspire me!  That black dress has got to rock!!  Oh, and the cravings you had around week 10, I had those too, like always hungry!

    dazza--congrats on your decision to join a triathlon.  I don't know how to train for one.  I think it's slightly different from BFL?  But BFL definitely gets you in the mindset for it.  I'm thinking you may need to do longer steady state cardio?

  • Ack!  no one has posted in 5 days?!  I did NO weight lifting last week, only the the 3 HIITS and then a 2 hour hike on Saturday.  I've fallen off.  Was even thinking of just having this be my AR week 'cuz I'm really ready to change up my game plan.  But I forced myself to do LBWO yesterday at home and today I am sore!  In a good way!    Today it's so nice out but I should do my UPWO, torn if I should walk outside or be in a stuffy indoor gym.  But the gym might have its doors open to let in fresh air...  

    It's Week 12!  I will be posting my ending results to see if there's been a change for me.

    Dev?  How did your visit with your relatives go?  Did they see a different you?

    everyone else??

  • Hi Everyone:

    I'm so excited I can barely stand it.  I had relatives visiting this last week & had a couple of get togethers this past weekend and ended up having 2 free days.  Despite that, I am so excited that I'm actually 9 pounds from my weight loss goal.  I'm so happy!!! I haven't weighed this amount in years.  People who hadn't seen me since Christmas noticed that I lost weight.  I even wear the same size as my 17 year old neice & she recently lost 50 pounds.  I'm hoping others in our family who need to lose weight will be inspired to make changes and drop the pounds.  

    I plan to continue with the eating/workouts for thenext 4 weeks.  Once I reach my goal weight, I will slightly modify how I eat (a drumstick once in a while rather than a chicken breast). I plan to continue my workouts- for life.  It feels too good being fit to stop. My lower back doesn't hurt anymore and I feel strong.  Sorry to go on & on.  

    Now I'm looking for the next change I can make in my life.  I had hoped this would be a catalyst to other changes for me and I believe it is.  Keep pressing forward everyone.  Even if you've fallen off at the end, don't give up.  Just start again and keep going.  It's not how you start or run the race- it's how you finiish.

    Opti Girl- Keep going you can get back into it.  

    Here's to Week 12 and FINISHING STRONG!!!