• OMG!!!! I keep posting but it wither times out or I accidentally hit enter and it did a search!! CRAP!!! I'll try for time #3!' Grrrrr.....

    So... I had strep and then I got an ear infection/inflamation in my jaw that makes my ear and throat feel like someone is jabbing it with an ice pick periodically... So, that's fun! And I went and saw my ear, nose and throat dr this morning because I am seriously tired of getting strep since I had my tonsils out this past summer... She said I may be the first adult case of being a carrier for strep! Yay, again! should I be flattered?

    But this has affected my work outs! I didnt have the energy for any cardio since the end of last week. Monday I had a moderate UBWO... FINALLY, last night I had a great LBWO and this morning I ran for my cardio!! Love it!!!


    1. Well, I prefer LBWO over UBWO because I can feel the burn... Now, having said that.... When I do running (not treadmill) I feel like I am Wonder Woman!!! I feel like I have just accomplished great things and nothing can bring me down... I know I sound like a dork, but it is so awesome!!!

    2. squats or lunges

    3. either protein pudding (lemon is my new fave) or cottage cheese with blueberries

    4. hmmm... fried rice I guess??? I love all of the food I make.

    5. I can do 145 on sled for quads... I don't use a lot of dumbells... I use either machines or bars

    6. Oh yes!!! One challenge isn't enough to fix the hail storm that has hit my thighs!!!

  • YAY!!! It posted!!!

  • I had a great cardio workout today. I was happy that I was able to run the whole thing without lowering

    the level to catch my breath.  I also noticed that I had a lot less jiggling (excess body fat) than I used

    to.  A friend I hadn't seen in a while noticed that I've lost weight.  Now, if only I can resist the vending

    machine at work, I'll be doing great.  It has called my name every day since Tuesday &

    unfortunately, I answered.  But I did not give in and purchase the school's fundraiser of

    cookie dough.  This is huge because I love chocolate chip cookies.  In previous years, I've always

    bought at least one tub of cookie dough.  Here's to all the progress I'm making.  I'm not

    perfect, but at least I'm a lot better than what I used to be.  On to week 9.  Let's finish strong!

  • inspired woman--great job!  you will kick that vending machine habit.  When I look at them I just think of all the processed and possilby (old) food that is in there.

    moxie--Glad I could inspire you to read DR again!  So I was writing out my next month's budget feeling pretty good about saving $ in this envelope and that--then at some point in dawned on me, today is the first of the month and rent is due!  Our biggest expense and I had completely forgotten to include it in the budget.  I had to refigure everything!!  I was crushed and mad at my stupidity for forgetting to include it.  

    I moved around so many boxes yesterday and had to go up a flight of stairs with them.  I never got tired out, it was like my legs were a powerhouse and they just kept pumping :)  And today I'm not even that sore.  I will hit my cardio around noon and do abs, 'cuz I didn't have time yesterday.

  • I missed you guys this week, as I fell off the face of the Earth into a thing called overload at work.  I'm reading through all the posts since Mar. 24th to try to catch up.  I haven't missed any workouts, but only ate 85% clean this week.  That's because my birthday was last Tuesday, the 29th.  The only difference I've found is that I have to enter a bigger number into the age settings on the elliptical machine!  Even with imperfect eating my weight this afternoon was near my two - year low point!   My busy schedule made me revise the order of some of my workouts - but I'm actually ahead of schedule, assuming I do my cardio tonight and a LBWO tomorrow.  It is really fortunate I had to change it, as my UB needed some time off, and was back to 100% yesterday when I cranked back up.


    Is this challenge really approaching week 9 already? 

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Things are not going well here.  My husband slipped into depression.  For a few days he barely ate anything or said a word but still managed to go work.  and I was so worried and upset I barely ate either and no exercise at all.  It's all related to our recent financial realizations.  Also 'cuz BFL has empowered me to take control of my life and wanting a more meaningful existence for myself.  We were even throwing the "D" word around and discussing how we would divide up our possessions.  But just when I thought we were over, we decided to work on it (without counseling, he refuses) and check in once a week to keep each other in check so we don't fall back into old habits.

    So now on top of doing BFL and working on new budget willpower, i also have  a marriage to work on!  Sad thing is right now I really don't know if my doubts I'm having will allow me to make it work.  

    How do you get someone to gain respect and confidence back in themselves?  He has none.  But he also knows he can't demand respect from others if he doesn't respect himself.  If I push BFL or positive mindset stuff too much, he says I'm being too pushy.  I guess just continue to be a good role model, right?  I can't change others, but if I can change myself, then others can see they can change themselves too?  I'm changing in more ways than I thought I would.

  • Opti, I am so sorry you are going through this.  I know all too well how it feels to be improving (or trying to improve) and have a husband who is resistant.  Be it DR or BFL.  I can't imagine what it must feel like, though, to have a husband who's depressed too.  I'm sure you feel distant.  As a friend (can I call myself that?), and from an outsider's point of view, marriage comes first.  Getting fit and financially fit don't mean a thing if you don't have love and acceptance from your spouse.  For better or worse.  I couldn't think of a time when you need each other more.  

    All of this can wait.  I'm not saying give it all up.  You have the tools.  I am not convinced that BFL or DR are the only 2 ways to do it.   You can resolve to work out and eat right and try to save money.  You can try to still follow BFL.  You and your husband need to get on the same page and work together as a team.  Check in with each other once a day, or once an hour if you have to.  When a man feels loved and happy at home, the possibilities are endless.  You may be thinking "Why me?  Why should I be the one to go to him?"  My answer is two-fold.  1)He's depressed and probably can't see past his own nose.  2)If you wait for him, your feelings of resentment and hurt will just grow.  Don't give them a chance to.  You both deserve happiness.  You deserve to do BFL without stress.  Money always equals stress, but if you are both on the same page (after 12 years+ me and my hubby finally are-and we don't follow DR exactly-it's just a goal for me-he still hasn't read the book) you are unstoppable.  Perhaps, therapy would be good for you (even without him).  Hang in there Opti, I am thinking about you.  I'm feeling a little guilty for telling you about DR.  You are always free to email me personally.  I support you no matter what.  Thinking of you.


  • moxie--Don't feel bad about telling me about DR!  Our financial wakeup call came when hubby hurt his back  and then realized what bad shape we were in, and bad spending habits that were in place for decades.  I don't see us following DR to the letter either.  But I love the Monthly cAsh-flow Budget form he worked up.  I actually changed mine to a Weekly one and drew up my own form so I have a projected checkbook balance that i compare to an Actual balance at end of week.

    Since he doesn't want outside counseling, he came up with 3 questions for each of us to answer (similar to the goal-setting questions that Bill Phillips has with BFL like "What old habits need to change?  What new patterns of action need to start" etc ) and we're going to compare our lists tonight.  He said his was already 3 pages long!!  Can you imagine typing up the BFL questions and answers and having 3 pages?  So I'm glad he is willing to start working on things rather than waste away.  The doubts I had I think are drifting away.  Divorce almost seems like the easy way out.  I'm trying to imagine how rewarding it would be to work thru our challenges and succeed!!! And be one of the those old couples you see holding hands on a park bench :)

    Thank you so much for your support-yes, I consider you a 'friend'!  I will still work on BFL, but if a workout conflicts with our time together, or if slips again mentally, I will have to prioritize and just skip it.

    so far this week I haven't missed any workouts and am about to do my UBWO

    Week 9 everyone!!!  :)

  • I'm so happy to hear Opti.  I like the question idea.  Changing is so hard to do as one person, doing it as a couple takes real committment and effort.  I'm glad he's willing to try.  That just might be the hardest part!  You'll be that old couple on the bench.  You'll look back at this someday and remember that it was one of those moments that brought you closer.  It's tough times that require us to refocus and choose each other all over again.  You'll get through this.  Congrats on keeping up with BFL and a budget!  

    I am on my UBWO today too.  I've got a fun day planned.  Coffee with some friends, a workout, a haircut and then work later.  I know, that's a lame idea of fun.  I'm a mom of 3, with 2 jobs-Enough said.

    WEEK 9!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hooray!!!


  • moxie--sounds like a fun day.  i love getting my haircut!!!  Just sitting in that chair having someone comb your hair and all that.  It's like a getting a massage for your head.

    K, me and hubby went thru our lists of what things we want to change.  Pretty overwhelming.  This first one he mentioned is that he wants to get in better shape and eat better.  I'm all for that, but I'm a little worried that he has no game plan at all how to do that.  In the past, so many times he just thought he had to eat more veggies and trail mix, less sugar, and the pounds would come off... but that never worked and he would quit.  I need to have patience, patience, patience!  I will help him any way I can, but wish he could understand that he's going to need a little more detailed plan of action to reach his fitness goals.  If I mention he read a few key chapters from the BFL book one more time, he says I'm too pushy.  So, I will continue to bea  good role model around him and try to sneak better food in his lunch.  it's hard 'cuz he's asking for my help, but at the same time doesn't want to hear the truth of how he should be eating and being active.  he's making a lot of excuses about why he doens't have time to exercise or eat better.  Yet I work the same shifts and hours he does, and I make time.  

    Doing my LBWO today.  Agh, I don't like LBWO day!  itt burns.  But I must do it!

    Kurtzy, DEv?  others?  Have you guys drifted away? :(

  • hey guys

    im still here...  still doing all my weight training.  cardio has gone out the window.  eating clean.  doing bodyfat measurements tomorrow.  saturday is my 30th birthday.  no abs...  :-(  o well!  i can do it!  finish this one and hten on to challenge number 3.  mom coming to korea at the end of april.  April 24th to be exact.  cant wait for her to see me.  hopefully its a big difference!

  • I was so happy to see you guys are all still going at it on this Challenge.  Perfection is something we strive for, but if we don't quite attain it, there will still be progress.  Today is a very special day for me.  It is exactly 2 years ago today that I started my first Body for Life challenge, and I can't say I regret a single moment of it.  We all need to stay positive through the last 4 weeks here, and do our best to eat clean, and do all the training sessions with intensity.  If you do, the results will be better than you ever expected.  On my first two challenges, there was a distinct improvement in the last three weeks.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Dev--glad to see you back!  Why no cardio?  I know it sucks, but remember it's only 20 minutes, our shortest workout!  My cardio will have to wait until after work at 9 pm tonight, but I'm looking forward for it to blow off some extra stress after working.  

    jacium--happy anniversary!  Do you ever think of where you would be now if you never did any of the Challenges?  Just another 2 years of still eating bologna and cheese sandwiches?

    I switched up my exercises again for these last 4 weeks.  I went back to the sitting Leg Curl machine that I haven't done since December.  I thought after not using it for 3 months I would be able to lift heavier than when I used it last--wrong!!  It was still a challenge to lift what I did in December.  I could not have been working that area well enough these last 3 months.  I know that whole 'dreadlift' period I wasn't working them enough, but I was using the laying leg curl sometimes and lots of mat, ball, and lunges, and leg press, where those FELT like i was fatiguing my derrier.  Maybe when I do cardio, to choose a workout that focuses on hams and butt?

    Other than that, I had the whole LBWO done in 40 minutes, lately those have been taking me an hour.

  • oh yeh, my hubby asked me to hide the sugary snacks in the house.  So I did gladly!  But when I was throwing out the frozen treats in the freezer...  instead  I ate them all!!!  :(  bad bad bad.  onward and upward from here!

    I also found a copy of "STrength for Life" for $1.50!  But I haven't looked thru it yet.

  • Hey all, I just wanted to drop in to say hello and how glad I am for you all who are still kicking donkey butt!  To date I have dropped 15 pounds and three belt notches.  However my exercises have been pretty much nil since week seven due to lower back problems.  It really sucks because I can feel my muscles all over being much more firm than they have in a long time.  I especially like the feel in my abs when I cough or sneeze!  Unfortunately I feel it in my lower back as well and it's not as motivating.  I also found I'm much more tempted to eat junk when I'm not exercising.  It's so much easier to eat right before and after a good workout.  Anyhow I've been trying to keep up on what you folks have been writing and it is still helping me to stay focused.  I'm hoping to get back to at least some light lifting by early next week, and the cardio is going to be all bicycle work until the lower back is better.  Stay positive you all!