• moxie--hope you get those results in soon!  And then can start taking meds as soon as possible!  Many of you are probably going to chastise me for saying this:  But I found just taking a break from the BFL exercises for just 2-3 days, I feel I've come back stronger than anticipated.  Not in every single aspect and muscle and endurance, but mostly anyway.  I don't know what the recovery period for mono is though!

    inspired wo--that is a super accomplishment!!!  love handles gone?

    Did a cardio today and feeling better.  Building up endurance again.  There were some people next to me that go all the time but don't look like they ever work very hard.  I was sweating on my bike, and they were talking talking talking, complaining that it's so COLD in here.  I just wanted to say, "Then pedal faster for Chris sakes!"  Yes, it's cold in there, but because it's always full of hot sweaty people, it needs to be cold.  I always warm up after 5-10 minutes of being there.

  • Hey guys

    Im still here plodding along.  I didnt exercise for 3 days last week because of being ill.  Kept my eating clean though and was back in the gym on Monday.  Im not looking at the scale anymore.  It depresses me.  Ive gained weight.  And thats not good.  But ive taken new photos and i look better than before so i know its working.  Just need to get my mind away from the scale.

  • Dev- congrats on your pics! I think I am going to take some after week 8 and I am nervous & excited all at once! I have a question for you.... Sorry if it's personal... Why'd you choose to work over there? I think it's very interesting!

    Inspired- Wow! awesome!!! I'd love to lose my love handles... maybe by the end of the challenge...  I hope so because my birthday is soon after the end and I would love for that to me my gift to myself! HA!

    Opti- that reminds me of my internal thoughts last I had yesterday at the gym. So there was this girl at the gym who is very heavy set. She has been this size for years because I've seen her there... She doesnt seem to be getting smaller... Anyway... So she arrives RIGHT AT 5am, I guess so she can get her elliptical she wants... Well, she piddles around, walks here and there in the gym, tries to chat with people she knows (who are working out)... Well yesterday I noticed that it was 5:30 before she even started getting on her machine!!! It had been saved by her phone and water for 30 minutes while she was  messing around! Another day, I had seen her standing next to a girl working out on an elliptical for 20 minutes... just standing there!!! NO FREAKING WONDER there hasn't been any improvement!

    I guess I just go to the gym to DO WORK! Because I have other places to have my "recreational" time! HA! Okay... I'll stop now!

    Normally I look forward to cardio but I am not looking forward to tomorrow's. My throat is starting to hurt and I get strep just from people mentioning the words!!! The reason this irritates me so much is because I had my tonsils out last summer and was out of comission for a whole month!!! I've taken extra vitamin C today and trying to rest this evening... I refuse to skip a workout so I will be there at 5am tomorrow, like it or not!

  • Hey

    Im actually South African.  Lived in London for a couple of years and went back to SA.  HATE IT THERE!!!  Korea was the fastest way out...  Teaching English here...  

    Good luck on cardio tomorrow.  Im just in from upperbody workout.  Feel tired.  Ive lost the fire in this challenge.  :-(  Will complete it to the best of my ability but thinking im doing something wrong.  Just cant pinpoint where.  Maybe its just a mental thing...

  • dEv--I think it is 'DEV'initely a mental thing.  You were sick last week, so kinda puts a puttter on our progress, and this whole BFL 12 weeks thing, which is like 21 weeks now or something is feeling long and like we're doing the same things for so long we just want those abs already!  BUT we know it works and we'll get over this hump!  No one ever had a completely exciting 2nd or 3rd or 4th challenge.It has its ups and downs.

    cyanide-- i"m so glad I don't really know anybody at my club, as I would be SO annoyed if they came up to me trying to spark conversation.  hope you don't have the "S" word (can't spell it or you will get it).

    moxie--hope your hubby's party went well and you are on the way to recovery!

    i'm forcing myself to do cardio today, just have to get my butt off this computer. Then after work I need to buy groceries as I barely have any healthy stuf left.  Both my hubby and I had off together yesterday and it was hard to eat 100% clean with the food running out and being around his unhealthy ways.

  • Cy,- I can so relate to your gym story.  I swim a lot and there is a gal who is close to 300lbs and has been that big since i first saw her 2 years ago... She puts in the laps when she is in the pool (not hitting those 10 thou) but she must  go home afterwards and hit the trough pretty hard ... sad really....

    On another note.... i have hurt by back and could only do swimming... I hope I have not lost too much muscle.. Hope to be back at it next week.  

    Hit those 10's and dont forget to laugh!  

    Life is an Adventure-Race it!

  • Hi All!  I'm back!  I got my results on Thurs. that it was NOT mono, my bloodwork came back good.  So she put me on antibiotics and I've been feeling better.  I swear it was a double ear infection.  I was born a preemie and had ear problems growing up.  There's so much scar tissue from having tubes put in 6 times that they really don't know what they're looking at.  

    Anyways, hubby's party went great.  I haven't exercised since Thurs.  I took him away for the weekend and took Fri., Sat. and Sun off from working out.  And I took Sat. and Sun. off from eating too.  It wasn't that I ate that bad, just that I wasn't on schedule and trying so hard.  My worst thing I ate was lobster stew.  It was so delicious!  I can honestly say I don't feel guilty.  We had a most need, romantic and fun weekend ever.  It was perfect.  But I can honestly say I'm SO GLAD to be back at it and feeling HEALTHY!!!!  

    Here's to...say it with me...WEEK 8!!!!!  C'mon miracles, perform your magic!  OK, I'm not going to hold my breath, I've heard some of you say week 10!  But seriously 4 more weeks left?  I'm starting to consider my next one.  Maybe hubby will join me!

    I got a new bathingsuit I absolutely LOVE!  It's one piece and it has a little dress to it.  It has a super slimmer in it.  A *** to put on -but me, LOVE a bathingsuit???  That's how good it works.  Now, if only my summer clothes will start to fit me again!  

    I missed you guys.  I'm such a sap.  But I did.  Hope you are all healthy and  strong.  


  • Glad to see you had a revigorating weekend Moxie!  And now the start of a new week!

    I had a free weekend instead of a free day...  Just too much going on and I had other tasks that needed to be done.  I still got my LBWO in, but I'm starting to cheat on some of the moves, getting too comfortable.  In another week I will switch it up again.

    I will not be having a 8-week miracle, I've been back and forth for weeks with good focus, bad focus.  My knee is kinda starting to hurt too, just a tiny bit.

    On the upside, for you Dave Ramsey fans, I started to do the Allocated Budget where I'm tracking week by week, where every dollar of our income is going!  I will have to do this for a couple months b4 I can dive more into the baby step I should be on.

  • strep :(

  • Well its week 8 and still carrying on with the program. Been hard the last few days as looks like I got a bad cold and runny nose but still did my excercises yesterday and today. I am determined to go all the way with this no matter what. Got myself weight mesurements today and lost at 3 lbs since the last weigh in on week 4 so at least something is going right.

  • The past 4 days have been very hard.  I haven't eaten clean.  I am determined to get back on

    track today.  However, I'm not looking forward to my weigh in at the end of the week.  I'll do

    my best to finish the week strong and I'll just let the scale settle where ever it does. :-(

    Anyone have any tips on doing cardio at home when you have no cardio equipment (no bike, treadmill,

    etc.)?  I can only do cardio at the gym once a week.  I found it hard to pace myself to get a good

    workout without giving out 1/2 through because I went too fast at the beginning to be able to

    sustain for 20 minutes.  Plus when I run outside, my route has hills in it, whereas when I use a treadmill, I don't use an incline so that I can get a faster speed.  Any suggestions would be greatly


    Thanks for sharing your suggestions.  Let's keep going and finish our last 4 weeks strong.

  • CyanideFury- I hope you feel better soon!

  • cyanide--feel better soon!  Is this affecting your workouts?

    Inspired--If your route has hills in it, that sounds great!  Those are intervals in themselves, even if your speed doesn't change.  You're still changing your intensity and effort.  I have some older Tae Bo videos from the 90's I can do at home.  

    I did a cardio tonight after work, after volunteering at the cat shelter for my first real time where I got to actually do stuff.  Cardio went well, no coughing!!  Finally!  But when I got home I was so hungry!!  Having a shake now, but snuck in  a lot of beef jerky...  I know that's not on the list though.  Going to cook up a pork chop now.

  • CyanideFury, how's the strep going?  It's so challenging to be so sick and to get through a workout wholeheartedly.  Hope you are getting better and stronger!

    InspiredWoman, just keep on plugging away.  I do videos from Exercise TV-we have Comcast.  I also have some old tapes I could do.  Good ole fashion jumping jacks, running in place, etc. for 20 min util you reach your 20min/level 10.  Anything is better than nothing, right?!

    Opti-congrats on the DR.  You are inspiring me to go back and read it!  Glad you are feeling better!  I'm happy you got your cardio in AND your volunteering in!  You must feel like a million bucks!  :)

    Dazza-I'm glad to see you're still at it!  4 Weeks left-it's so wild!

    Here, I'm hurtin' for certain!  My workouts have been a little half-a$$.  I'm kind of going through the motions.  I know I need to really look at them and change it up a bit.  My food has been good.  I'm recommiting myself TODAY.  Gonna go shopping and plan out meals and get my workouts figured out.  Time to kick it up a notch.  My body is tired and sore.  

    Poll Time (and role call):  1)  Which is your favorite day-UBWO, LBWO, Cardio?  2)Which exercise makes you hit a 10 easily?  3)  Favorite snack?  4)  Favorite Meal?   5)  What's the heaviest dumbell weight you are using?  6)Do you plan on doing another challenge?

    My answers:  

    1)LBWO-it's faster, I can do it in my basement, so that means I can get my wo done in the am.

    2)Shoulders, military presses.  Killer.

    3)greek yogurt with granola.

    4)Grilled Chicken salad

    5)20 lbs for legs/back-need to up it for legs but I don't have any heavier, so I think I'll start heavier with my first set of 12.

    6)Yes, another challenge!



  • I have lots of car driving today, so not sure if I should take my free eating day today.  Been a hectic morning and lots to do, didn't take time to make any food.  But I'm stopping by the gym and doing my LBWO on my way.  then I have lots of lifting and moving around boxes in a short attic today.  So I will get my arms and back a workout too :)

    My answers to the poll:

    1)  UBWO--the muscles don't hurt when hitting 10's like my legs do.

    2)  ANY of the arm ones

    3)  rice cake with a little natural pb and jam with cottage cheese

    4)  homemade spaghetti meat sauce with Barilla Plus pasta, container of spinach

    5)  45 lb. for calf raises (need both hands to hang on).  But I can also do 35 lb for One-arm DB rows.

    6) yes, but my Week 10 will be a whole week of camping with extended family where I will not be able to eat 100% clean.

    Funny how months and months ago, I had this delusion that all I would need was 12 weeks and I would be done.  Summer's almost here and I'll be doing a 3rd challenge instead.