• good morning to all!

    did my cardio this morning, it was great.... i had a really tough week, so i'm glad to feel i'm coming out of the slump.

    i took a free eating day yesterday, didn't go overboard, just ate when i felt like it and had some popcorn.  i'm taking my day off from working out, tomorrow.

    the eating part of this has really gotten so much easier.  i've been preparing a whole box of whole wheat spaghetti, or brown rice... keeping it in the fridge, so it's ready to go.  also, cutting my proteins into the right portion sizes, marinating them, and sometimes pre-cooking them.  i really like having chicken breast marinated in fat free italian dressing, on hand- i like it cold as well.  i have a huge container of lettuce, a variety of other fresh veggies, cleaned and ready to either eat or cook.  lately, i like to stir fry onion, mushrooms, green pepper, garlic, then throw in a hand full of spaghetti, or rice, along with whatever protein i have available- it's always delicious and filling.  i've been using lots of curry powder or wasabi paste, for flavoring.  i haven't even needed to use any kind of oils, just a spray on a non-stick pan seems to work great.

    love reading all of your posts- so encouraging:)

    also, just received a delivery of myoplex peanut butter crisp bars- lite, eas reload, and pro science cla... got them all on 'netrition.com.'  netrition.com and vitacost.com are great sites for vitas and health supplelments.

  • jjooddyy,

    Wish I could have dinner at your place - I love all that great food you're cooking, especially the whole wheat spaghetti! We sometimes have it with turkey meatballs.

    Made up my UBWO late this AM.  Missed meal #2 because I had to stop at the florist and order flowers for VD.  That sure didn't help the workout, as I was out of gas from the get go.  Older son wants to join the gym, so I may take him over and sign him up this PM, and if so I can get my cardio in!  One thing to really appreciate in all this is the great role models all of us have become for our kids.  It's one thing to tell them they should eat right and excercise, it's another thing to do it yourself and show the kids the results firsthand.

    Oh and Moxiekidsmom, I too wondered if I was going crazy when I weighed myself a lot.  Not sure I ever figured out an answer to that one!..but figured if I was, at least I was getting physically fit.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • moxie--sorry, I have no idea what's better to do, increase speed or incline.  I don't think you can go wrong whatever you decide to increase.  As long as it increases your intensity, that's the whole point.  Increasing speed will help your heart and endurance, and increasing incline will change up what muscles are being used.  thanks for the mocha recipe, I can't wait to try it.  I don't make coffee often, but when I do, I will make a little extra to add to my 'protein milk'.

    Kurtzy--It sounds like you are doing great!  I bet you will have some awesome transformations pictures!

    Someone asked earlier if anyone was officially registering for the Challenge.  I was going to for C1, then wasn't pleased with my results.  I might for C2, just for more of a completion feel kind of thing.  Did everyone see how they changed the prizes for 2011?  Different.

    Did a sort-of cardio this morning on the stepmill.  I'm not sure what the names are for those step machines.  There's the kind that looks like an escalator, then there's the kind with a pad under each foot and you just keep pumping up and down as if you were on steps.  When ever I hear someone talk about the 'stairmaster' or 'stepper' or 'stairclimber' I never know which one they're talkinga bout!  Anyway, it was a new machine for me and I still coughed a lot but did get tired out in 20 minutes.

    I'm excited for Free Day tomorrow 'cuz I'm thinking about not haing to pack food.  Just a day to have a break from something.

  • Thanks Optigirl! The weights are fine and the food is good, but I am having issues with the cardio. I have heart rate monitor so I am trying to go by that rather than go by, say incline or speed (what you are talking about with moxie). I personally believe that it doesn't matter what you do, it is finding something that makes you reach that 80% three times and 100% for the final minute or two.

    This is where I am haveing a problem. I can't find a machine that does what the pamphlet recommends..

    Which is below

    1. Warm up the first 2 min. at intesity level 5.

    2. Minutes 2-3 move from intensity level 5-6.

    3. Minutes 3-6, 7-10 and 11-14, work your way from intensity level 6 to level 9, maintain for one minute.

    4. Minutes 15-19 work your way from intensity level 6 to intensity level 10 (high point at level 10), maintain for one minute.

    5. Minute 20 to intensity level 5 for one minute.

    If I go off the the heart rate intensity charts that are plastered all over the gym, I shoulld be around 144 beats per minute for 80% of my maximum heart rate. I was trying to reach that during levels 3-6, 7-10, and11-14, but keep coming up short. Considering my size, I honestly thought that it wouldn't take so much to get to that point. Maybe I am wrong, but by the time I reach this point my focus is just staying onthe treadmill!! :)

    I am just a little confused on how it works. I want to use the heart rate monitor to hit my peaks. God knows I can't read or talk to anyone when I am at this point!

    Other than that, and a few altercations in the gym I feel good. I did get on the scale and lost a total of 2 ounces! No Worries, I feel great and the fact that I am trying to maintain my muscle while I burn fat will slow the process down a bit!  Have a great day off........Relax.......SF  

  • moxie--I made coffee this morning for my free day and warmed a cup of milk and opened the Jill Michaels stuff.  THIS TASTES GREAT!!  It's not gross-tasting protein powder, it'smade out of natural ingredients, AND the price is not bad at Walmart!!!  this is the first time I've had a protein drink on my free day!

    Kurtzy--So are you saying that when you are intensity level 9--you're lower than 80% of your heart rate?  Emily Alvers website had some interesting info on what % to maintain, I want to read it again, I've forgotten.  Personally I like to stay between 65% - 85ish%.  then for High point to not exceed 94%.  Depending on what machine I'm using, the heart rate monitor doesn't always work and I have to guess.

  • OptiGirl--The heart rate monitors where I workout either say I am dead or my heart is about to jump out of my chest! That's why I bought one. I found a website that shows all the six or seven different ways to find your max heart rate and generally it comes down to 220-your age. They vary 2 to 3 higher and lower so 180 is a good average for me.

    I am just having a hard time getting to it. I'll just keep at it!  

    The coffee idea sounds great! did you two just add a scoop of protein to your joe? Will have to try tomorrow.

    Have a great day everybody! Get well rested for tomorrow. I am already eager to go!

    SF rob

  • I have to admit, I kinda had a 'free weekend' and not a 'free-day'.  I didn't go crazy or anything on either day, but yesterday we were at the beach for a lot longer than I expected and I wasn't prepared.  I prepared for my kids and grabbed granola bars and so that's what I ended up having to eat.  I was proud of myself though, because on the way home everyone got corn dogs and I had nothing.  It's like Jacium said, things start not to look good, and that was exactly the case yesterday.  No binge eating though and that's what I struggle with!  Still, I know I can do better :)  

    I don't think I will weigh myself in for a week or two.  It's just better for me.  No specific rhyme or reason, I just know it's what's best for me.  Kurtzy, I admire your positive attitude with the scale ;)  

    I am excited to get back to work tomorrow both in the gym, and with the diet.  

    I've looked up a lot of HIIT and Metabolic Resistance Workouts on you tube.  This way I'm not having to be on a machine every time I work out.  There's a lot of great workouts on you tube if you want to mix it up.

    Tomorrow is going to be hard with Valentines Day.  I am committing to you guys right now that I will not partake of any of the junk!  It's just not worth it.

    Now would someone or someone's please ask me tomorrow night if I did or not so that I have some accountability...LOL!!!

    I'm proud of you all for being so committed!  You're a great example to me :)


  • Good morning guys and gals

    Had a binge eating weekend.  Got on the scale on Saturday and had not dropped anything.  Ate myself into oblivion and felt bad for doing it.  Giving my scale to my coworker who lives in my apartment building tonight.  Getting rid of that negative thing will help me stick to my goals and not focus on numbers.  I thought it would drop off as it did in the previous challenge.  Sticking to clean eating and exercise this week.  Will do inbody scan again at the end of week 3 to see whats happening.

    Had a great workout this morning.  Already hurt.  YAY!

  • Count me in

    Life is an Adventure-Race it!

  • Welcome, Merlin15!

    develope and timetochange-good attitude. This is when I would always quit-after binge eating. Don't beat yourself up, just get back on track!

    I had a great weekend. A free meal (and too much wine) on Saturday night, but I was back in the groove yesterday. The weather is getting nice here in Alabama so I played outside with my daughter for a couple of hours yesterday and hopefully we can do that again today.

    I'm turning 40 on Sunday, so I decided to give myself a chemical peel yesterday. Feeling younger already!

    Brief rant-I use my iphone much more than the computer and I wish this forum was iphone friendly.

  • Hi everyone,

     Thanks for all the great information and encouragement that has been posted all week.  I stuck to the program even with a trip from Philly to San Diego and back at the end of the week.  Eating was a challenge with the time change. I resisted all free food and drink temptations that were offered me on the business trip.  I also got sick while I was out there.  Have a bad upper and lower respiratory tract infection.  Made cardio really difficult on Saturday, but I persevered and completed it.  Couldn't stand up yesterday...thank God it was my free day.  I am going to take some ibuprofen and then do my lower body workout at home today  on my bowflex machine.

    jpt111- I wish the forum was more mobile phone friendly as well.  I read the posts all day long and wish I could respond or ask a question immediately.

    Good luck to all on week two.  Thanks again for all  the information and support!!!

  • Ah, I enjoyed my free day yesterday and now it's back to business!  It's getting warmer here too, the snowbanks have turned into that dirty brown-look.  Probably time to take the cross-country skiis out of my car.

    Kurtzy- 1 cup of skim milk, 1 scoop of protein powder, and 1/2 cup of coffee.  I've heard of some people complain that they're protein powder curdles when put into hot liquid.  So far, I've been lucky with the WHEY kinds I've tried.  I still only put mine in warm, not hot liquid.  Since you are male, you might want to adjust the portions to get more protein in.

    I thought, too, that if you don't have the power to talk to anyone while working out, that you MUST at least be 80% of your max. heart rate, if not higher.

    Maybe I should look into purchasing a heart monitor.  I don't always trust those at the gym either.

    I still have yet to write out my new goals for this challenge!  whenever I start I get distracted, then frustrated.  Even now as I'm trying to type this, I'm getting distracted.   Iwighed myself and lost the few lbs. I gained over AR week.  Good, I was hoping for that, didn't expect anything more.  So I'm back to C1-ending weight.

    I'm going to attempt a cardio again today, but with more effort.  Hope my lungs survive.

    I've come to realize I gotta use more protein powder-based things for my meals 2,4,and 6.  I've been having meals like fruit and cheese more often.  I love my fruit, but have only been eating the cheese to add protein.  But it's too much fat.  I'm going to try more yogurt-protein powder combos, more shake combos, and incorporate the fruit into my late suppers instead of a starch.  I have ALL these healthy carbs to choose from, just not many protein choices 'cuz i get sick of them quickly.

  • To everyone who is sick, I am so proud of your for your perserverence.  I feel a cold coming on and I'm just fighting it so much.  Keep up the great work!

    Babynurse, great job on your trip!  It's not easy traveling on this program-it takes extra planning and lots of will power!  Way to go!

    Time to change, we're all holding each other accountable on Valentine's Day!  We can wait until our free day!!!!  It's not an insult to the giver...right?!!!

    JPT1, Happy last week of 39!  Way to celebrate without food!  Doing BFL is the greatest gift you can give yourself!  And I WISH these forums were mobile friendly too!  I get the emails but can't respond when I want to!

    Anyone interested in the protein with coffee-  I actually make my protein shake with skim milk (in a blender with ice) then add black coffee to it.  It's a cold drink but pretty good.  I've tried adding protein mix to my coffee and it curdles and isn't good.  Maybe if I mix coffee with skim milk to cool it down a bit first.  I'll try that tomorrow!  Anything to get coffee and protein together!

    Opti, I am the same with cheese.  I use the Kraft 100cal. cheese packs.  It's still 7g. of fat.  It's alot but when I pair it with a piece of fruit, I feel satisfied.  I need a low-fat easy protein fix too.  I like greek yogurt a lot but I feel weird eating more than one a day.  I suffered down cottage cheese last time, but I have a hard time with the texture.  I just don't think I can do that again.  

    Dev., what's an inbody scan?  How does one go about getting one?  Is it expensive?  Does your Dr. do it?  Insurance?  What information do you get?

    To all the newbies joining us or anyone who is lurking, welcome to this group!  We are getting lean and strong together!    May will soon be here!  :)

    Here's my real update:  Had my son's birthday yesterday (my day off.)  I ate crap all day.  I was dehydrated and really mad at myself for doing it.  It made me motivated to get up this morning though.  I was exhausted and running late but I squeezed my LBWO in and was so glad!  I upped my free weights for my legs and my form really suffered.  I had to keep correcting myself.  So far today, I had a Valentine's Day party at school where I had to resist.  And it didn't really bother me.  (all that crap yesterday still on my mind.) Tank tops and shorts....that's all I keep thinking about.  

    And guess what-I didn't lose a pound.  I'm okay though.  I feel stronger already and I know what's going into my mouth and the effort that I put into my workouts.  It will happen.  

    Hang in there everyone!  Happy Valentine's Day!  


  • I started body for life 2/7/11 also. I have started body for life before, made it to week 6 and quit. This time I am goign to go all the way!!! For free day yesterday I ate all of things that I wanted to eat during the week but couldnt (pop-tarts, candy, pork bacon, chocolate cake), and i felt sick. I dont think I will ever do that again. From now on I am only goign to have one thing or one meal that is overboard for free day. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

  • First week went really well!  The info and encouragement on here is awesome.  Entered the lottery for the NYC marathon so hoping BFL will help me drop pounds and gain muscle so I can run like crazy.

    Free day today, can't wait to go out to dinner!

    Have a great Valentines day all!