• Jacium, the connection to the frog fat made me laugh and gag all at once! I loved it! When I get in to a frame of mind of healthy eating, some of the other foods just dont sound good at all! Thinking of frog fat will make them sound even more less appealing now!

    I am becoming so much more appreciative that my husband and I are doing this challenge together. It eliminates any dinners where my family is eating non-program foods and I am eating this food. My 2 kids, 10 & 13, are eating this will us. They are not following the plan (so no one freak out) but their dinners are the same as our dinners! And junk food isn't allowed in the house at all.

    So, I am trying to avoid weighing again. I don't know when I want to, but I was hoping to wait at least 2 weeks. The reason for this is because I don't want to get discouraged if the pounds don't fly off. I actually dont have weight in any of my goals, but I do have body fat and inches in them. That is what I want to focus on... changing my body composition and shape. I may have my tall husband put the scale high in the closet so I won't be tempted! HAHA!

    I love that so many people have good questions and comments on here! Just a wealth of information!

  • CyandieFury- I don't think I will weigh myself this week either.  I too am going for a week 2 weigh-in.  I will definitely get discouraged if I haven't seen any results and want to quit.  Which is funny because if I really think about it how can I expect a lot after only a week?  It's just a mind game I play on myself.

    I had my husband hide the scale.  I have no idea where it is!  LOL!!

    Here's a question for anyone who has a second to answer it.  Yesterday, I ate my lunch at 1:00 with the idea I was going to go to the gym at 4:00.  Well I laid down with my son so he would take a nap and we didn't wake up until 5:30.  By the time I made my family dinner I didn't workout until 7:00.  I decided not to eat eat when I woke up so I could work out on an empty stomach and it's the only time I could get to the gym yesterday.  

    So here's my question???  What do you think is the lesser evil here?  Eat so your body keeps it's metabolism going or exercise on the empty stomach?

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Wow Jacium...I just saw your profile page....you look amazing! What hard work you put forth. You look so strong and healthy. Very motivating~



  • hi all!  I am pooped!  The last 2 days have been long and been gone from morning 'til night.  I want to reply to everything I've missed:

    moxi--I haven't opened the Jillian Michaels stuff yet. How do you make that mocha concoction with the coffee?  I whole scoop?  I have the chocolate flavor.  Also elliptical intervals:  my gym has a couple different models, and both have different readings so I can't compare one speed from one machine to the other.  But , yes, I use both speed and incline to vary the intensity.  For instance, one of them is:

    Level 6--Incline 10--Resistance 8--speed 40

    Level 7--Incline 10--Resistance 10--speed 40

    Level 8--Incline 10--Resistance 12--speed 40

    Level 9--Incline 12--Resistance 12--speed 40

    Level 10--Incline 15--Resistance 12--speed as fast as I can

    That particular machine has THREE different ways I can change intensity.  I don't change all 3 at once, usually only 1 at a time.  I don't always know what units these things are measured by either.  I just write down the numbers I see on the screen so I can match them for next time using the same machine.

  • Develope--I don't know too much about building up on muscle, but if you can afford it, EAS has some stuff specifically to reach different types of goals.  

    i2010--how do you do this being a pastry chef?????  Just goes to show, we have to deal with our surroundings, we can't blame our environment for what we do to our own bodies.  I'd love to just blame everything on my husband for eating the way he does around me, but it would just be an excuse.  

    timetochange--I've made many shakes with my whey protein powder.  The easiest is 1-2 cups skim milk with 1 scoop protein powder.  I figured the numbers out awhile ago, don't know what I did with them.  but they came out pretty even using Designer Whey.  Stir with a fork (yes a fork, it acts like a whisk) or shake up in a closed container or shaker cup.  I like to keep that in my car while I'm working out, since it's winter, it stay refrigerated.  

    Another one I use my blender for is a portion of yogurt, 3 ice cubes OR equivalent amount of frozen berries, 1/2 cup water, ground flax seed (optional), and 1 scoop protein powder.  You can experiment with different flavors of yogurt or diff. flavors of protein powder.  

    Jpt111--you're right, I WAS sore from my LBWO and wouldn't have been able to kick my husband anyway!  

  • I like to weigh after 1 week, just 'cuz of all my trips to the bathroom getting used to the increased water intake, I know I lose some water weight and I like to see that number.  But after week 1, my number stops moving.  Why did I stop drinking that much water during my AR??  It's like starting over again, bladderwise.

    I tried more of the protein powder I bought.  The RAW brand organic sprout stuff is plain, chalky and nutty tasting.  Definitely need to mix it with flavored yogurt or berries or something.  It's not awful, but doesn't have the taste that I'm used to with the flavored whey I've been buying.  Of course, this chalky stuff is the healthiest I have too.

    then I got Cookies and Cream whey from Walmart, I don't know the brand, but it had a really flashy label, and it must their main brand they carry.  It was good, really sweet though.

    Still haven't tried the Jillian Michaels kind.  I shopped at a new organic store today, not watching my spending.  Today's bill combined with my recent protein powder restocking, is making me go whoa!!  crap, how am I gonna buy groceries for the rest of the month?  Why did I buy a can of organic pumpkin for $4???  I was in a hurry and had that cottage cheese-pumpkin dessert on my mind.

    i survived the pizza that was delivered here.  AFter 2 hours, it got cold and hard, past the point of temptation.  I can't beleive I did it!  Today I had unexpected errands to run, so I quickly packed 3 meals to go and did very well!  Managed to get my UBWO in today too, felt stronger than the last one! :)

    Oh, I went to the dr. and she gave me antibiotics to get rid of my cold.  She also said to lay off the intense cardio until I can breathe regularly again.

    So, after week 1, it wasn't perfect, but it was progress.  I had to miss 1 cardio so far, and didn't get perfect water count, but it's better than what I did on the 1 week of AR I had.  it's good I didn't take 2 weeks of it.

  • I wanted to share a supper I had the other night.  It was called Pork Asparagus Orange Stirfry.  But you can easily substitute chicken or turkey.

    cut the meat into medallion size pieces, fry up in a little olive oil in skillet.  Remove meat, in same skillet, throw in asparagus, little water, orange zest , juice from the orange, and garlic.  Put the lid on to steam the veggie for 2 minutes.  then throw the meat back in the skillet plus a cut-up orange.  Stir it up and serve.  It was a delicious late supper for me, sometimes I don't get home 'til 9 pm.  has Protein, carbs, and veggie.  But not a heavy carb, I only had 1/2 of the orange in my serving.

    so tired I need to sleep now good night!

  • timetochange--I have wondered that same question myself--eat to not miss a meal, or NOT eat to workout on the empty stomach?  I usually go with the empty stomach.  but it makes me crabby.  once I"m working out, i'm fine and don't think about it.  But you did it WHILE making food for your family, I don't think I could hold it while doing an activity like that.

    I remember my old way of eating:not much during the day, but pig out at night.  i would be trying to make supper, and be so hungry and crabby, it's like a I needed pre-supper b4 I could even THINK  of making regular supper.  But with this program I love it.  When I work 9-5, I have 4th meal as I'm driving home.  Then I'm satisfied while making meal #5.

    ok, I'm leaving for real now, can't even type right anymore :D

  • I wasn't able to read through the posts yesterday due to working late - what fun - and of course I missed my scheduled UBWO.  That's a good reminder to Expect the Unexpected and have a plan for it.  In this situation it's obvious to either do a double workout on Saturday, or a makeup on free day. 

    Act Accordingly  - it sounds like you're excited by the extra workout, so I would say go for it.  I would probably save it for my "free" day since it's low weights.  From what I've read at other threads at this site, the key to looking ripped as opposed to bulky is to get lean - get the body fat% down.  If that's the case, an extra cardio a week helps.

    Jaimee - thanks for your compliments.  Those close to me think I'm too skinny, and almost skeletal.  But, I've come to understand it better as being right-sized for me.  I don't think what I'm doing is anything special, or extraordinary, - rather I think eating right and using your muscles is what all of us humans were meant to do.  Good luck with your challenge, and of course you're welcome to join our group. 

    I'd like to give everyone a heads up about weighing.  To step on the scale and obtain a number is not harmful -- but what you decide to do based on that data could be.  The timescale for body transformation is not fast - it's not like turning a key and starting a car, or putting a cake in the oven and watch it bake and be over in three hours.  It took me years to become the overweight mess I was, and probably 4 - 6 months to get in shape.  And frankly, changes continue to occur (but at a slower rate), 22 months after I started. Where you get to after 12 weeks is determined by 1) where you started, 2) how well you executed your challenge.  i.e. your destination is determined by your starting point plus velocity * time for those of a scientific minset.

    And now, off to figure out how to deal with VD shopping, workouts, teenager schedules, and all the busy details of life.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Oh -almost forgot. Optigirl, I never have worked out on a completely empty tummy.  It's supposed to help you burn fat off better if you do morning cardio.  I definitely wouldn't lift weights without something in me, I'd pass out.  Beside, if you can lift more, you'll fatigue the muscles better.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Optigirl-that recipe sounds delicious!

    Jacium-FANTASTIC advice about the scales. When trying to diet over the past 4 years, I do 2 different, but both harmful things with that data: weigh, get down on myself and give up, or not weigh and use that to justify eating poorly by telling myself that I'll diet again when it's closer to the time to weigh.

    So, I still haven't decided the best approach. I weighed this morning and was down another 2. Had I lost nothing or even gained, I would be down. I feel committed to the program, so I would continue, but be depressed about it. I took my measurements the other day, so I'm considering not weighing again until I have to (which is in three weeks when I revisit the doctor), and just measuring every few weeks instead.

    Decisions, decisions.

  • Jpt111--just remember when you weigh at the dr's office and comparing it to your home scale, to be ready for fluctuation.  At home, I always weigh in the morning, naked, b4 breakfast.  When i'm at the dr. I'm fully clothed, shoes, and already eaten, different time of the day.  I'm ALWAYS 5 lbs heavier at the dr's.  It never fails.

    jacium--that makes sense about the eating, depending on if a cardio is after, or weights.  I'll have to keep that inmind when life gets in the way and I need to decide if I should eat something quick or not b4 the specific workout.  I always have that problem when I workout AFTER work.

  • Well, week one is just about over! How did we all do? It looked like there was some stumbling (literally on my part!),  but we all got through it!

    I have been working out at 0500 so I haven't been eating anything before my workouts. It was tough at first, but after a few days it wasn't too bad. I have decided that I am going to take a half portion of my protein drink right when I get up and the other half right after. This gives me a little more energy!

    On the second UBWO I felt immensly strong! I increased each set by five pounds and still breezed through it. My LBWO is still in question....it's my weakness, my nemesis! I am trying to stick with the timing thing. I read on the website that it should never take more than 46 minutes for your UBWO and 42 for your LBWO. It's tough, but makes sense. It also make me sweat like water fall!! I LOVE IT!

    I go over the time because I walk to warm-up prior to lifting and I walk to burn off lactic acids after i work out 15 to 20 minute easy walk.

    As for the food....I am not really cooking too much yet. I have always loved the taste of protein drinks! Yeah, I know. Myoplex is good and so is the GNC stuff. I am trying to eliminate as much fat as possible and the GNC stuff is leaner than Myoplex (I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that). I am taking creatine and HMB (which I still question). I will probably stop the HMB when I am done with it and use the EAS creatine.

    I am a "food is fuel" kind of guy. I eat oatmeal and eggwhites for breakfast or plain Shreded Wheat with low fat milk and dried fruit (having a hard time finding dried fruit here that doesn't have sugar in it). I stick with the sandwhich Jacium told me about ....it tastes great!  I use peppered turkey breasts, tomato, lettuce on whole wheat bread, and carrots/broccolli/ low fat cottage cheese on the side for lunch. For dinner I will have a chicken breast with two cups of broccolli. I interchange them and will find something new when they get old but for now its good! I take my protein drinks all day, with every meal. I think it is better to take partial servings all day instead of two servings. It seems to make sense that your body is slowly =taking it in rather than all at once. I may be wrong but it feels better!

    I felt full at first, but now I feel great! More energy and feel myself wanting to go for a quick walk even if it's -10 below!

    Keep it up everybody and if you stumble, stand tall and go at it again! Before you know it, it will be easy! SF Rob

    Sorry for the "short story." You may have to get a kindle for this one! :)

  • Optigirl - my rule is whenever I'm in doubt, it's better to do than to not do.  After all, it was by not doing that I got so far gone....So, I excercise whenever I can.  I think the  only time I regretted it was doing cardio 20 minutes after a fairly large dinner....

    All - there have been occasions I stepped on my home scale 5 or 6 times in one day, always in the same state of clothing (underwear).  Before breakfast, after breakfast, arriving home from work but before dinner, just before bedtime..I did this to examine the variability of weight just throught the course of a day.  What I found is a lot of variablity, 3-4 lbs.  One morning I'll weigh165 lbs, come home after work at 162.6.  Another day, I may weigh 163, come home from work at 166.  BTW - my scale readings match well with the scales at the gym, so it's the body flucuation I'm catching, not a noisy instrument.

    My point is, to feel up or down after the one week data point would not be justified....if you're the type to react or overreact to such news, just skip the weighing.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Optigirl thanks for the elliptical suggestions.  It shouldn't be so confusing!  Which is better-upping the speed or incline for burning calories?  Also, I use 1 scoop with a cup of skim milk and whatever coffee I have left (usually 1/2 a cup or less.)  

    I need to go grocery shopping in the worst way!  It's so infuriating how eating healthy is so expensive.  It is so political and I will step off my soap box now before I get in trouble!  I want to order the cinnamon roll myoplex bars.  I used them in 2003 and loved them!  I feel so guilty spending money on them.  I need to get over that.  I have to order them because I can't find them anywhere around here.  How do you suggest I order them?  Has anyone ordered through this site?  How easy was it?

    I finally got my UBWO in last night at 730pm!  It took every ounce of energy and I really pushed it!  My husband was playing video games while I worked out.  It was an interesting emotion I felt.  I hope I'm at least having some impact there.  I feel so happy for cyaninide fury and her hubby doing this together!  That is awesome!  My DH did this with me in 03 and he had huge success!  I think when we get nicer weather, he'll start to feel more need to move and lose weight.  He'll jump on the band wagon when he sees how hot I'll be!!!!

    Kurtzy, you're food sounds good.  I am also the type to eat the same things until I get bored with them.  I just haven't found my groove yet.  I get some strange combos especially now that I need to shop.  

    What everyone is saying about weighing yourself is true!  I used to weigh myself everyday at the same time.  When I did this challenge in 03, especially towards the end, I loved seeing that scale go down and down and down.  I got a bit obsessed seeing what I weighed at the beginning AND then at the end of every day.  It was probably borderline crazy but I loved it.  This past time, the scale hardly budged and I finally put it away because I was getting down.  But I really didn't do it by the book and my numbers showed.  This time, I'm back to by the book and weighing once a week.  It can be pretty motivating!  So can the pictures...lol!  

    I'm off to do my cardio!  Tomorrow is my first free day!  Good luck to all this weekend!  Tomorrow is my son's birthday so I wont be checking in until Monday.  Keep on FIGHTING!  (Dev., you should let everyone in on the meaning.  I love it!  I kind of use it as a mantra sometimes when I'm searching deep inside for strength and perseverance.)