• Wonder Woman and others,  thank you.  Not only was I considering the water I added to my coffee as part of my water intake, I also didn't realize that it depleted my water as well.  Think I'll cut back on the coffee.  :)

    Day Four and I'm feeling pretty good!

  • I never cared for running or cardio for over 50 years, but things changed once the Elliptical became my "bread and butter" and the fat burned off.  As legs strengthened, I was also able to do some treadmill (TM).  I've progressed to doing TM in about 1/3 of my cardio workouts.  What changed?  Two words.  Endorphin Release.  Ditto for the weights.  As far as the exact intensity levels, I really try hard not to worry about it, or I'd get paralysis from overanalysis. Did you hit a 9 at minute 6, or was it only an 8???  Yikes, I can't wrap my mind around those issues.  Life is too short.  I stretch at home, do ten reps on the quad machine, hamstring machine, and calf machine, all extensions, all at low weights probably 40% of max for me.  This is so my muscles are primed.  Get on the treadmill or elliptical.  Start slow, build up, go all out for a while, slow down, build up, go all out....etc.  I do intervals on the elliptical and try to hit a high point on each interval.  For tracking progress, I monitor the calories burned, maximum heart rate, and time in zone.  I compete with myself - try to beat my personal best - 311 calories in 20 minutes.  I've only broken 300 calories a half dozen times, but I consistently get into the 290s.  The treadmill can be initimidating if you're not used to it. I initially got vertigo at the end of treadmill workouts.  I still recall the workout where I noticed one of my shoelaces was untied, and stopped to retie it.  You can imagine what happened.  

    My weight is down about 2 lbs and I'm watching carefull to not get too low.  According to the records, I once weighed in at 250 lbs in one of my annual physicals, but I was 88 lbs under that today.  In my opinion, the key is to do something every day once you get back in shape (it's my choice what I do on my free days, isn't it?)


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Jacium, that is good information about the intensity levels. I have used the treadmill so far just becuse i can control it easily with the buttons but I heard the eliptical and gazelle burn many more calories and want to try those. I like the idea of beating yourself! I am sure that keeps you going!!!

    So, I am listening to everyone's info and being much more careful with the EFL book. I am trying to only use recipes where all of the ingredients are in the BFL book or in the website recipes. I am very thankful y'all said something! Thank you sooo much!

    Good luck guys!

  • I haven't checked in because my husband was out of town and we've been busy.

    It sounds like everyone has gotten off to a great start!

    I'm not sure about losing weight and gaining muscle, but if you read some of the success stories on here, it looks like people did just that!

    It's been a great workout and diet week for me. I just finished my LBWO, so I'll be walking funny and may need help sitting on the toilet for the next few days.

    My favorite machine for HIIT is the stairmaster! Old school, yes, but I sure do love it.

    When is everyone weighing? I'm going to weigh tomorrow.

  • good morning to all!

    i'm still trying to figure out how to communicate in this forum, really enjoy reading all of your posts.  

    i had the most difficult cardio workout this morning, felt lethargic, and weak.  it was my first tough time making it through cardio, but i did make it.  i did the elliptical machine, hit my 9's and a 10 for sure.  i had an emotional day yesterday, i was so sad.... i had to make myself eat- this is new to me, because in the past, i would drowned my sorrow in junk food.  i made healthy choices, crying the whole time.  i slept almost 8 hours, but immediately felt the sorrow again upon awakening.  i trudged over to the gym and got my workout done, now i'm eating, feeling much better.  i was thinking that my worst day of doing bfl, is better than my best day of pre-bfl.  i know people have used this analogy before in many other situations, but i could really relate to it today.  

    good luck to all- wishing you all strength to hit your goals, just for today:)

    this is day 16 for me.

  • JJOODDYY - I'm glad you said something about 2 weeks and you've seen a difference.  This gives me hope that after two weeks I might see a difference.  Even if it's a really small one, it gives me hope and something to look forward to.  And let me just say I loved what you said "I was thinking that my worst day of doing bfl, is better than my best day of pre-bfl. "  I will think of that quote often!

    LORINC - I'm with you.  For my cardio I always have to go back to a really fast walk on my 6.  I'm willing to be that after we've done this for a couple of weeks, we won't have to go down to a jog.  It's all conditioning, ya know...Keep me posted on how you're doing.  Maybe if I see you can do it, it'll help me do it, and vice/versa.

    Moxiekidsmom - The stair stepper is a beast but don't let it intimidate you.  The thing I like about the HIIT is that you just look at your workout a minute at a time and get through that minute and on to the next.  It doesn't give you time to talk yourself out of how hard that level is...LOL!!

    Kurtzy - I'm proud of you! and the reason is you're carrying around some extra weight.  So every exercise you do is that much harder for you.  I'm gonna steal a quote from P90X and say "Do your best and forget the rest!"  

    Optigirl - Curious as to how you make your protein shakes.  What do you add to them?  I have some whey powder I'd like to use up and you sound like the expert when it comes to protein shakes :)  I just buy the pre-made body for life shakes.

    I2010 - It's so hard getting rid of the baby fat, isn't it?  I gained 52 lbs. with my last baby a year ago and I still have 15 pounds following me around where ever I go.  And I'm not talking about the baby.  LOL!!      

    Today my legs are pretty much jello (I did a LBWO on Tuesday and you know how the 2nd day after is always the worse.)  I love boxing and so I think I will go to the gym and box for my cardio.  This my friends is a serious workout!  You've got to punch hard and fast and really get your whole body into it.  You can't just stand in front of the bag and give it a little punch-a-roo or you won't get your heart rate up. If anyone is curious, my workout will look like this:

    Level 5-7 -  Bag work

    Level 8 - jump rope

    Level 9 - jumping jacks

    Level 10 I will rotate knee ups at a really fast pace and those kinda football runs where you go really fast in place with your legs in and then really fast with them spread apart.  Does that make sense?  Anyway, I'm trying to incorporate the activities I love into my cardio.  It will be like one of my beloved kick-boxing classes scrunched into 20 minutes.  Switching what my lower body is doing around will be better for my "jello like" legs.

    Once again, I really appreciate this forum.  Keep the updates, comments and suggestions coming.  They're well received and much appreciated on my end!

    Have a great day everyone!


  • Hi all,

    Day 4 has been great!  I have my first "dinner out challenge" tonight.  Celebrating 2 family birthdays-one tonight, one on Sunday (my day off!)  Wish me luck!

    My cardio went well today.  I'd love to see an example of an elliptical HIIT if someone could share.  I get so lost on that thing.  Do you up your speed?  height?  both?

    My day's off are usually going to be Saturdays but this weekend, it's Sunday.  I will weigh myself Sat. am.

    How many of us are OFFICIALLY doing the challenge?  I'm not entering but I'm hoping that by the end of this, I'll be kicking myself wishing I did!!

    Opti, have you tried Jillian's Whey Protein?  I'd love to hear your comparison's.  I add leftover coffee to mine for a mocha experience...yum!  I've also had it warm.  It can be tricky to mix with milk though unless I use a blender. 

    I checked out a few profiles today!  Kurtzy-I'm excited for you.  New career, new body!  Your family must be so happy for you!  Jacium-I'm glad that you're here.  Your success speaks for itself.  :) 

    Have a great rest of your day everyone! 


  • Oh and EdwardR-love the first line of your profile!  :)  


  • Hi Jacium,

    My name is Rebecca and I started on 2/7 also and I'd love to join this group for support.   I did a trial run the previous week to try out eating the BFL way and see what I needed to do to make it work for me.  This week has gone well foodwise except for coveting the homemade nachos my family enjoyed at the beginning of the week while I ate grilled chicken, a baked potato and a salad.  My meal was good, but it wasn't nachos which is one of my favorite meals.

    I had a question about the protein issue.  I did the calculation for my weight converting grams (0.7g for losing fat & gaining muscle)  to ounces and it came out to approximately 4 ounces.  Does that mean I should have 6 four ounce servings of meat/day?  

    Do you find it necessary to eat the 6 meals or can you do just 5?  I know in my BFL book (it is old) it says 5-6 small meals/day.  Which have you found works best for you?  

    Thanks for putting together this list.  I'm looking forward to participating.

  • Hi Rebecca! I'm doing 5 most of the time. I'm a stay at home mom and keep myself pretty busy, so 6 is really hard for me.

  • Hi Rebecca,

    I'm glad you're doing the challenge, and you're certainly welcome to join this group.  The protein number is specific to the protein content of the food, not the net weight of the food.  So, take your body weight, in lbs, x 0.72 g protein /lb body weight (if that's what you're targeting) and that's how much protein you would target every day.  A 100 lb person would then target 72 g. protein.  Add up the amount of protein in the foods you're eating from the nutrition label or from values you can obtain from the USDA database (100 g. of salmon has about 26 g. protein, Moplex regular shake has 42 g. protein) and see if it's near your target. You can do this count if you like, but if you have one protein shake a day, you're not likely to come up short on protein.

    The meals should be 6 if possible, and I think no fewer than 5.  My meals 1,3,5 are more akin to the traditional breakfast/lunch/dinner and meals 2,4,6 are definitely snacks, consisting of things like fruit, fiber bars, almonds, cashews, and even 1 square daily of chocolate.  Eating like this brings us closer to the hunter-gatherers, early humans who roamed the planet gathering food whenever and wherever they could find it, and using their muscles all day.  They weren't typically fat, because they couldn't find the excess calories, as we so easily can.  I found the portion size was about half of what I used to eat, when I weighed >225 lbs, and was really overweight.  Did you ever dissect a frog and see the fat deposits?  The yellow stuff?  If I focus on something like that, the nachos with cheese really start to lose their appeal......


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Hi everyone,

    I too started the challenge on 2/7/11. It's really good to see the support that you all give one another.  Im doing this alone and could really benefit from any advice, feedback, observations, and words of encouragement I receive here. This is my first challenge and have set some lofty goals for myself.  

    On Jan. 3, I weighed myself and was the heaviest I have ever been in my life 285 lbs. I spent the next 7 days really focusing on the foods that I have been eating and the excuses I made to justify the things I was eating.  I found a "menu" that worked for me and felt prepared to return to the gym after more than 8 months of paying but not going. I eased in slowly going only 3 days a week doing a full body HIT circuit weight training.  With the change in my diet and 12 HIT workouts in 4 weeks, I weighed in at 272 lbs. on Day 1 of B4L. I was shocked at my results but still very disappointed in myself for having let myself get to that point. The measurements and the before picture taken were very humiliating but  continues to serve as motivation.

    I'm loving the way I feel after day 4.  I find myself throughout the day often thinking about my workout earlier in the day and the workout for the next day.  Im so excited and motivated that I have already set up my workouts for the remainder of the month!

    Jacium, I've read all your posts and you seem to have a lot of experience with B4L. What are your thoughts about adding an extra low weight HIT full body weight lifting circuit to the last cardio workout of the week (e.g. Day 6, 13, 20, etc.)? When I lift I tend to get bulky with hardly any definition and feel adding this end of week workout will help to keep me from adding size and getting the lean physique I'm looking for.

    Keep up all the great work everyone!  I love reading what you all have to say.

  • I haven't read thru all the posts today, I will reply longer tomorrow.  just wanted to pop in quick to vent that my husband ordered pizza after coming home late from work tonight.  He got my favorite flavor from my favorite place, argh!!!  It doesn't help that I had supper hours ago, and already had all 6 meals.

    This is hard, but I can't give in.  I still have to wait 3 more days 'til free day and it's getting hard.  

  • My son was up all night NOT throwing up but feeling like he HAD to.  I just couldn't get up this morning, though I should have because I don't sleep well when he's in bed with us.  So now I'll be thinking about my UBWO all day!

    I made it through dinner last night.  It was actually easy.  I ordered a grilled chicken salad.  I had full fat dressing on the side and barely touched it.  I'm not a fan of lowcal, lite, or sugar sweeteners.  I've read too many bad things about it.  I didn't eat the garlic bread that came with it and my sister brought cupcakes to which I declined.  I enjoyed the company and left for an hour drive comfortable, not stuffed!

    One phenomenon that happens to me when I'm doing BFL that I think is so interesting is that I see where I can add exercise in.  Like when I'm picking toys up off the floor, I do a squat.  If I go up the stairs, I'll skip a step and work my quad and butt.  haha  I'm just so much more aware of my body in motion.  

    Hope everyone gets their workouts in and eats clean!!!!  Have a great day!


  • ActAccordingly-keep up the good work! I definitely feel much better when I'm eating healthy and exercising.

    OptiGirl-you should have kicked him, but you're probably too sore from LBWO.

    Moxi-I can relate! I heard my daughter crying at 2:00am. Me: Go back to sleep! Daughter: I have a booger. Me: Get a tissue. Daughter: more crying. So she slept with us and I couldn't get up either. I'll be hitting the gym after pre-school drop off.

    I decided to postpone weighing until tomorrow because it's the start of my free day.