• wow, this thread has been busy!  

    I don't have my BFL book next to me, but I thought the water you use for your shakes DID count--like if you were using 2 cups with myoplex powder.  I know coffee it said you should drink an extra cup of water, 'cuz it dehydrates you instead.  With my Betagen, I need 1/2 cup each time I take it and was counting it...  But I guess the more water you drink, the better it will be for you anyway, no reason to stop just 'cuz you've reached 8-10 cups!

    Jody--I still did some extra activities sometimes, but would think about how intense I was doing them.  I like to cross-country ski, but for me it's low intensity.  I figure if it's low, I can't substitute it for a HIIT cardio, but was safe enough to do in combination.  I used to play tennis, but sometimes the pull on my chest muscles when hitting kinda hurt after lifting so heavy.

    Dev.-- for quads, I like to do the 12/10/8/6/12 with the Leg Extensions (that's the one where you sit in the chair with the pad on your front ankle) and end with Wall Sits or Squats using a stability ball against your back, rolling up and down the wall.  When you're in the 'down' position, it looks like you're sitting in an imaginery chair.  You can hold dumbbells while doing them.  I call them BAll Squats.  I totally feel them in my quads!  The book says Leg Presses are for quads, but I feel them everywhere.

    Cyanide--have you tried the Protein Pancakes yet?  They also work in the waffle iron.  I wish my family liked the recipes from that book, but my husband is too picky.  I often am making seperate meals for he and I.  He loves his processed food, which I guess makes it easier for me, I just grab a box from the cupboard and follow the directions on it while my meal is simmering in a skillet or oven.   That pumpkin/cottage cheese sounds great!!!

    I didn't think of the portions in the eAting for Life.  is that why I can barely finish my protein pancakes?  they are so filling!  I noticed that the book used mayo and cheese more often, thinking that was strange.  (I like to put a very thin layer of all natural mayo sometimes on my sandwich.)

    I did a cardio today, but scaled way back, nothing close to where I left off last time :(  But I didn't hack up a lung, just had to clear my throat every 30 seconds.  i'd say I finished with a level 8 intensity.  I'm going to do my LBWO as normal tomorrow, but skip my next cardio.  That will be the day I have to make time to fit in my dr. appt. anyway.

    I'm eager to get back to my normal self.  I need to get my cardio endurance back up and burn that fat!

    Selfish note--I was so rocking my work pants today, I didn't want to change into my lounge pajamas tonight!  Just wanted to parade around in my form-fitting pants!  No, they're not like those hotpants that Sandy wore at the end of Grease!  I DO have a pair that shrunk down like that after putting them in the dryer, I will have to wait a couple more Challenges b4 wearing those in public I think!

  • Optigirl - "Way to work those pants girl!"  You made me laugh out loud.  But I know the feeling you're talking about and can't wait to rock some pants of my own.

    Thanks everyone for your input on my boot camp class question.  Very helpful!!

    Here's to signing off a successful day 2!  The first few can be the toughest....

  • Looks like I need to correct myself on the water.  That question comes up a lot.  Personally it doesn't make sense to count water that is mixed with anything because then it's no longer just water.  Anyway, here's a link to a thread where water intake was discussed.


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • good morning to all!

    two weeks ago today, i started the challenge.  oh my gosh, i had no idea the difference it would make, and at such speed!  i immediately felt better, and continue to do so.  the muffin top is looking more like the rim around a pie, lol.  i had a gazillion questions, still have some confusions, but i really feel like it's coming together.  

    thank you to all,  this forum has been a really great tool, and everyone is so nice.  i'm always glad to read the posts, looking forward to this challenge, one day at a time:)

    wishing all a great day, filled with encouragement, and strength, to accomplish your goals.

  • Protein pancakes?  I finally tried that recipe last Sunday after nearly two years of BFL.  I was not impressed -it seemed almost schizophrenic to merge oatmeal and eggs and call it pancakes.  Worst of all, it was way too much food, made me feel bloated before my morning workout, and I had to skip my 2nd meal.  It was a total waste of time - why not just make a bowl of oatmeal and scramble a few eggs on the side if those are the ingredients?  And I really don't see the need for adding artificial, synthetic sweetners to my system.  I would prefer whole wheat pancakes with blueberries.   Mayo - someone mentioned adding a thin layer of mayo to sandwiches.  I skip the Mayo and the fat and calories by using Yellow Mustard instead - 0 calories.  Best bargain on the menu! Cardio - The elliptical and treadmill make you move your sssss but not the bike - I won't do the bike in the gym.  Road cycling is another matter altogether.  So, if your rear side isn't what you wanted  after 12 weeks, and you've been doing bike for cardio, don't complain here.  It's easy to remember how it should go - it's a workout.  Take the 1st four letters:  W-O-R-K  So, it's not surprising you should be sweating and hot, and maybe breathless.  As I looked over the threads, it seems everyone's doing great!  My only comment would be to not focus on minutiae, counting every gram of this or that, but rather on the big picture.  Fitness Club - I'm going to check out a new one tonight, just for laughs.  It's one of those luxury ones with a running track, swimming pool, lots of other stuff you pay for that you really don't need to get fit.  Tough Part- I really think the [cardio / LBWO / cardio] stretch of the odd weeks is tough - your lower body will not get any mercy on these three days!!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • I am in. First challenge, was a bit of a gym rat 15 years ago, now facing 30 lbs of fat to lose and want 10lbs of leam muscle mass back. Started FEB.8th but did upper body and cardio so last night so am caught up to do lower body. Feb.9th. Good luck to you all!!!!

    Suggestion to help body recovery. Glutamine works fantastic. Can put it in a protein shake after your workout.



  • Good morning everyone!

    Thank you Sharon for posting the Cardio High Point Technique video, but I am still a little confused.

    Last night I did my first cardio session.  (I do all of my work outs in the evening.)

    My session looked like this:

    3.7 mph (min.1)

    4.0 mph (min. 2)

    4.3 mph, 4.8 mph, 5.3 mph, 5.8 mph (min. 3-18)

    7.0 mph (min. 19)

    4.0 mph (min. 20)

    First of all, I have never ever been a runner.  My issue is always breath control.  I drop back to 4.3 mph because it is a fast walking pace for me and I can catch my breath a little.  Should I try to concentrate on increasing the speed of the first minute in my intervals (up to a light jog) or is it ok to focus on increasing my speed in the fourth minutes of each interval?  I feel like I can keep pushing my fourth minute each time as long as I go back to a fast walking pace for the first minute of each interval.  Does this make sense and does this even matter?  I appreciate any comments.  Thanks.

  • I used the sit down stationary bike last night for my first cardio and it was a killer. I'm really proud of myself because that last minute my stomach hurt, my legs were killing me and I forced myself to push even harder.

    If anyone cares, this is the resistance I used for my levels. It's kind of tricky on the bike though because I caught myself slowing down a couple of times when the resistance is higher, you just have to push yourself to maintain the intesity level.

    For a fat guy that hasn't done any cardio in years and years and just getting started:

    level 5 - 10 resistance/about 18 mph

    level 6 - 11/18mph

    level 7 - 12/18mph

    level 8 - 13/18mph

    level 9 - 14/18mph

    level 10 - 15/20mph!

    I even took an extra minute cooldown at resitance 10 at about 15mph and my legs buckled when I stood up.

  • I did my LBWO early this morning and hit some good 10s!  Opti, I love the ball squats!  Instead of them, today for my quad high point, I had 15 lb. dumbells and used the ball and squatted and held in until I couldn't anymore...OUCH!!!  :)   Of course, using 15lb dumbells and trying to get the yoga ball situated at first is a sight to behold...hahahah!

    There's this stretch I saw someone doing in the gym yesterday that I tried and it's awesome!  Stand facing a wall, with your nose practically touch it and flex your foot against the wall.  You can lean into it and it kind of changes where in your calf, hamstring or foot you want to feel it.  It was so good.

    I'm pushing myself more this round and I like it.  Even though we may only be into it 3 days, I already feel better.  Last challenge, I didn't get into examining all the details like calories and protein, etc.  I just picked out stuff from allowed foods and ate proportionately.  With 3 kids and 2 part time jobs and journaling everything, I just don't see myself doing it.  Eating so often is difficult, even though I'm hungry.  I still have gotten all my meals in so far today  :)   I wonder if I'd have more success though if I started really looking closely at those things.  

    I want to use the stair climber at the gym but I'm too afraid.  I hear you burn the most calories in a gym with that machine.  Yesterday, I dropped my itouch twice, got it caught on my hood when I tried to take my sweatshirt off and leaned over with my water and spilled everywhere.  It's a good thing I could laugh at myself.  I think the guy next to me was so annoyed because I kept changing my speeds and intensity and then all that mess.  Whoopsie!  And I've been at the gym for a year now!  What a clutz!  

    Yesterday, I turned down ice cream pie for another teacher's birthday and cupcakes today that were equal part cake and frosting.  I'm wearing my tightest jeans today that I call "jeggins" and it felt so good to say no thankyou.  How empowering!

    Hope you all are having an amazing day!  


  • As for the creatine, I love it. I get energy from it and it aids in muscle recovery. I am not sure about doses for women though, sorry. I would call the BFL trainers for that.

    I did call BFL trainers/nutritionists (what ever their title is) and they told me that the recipies in the BFL recipes book were not designed for the BFL challenge. They are designed to maintain ones weight after they reach their goal. You might want to check on that depending on your goals.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Sorry, I keep screwing up my posts.

    The first few days went great on the workout front, but slacked a bit on the eating. Not bad food, I just got stuck in the library trying to catch up on a paper and before I knew it I had to go to class! Didn't eat for seven hours!

    My cardio is tough. I am 385 and in order for me to get my heart rate to eighty percent I have to run......Imagine that! That's why I am at the gym at 0500! Tuesday I got to about minute 14 and just couldn't do it anymore because my back was killing me! So I jumoed on the bike to finish it off. By then I was a little peeved (witch helped!) and I went at 80% for another 8 minutes. I got off the bike and fell down because my leg gave out!   AAHH, the price we pay for eating crap and sitting on our butts....."I'm Lovin' It"

    It is KILLING ME not to have a coke, but I haven't had one yet! Thankfully, I used to live in the gym as a kid and now I am feeling at home again (with the exception of my little incident!). OH and getting my big butt into some of the machines! Really, if I weren't serious about this, I bet I could make a comedy out of this!

    Part of my frustration is that I used to be in excellent shape and I expect to be able to do some of the exercises with ease.....like getting off the bike!  Thankfully I have a sense of humor about it, but I am all work in the gym. Honestly, I think I scare the people that don't know me so they leave me alone.

    Sounds like everyone is doing great! I am sure we are all hitting a few bumps in the road, but keep chuggin' forward!

    Semper Fi!

  • hehe, some of these posts just make me laugh out loud!  Tripping  over machines, spilling water...  Glad you guys have a sense of humor, it doesn't pay to get all angry over 'spilled milk'.

    Funny how some people love the protein pancakes and others hate them.  My husband can't stand the texture.  When I blend the oats, cottage cheese, and egg whites, I don't think it tastes ANYthing like oatmeal with a side of eggs (which I like too, but I need variety).  I don't even add sweetener anymore, just extra cinnamon.  I like the hint of the cottage cheese taste in them, reminds me of cream c heese in stuffed french toast.

    I normally leave my gym bag and shoes in the car.  Today I was going to work out after 8 hours of work.  But it's bitter cold out today.  The last time I changed into freezing clothes, I had problems gripping my weights (my fingers turn white easily when cold).  So I decided to come home and change into warm clothes and do my LBWO here instead.  I don't normally like to workout at home, too many distractions.  Like I keep the noticing the carpet is dirty and I want to vacuum!  And pick up things.  

    I've been running out of protein powder, so I stocked up on FOUR brands.  I couldn't decide what to buy.  I'm gonna try the Jillian Michaels Natural stuff even though it has more carbs.  Then I bought the cheap tub at Walmart 'cuz it was a deal and had interesting flavors to choose from.  Then I've still got the organic sprout powder I haven't tried yet.  And my usual Designer Whey.  I am all set for a shake! :)

  • Hi All,

    I really appreciate this forum and have learned so much by reading your posts - thank you.  

    I was completely spellbound and inspired when I watched the Body of Work DVD in the late 1990's, but it's taken me this long to actually jump in and do it.  I can hardly lift my arms up from my upper body workout on Monday, but it feels great conceptually :-) and am curious to see if I'll feel similarly over the next couple of days from the lower body workout I did today.  

    I'm vegetarian so am finding the protein aspect of this challenging, but just loaded up with tofu, veggie burgers, and fake meats in order to vary the cottage cheese/eggs that I had backed away from over the last year of so as I toyed with veganism. I definitely have more energy than before starting and am very excited to only have 81 days left!.  

    Onwards, and happy workouts to all!

  • Hi all

    There are some great posts here with great advice.  This forum sure is busy!  So many funny stories and things i want to comment on but before i can there's another 5 posts!  LOL!  Love that everyone is feeling confident and happy right now.  Remember this feeling for when it gets tough!!!

    Just came in from my cardio workout.  I did it.  Still dont like it!  :-(  LOL!

    My legs are KILLING me today!!  Good feeling.  Feels like i did something right in gym.  The goal for tomorrow is to get the same feeling in my upper body.

    I have to admit, looking at the champions photos makes me a little jealous.  LOL!  I feel i did my best in my first challenge and how come i didnt get those results?  LOL!  Anyone else feel like that?  Just motivates me to push harder and get those results this time around...

    I have a question and maybe some of the more experienced bodyforlifers can help me with this.  According to my inbody scan that i did in the gym i gained only 200g of muscle during my last challenge.  I did lose 11kg of fat though.  Now my goals for this challenge is to lose 6kg fat and hopefully gain some more muscle than 200g.  My trainer told me during my last challenge that its hard to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time.  Is this true?  Doesnt really make sense to me.  So the real question is:  how do i gain more muscle?  Im pushing hard at the gym with weight training, reaching 10's, training to failure point.  Could it be the inbody is wrong or is that just the way my body works???  



  • Hi everyone!

    My start date was the 7th too... couldn't find time to post before today. It's my second challenge. Last time I did 7 weeks with great results but found out I was pregnant... so here I am again! My baby girl is now 9 months old!

    My first three days were good. Good training, good meals, no sugar... ( I'm a Pastry Chef, so not that easy!) I get up at 5am to run on my treadmill or do the UBWO and LBWO before my baby wakes up! I thought it would be harder but I actually feel good to be up so early doing something for myself!

    Some of you make me smile and laugh , it's very encouraging to be in this all together at same time!

    Keep going people and enjoy the work!