• Newbie here and looking forward to it. Just went and joined our cheapo no frills gym today too. Question: where can I find some printable workout sheets and eating sheets? I have the book but printing them out of there is a pain. Are there any pdf versions available?

  • I'm in too!

    This will be my 2nd challenge. Lost 20 pounds with my first 3 months ago but this cold weather has a way of saying, just cuddle up on the couch and eat whatever you want.  So its time to get back on track and do it again. The program is awesome and it totally works if you put in the work!

    Can't wait to start!

  • Hi Opti, Your pictures came out awesome!  I never took after pics.  I got so down on myself, part of the vicious cycle.  I figure my before pics for this one will count the same as my after for last one hahaha.  I have not been on AR.  I have been eating anything and exercising when I feel like it.  It's really motivating me to get started though because I feel out of control.  I am so excited still to do this.  My husband really put a damper on my spirits but I'm letting go of that and feeding off the energy and excitement here!  

    Someone asked about downloading the journal pages.  Here on the site, go to Library,then Tools then progress reports.  PDF.  Good luck to everyone preparing!  One Weekend LEFT!!!!!!


  • Moxiekidsmom, thanks for answering the question on workout and nutrition logs, and everyone else - you really can't skip this part.  Failing to plan is indeed planning to fail.  Some people feel awkward about filling out their logs in the gym - but this is the only way you can be sure you get all your reps in.  It also helps to plan the workouts, but you may find you need to change your plan depending on how the first few weight sessions go.  If you can't get through all 60 reps in the 12/10/8/6/12 - 12 sequence, you'll probably need to decrease the weight loadings. 

    As of this afternoon, I am counting 18 in our group, and I am thrilled to have such an active group getting started. 

    Ground Rules - I think it best we agree that there should be no PDA in our forum - and I don't mean public displays of affection, but rather personal, derisive attacks.  As long as we treat each other with respect, and undertstand there is more than one way to do things, we should get along fine.


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  • Okay.. So I just finished planning my first week's meals... It took quite a while but I truly believe that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail... I think my plan is to make a plan a week for about 4-5 weeks, then rotate through as a way to make it simpler.

    I made a journal for me and one for my husband with the workout pages and eating pages.

    I went to the gym today and tried out an HIIT treadmill routine (is that the right word?) that I got off of someone's forum reply. I just wanted to see what it was like before I start next week. It went okay, but I think I will bump each level up a couple points to fit it to where I actually hit my 10. But it was neat to see what an interval training is like.

    I bought shakes for me and some for my husband (I will use lite) and some vanilla whey powder to mix with various stuff I am reading about in the books and the forums.

    I won't be able to do the 6th meal most days because I am not awake that long... But other than that, I am going to do this by the book (hahaha).

    Can y'all think of anything I might have overlooked to plan?

  • Cyanidefury,

    Congratulations - it really sounds like you're off to a great start.  You've covered the cardio and meals very well.  Have you figured out what you will do for the weight training?  You can use machines, barbells, or dumbbells. I use dumbbells for the UB, and a combo of machines and dumbbells for the LB.  I spent some time viewing videos and reading some books about the proper way to lift, to avoid injury.  There are usually important points to do and not do for each lift, to avoid injury to your joints, and get maximum benefit.  In fact, I still look things up when I'm not sure.  Also, remember that the final set of 12 reps will be done using a different excercise for that muscle group, so you'll need at least two exercises for each muscle.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Count me in. I'm actually starting February 6 because a Sunday through Saturday works better with my schedule. Looking forward to gleaning some inspiration from you all!

  • Hi All,

    2 more days till Day 1 I am getting my garage (which we have turned into a gym) all ready organized and ready to use, I have to pick up some weights and I am getting all my meals cooked up 2morrow and in fridge, I have Myoplex lite for my shakes and I have the journal so I will get my meals and weight training logged and I will be ready...I am so glad to have this thread to read it gives me inspiration and just checking in everyday and reading new posts keeps me even more motivated...Thanks so much..

  • I am having anticipatory jitters.  Went to the gym this morning and figured out all my weights.  Preparing meals tomorrow.  I too, am grateful for this thread.  The posts are getting me psyched!  Thanks for all the pointers and encouragement.

  • I'm in!  I did an attempt at the program this week but after visiting this forum, I realized I did a few things wrong.  All is not lost, the Champions Body for Life version is available on my iPad.  Im prepared to plan my meals for the week and I'm ready to go.  I love the workouts. I don't think they are really that difficult, even when upping the weights.

  • I will also start 2-7-11. It's my 2nd time first time i didnt even stick with it, but this time im going to really push myself to finish.  Really glad to join this forum and thanks OPTIGIRL. For inviting me.

  • FYI, DebbieMo has gathered a group of 21+ people starting the challenge 2-7-11... Post in the Coffee Crew forum if you want to be a part of it... Plenty of motivation to go around.



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  • I'll join also. I did BFL 7 years ago with great results. Well, then a baby and terrible habits and I now need to drop 50 lbs. Went to the doc last Friday and got the tough love talk. I really need to change and  need support!

  • Can I join this group, even though i actually started my challenge on the 26th of January?  I'd like to be in a group for support.  Thanks, and good luck to all, regardless:)

  • Okay, I have a question already... So, I know you are supposed to have 6 portions of proteins and 6 portions of carbs... but I thought I read on a forum thread somewhere that you should shoot for 1g pf each per pound you weigh? And another spot it said anywhere from 1g-1.5g per... Which is it and where was this info that I originally missed it?

    And yes, jjooddyy, you can join! :)