• This is my first challenge! I'm really excited! I'm also starting on 2/7/11.

    Questions to those who've done this sucessfully before: What was the hardest part?

    Did you take advantage of your "free day" to eat some comfort foods?

    Does it really take you 45 minutes to do your weight training?

    Do you work out at home or at a gym?

    I appreciate any answers! I'm very excited to have found a forum for support! I look foward to talk to each of you! =)

  • Hardes part? I would say life in general, friends still call on Friday inviting you to the bar, mom calls to invite you for dinner and makes the worst dish possible, work happy hours have bad food... it's like you always run in to obstacles, creativity helps...

    Free day? yes, eat what you want, my wife uses it more as she has many cravings, I just go along with whatever she wants, the main 'bad' food I eat on free day is french fries.

    45 min workouts? The truth ours average 30 mins, we run out of things to do... we do a few crunches but even 100 crunches only takes 5 mins at the most..

    home or gym? both, we have a home gym with a couple of machines and we have a more advanced work out room in our neighborhood- we also try to use the park. The wife is creative and is doing ZUMBA for cardio the last couple of weeks.

  • This needs to be done from a position of true understanding.  Take the time now to define your goals.  Everyone should get one of the BFL books, either the original by Bill Phillips, or the current Champions Body  for Life book, and read the sections on weight training, meals, and cardio as a minimum.  As far as starting today, I do this as my permanent lifestyle - this is my 96th week of doing it - i'm taking a few days break from weight training to recover my muscles, but continuing my regular cardio routine (as much as the blizzard we're facing here will allow).  Although you may not have full understanding the first week or two, if you take your time, read the appropriate sections in the book, and think about what you're eating and what you're doing, you will gain the understanding rapidly.

    Always have a back up plan for those unexpected invites.  For example, drink 2 - 3 glasses of water, and hit the veggie platter twice before you start in on the deep fried artery clogging junk.  There is no hard part about this unless you panic or fool yourself.  You will not starve to death.  Your next meal is only 3 hours away!

    Remember - Failure is not an option!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Free Day:

    There are many different opinions on the Free Day.  You may find you truly need to have some of the foods you crave on that day.  But, remember, you are undergoing a transformation.  As time goes on, the foods you crave will change.  I tend to have a treat like a beer and a cupful of peanuts, or maybe one dessert.  If you consume a lot of excess calories on free day, you may inhibit your progress.  I would encourage you all to browse (search) Free Day for posts at this site.  Also, there was a thread running called "Cheat Day" that had a lot of different perspecitives and valuable information as well.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Starting on the 7th as well! Wrapping up meal plans, etc. I am a greenhorn too! Good luck to all and I am looking forward to seeing your progress!

    Oh yeah, a dumb question....what is HIIT? High intensity training?

  • High Intensity Training =  HIT

    HIgh Intensity  Interval Training = HIIT  

    The intensity is varied during the course of the 20  minute workout to reach several high points - the book will cover this in qualitative terms (reach your 9 or 10, start at 5, etc.)  What is 5 for one person may be 10 for another, depending on their level of conditioning.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Jacium

    I want to say thanks for dropping by my thread and inviting me to this one...you have lots of knowledge and thanks so much for sharing!!  I see that someone said that their weight training pretty much takes 30 min. the book says it takes longer? I have worked out with cardio and weight training and lost a lot of weight but thru the years got lazy and well gained it back...The book has a percise way of doing this program and I am asking if I should go by the book? Did you add cardio to your program?

  • I'm in.  This is round 2 for me.  My husband was supposed to do this with me but he isn't ready.  I will not back down.  I had huge success in 2003 and I am determined to get there again.  

    I love the discipline and the process of BFL.  Last challenge, both my 6 yr. old and I had surgery smack dab in the middle of my progress, so my efforts were delayed.  I stuck with good eating habits but my workouts got off track.  I managed to lose a little, but not enough!  This time, I really feel good about keeping better track, getting my workouts done in the morning and relying on you all for support.  And hopefully, my progress will be so good that my husband will jump on board!  12 wks. flies by!

    By Memorial Day weekend, I will not fret about shorts and tank tops!  LETS DO THIS!


  • Jacium,

    Thanks for the "ramp up" info.  I have my books, my my workout sheets and meal plan sheets.  Doing the food shopping on Friday or Saturday.  I'll be weight training alone at home, and alone (although my kids will be with me at times) doing cardio in the garage, the driveway, on the country roads, and at the local track when the snow melts.  Most of my work outs will be starting at 6am est.  I'm looking forward to starting this challenge with you all this coming Monday and hope to make a few friends along the way!  BTW, are there 12 of us here starting on Feb. 7?  

  • Thanks for the motivation. I've borrowed the BFL book from the library wanting to do some research before actually committing. I have a feeling that by keeping an eye on this group, you will provide the encouragement I will need to get started and see this through. Running out right now on my lunch to purchase the book and I'll start with you all on Monday.

  • Yes, we all should do this by the book, because it is an official challenge.  In the book, weights training and cardio occur on alternate days.  For example, Mon/Wed Fri would be weights, Tue/Thu/Sat would be cardio.  The weights are alternated between Upper Body (UB and Lower Body (LB) workouts (WO).  Hence, week one will look like

    Mon - UBWO, Tue - Cardio, Wed - LBWO, Thu - Cardio, Fri - UBWO, Sat - Cardio and week 2 will look like Mon - LBWO, Tue - Cardio, Wed - UBWO, Thu - Cardio, Fri - LBWO, Sat - Cardio. 

    The Upper Body Workout takes about 46 minutes to complete, while the Lower Body workout takes about 34 minutes to complete, according to the book. However, the time you take will be highly dependent on the types of weights or resistance you use (machines, dumbbells, straps, barbells) and your time under load (TUL), or the time you take to do each rep.  Many people find the UBWO takes closer to 55- 60 minutes to complete, and this has been a subject of much discussion in the posts at this website.

    I'm not sure of our exact count - but I'll go through it this weekend, and we'll ask any newcomers after that to send a "Checking In" email by Tuesday morning to get a final count.  My goals will be drastically different from the goals of most of you, but that won't matter, I'll still be challenged.

    Oops - almost forgot - Take your "Before" Pictures this weekend!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • mOXIE--I'm so glad to see you here!!!!  you had mentioned losing 8 lbs last time even without the exercising.  that is nothing to sneeze at!  Sorry your husband changed his mind, I know you were getting excited about that.

    At first I was unhappy about my last C1 results, and now am beating myself up about beating-myself-up-about-that!!  Vicious loop.  So I didn't lose 2 sizes, so only my cloth pants are looser and nothing else, so I lost only small numbers (small in my mind).  I'm sitting here right now in my new work clothes that are fitting me in all the right places, and I'm still in awe that I did this much.  Oh, and did I mention that I went to a thrift store and got all these things megacheap?

    I KNOW this program works.  Baby steps.  I am wondering now how that same bikini will fit on me in another 12 weeks for picture taking.  I'm wondering what clothes I will be trying on at that same thrift store.

    Anyone else that is on AR right now--how's it going?  My cold is frustrating.  The only exercise I've done is shoveling after the blizzard.  No energy to cook.  I've been eating more carbs, juice, and scaled down my protein a lot this week.  I'm starting to get overwhelmed 'cuz I was planning on using this time to look for new recipes, trying out quinoa I bought, and a new kind of protein powder called RAW Protein, made from organic sprouts.  Nutrition numbers are very close to the Designer Whey I was using.  My taste buds have been wonky this week, so I'm afraid to taste new things, in case they are terrible.  And it's only 4 days 'til new Challenge starts!  I feel I'm nowhere near being prepared.  I still want to make photocopies of the workout sheets, reorganize my binder, figure out what the heck i'm cooking up, make grocery list.  I have a full weekend coming up AND Day 1 of C2 we got free tickets to a wrestling show where the temptations will begin at the concessions!!  Plan, plan, plan.  I will eat supper b4 going there, lots of water, probably will sneak in a Myoplex bar in my purse, then have a protein shake when I get home.

    They say C2 is where the excitement is wearing off and you have to start thinking of it like a marriage.  Well, I still have some of that excitement and will constantly have to look at my pictures so far to remind myself what I WILL do in another 12 weeks!

  • *********Okay, I am so in with you guys on the 7th***********

    I tried starting on 02/02 but have been in training all week for my job and never know what hours I'm working and can't stop to eat a meal every 3 hours (bad timing).  I'm eating healthy though and have gone to the gym 3 times this week.  But I haven't done it by the letter like last time.  I'll be done with training at work on Sunday.  

    I love that there is a big group starting all at once!  I will look forward to the forum and getting "boosted" up.  I know this will help me through.  I need the extra support and it's always nice knowing you're not the only one, right?

    I did BFL a while back and lost a ton of body fat.  It was honestly amazing!  I am totally doing it to the letter of the book.  That way I won't second guess myself if I've tweaked something and I'm not seeing results.  I also won't blame myself personally if I'm not seeing the progress I need.  I will be confident in knowing that "soon enough" it'll happen if I'm doing it right.  I figure Bill Phillips knows more than I do about all this.  Besides all that,  I've already seen and experienced the transformation I will get by doing it just as he outlines.

    Jacium, thanks for taking charge and being our group leader!  I think you're just the guy to do it!  How cool would that be if all of us finished what we started!!

    Thanks and looking forward to the 7th :)


  • Hi everyone!  I would like to join this group as well.  This will be the second time I have tried BFL.  I followed the program last summer for 6 weeks with some very encouraging results but ended up stopping for one or more reasons (none of them very good).  I am excited about trying BFL again.  I am 41 years old and have 2 daughters (7.5 years and 18 mos.).  I hope I will have much better success this time around being part of a group with the same goal.

  • I'm in with you all.  This is my first challenge.  Very excited.  Glad to have you for support.