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  • Jessica,

    As a nurse I can tell you that feeling sick while exercising is not good for your system. The trainer gave you a high five when you puked? I will call EAS today and ask them if that is healthy?


  • Loren - Charles Poliquin (#1 strength coach in US) talks about queasy after each workout.  There's nothing wrong with it.  It means you worked it hard and have revved your system that much.  Maybe it's a matter of degree.  I don't feel "sick".  I feel queasy for about 5 minutes.  It means that I worked that workout hard.  It's a good thing. You shouldn't feel sick all day and I would be concerned about light headedness, but feeling a bit queasy is okay and feeling wobbly is as well.

    Yes, the trainer gave me a high 5 when I puked.  He knew that was torturous workout and I did awesome.

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  • I called EAS today with a question about Reload.  I asked about feeling queasy after working out and they said it was fine, but to know your own body.  Obviously once you get used to things you know if it's "normal" for you or not.  It has to do with a body that was brought up in core temp and also with breathing.  We get sick to our stomach without proper oxygen and working out that hard can cause that so do take those 1 minute times between sets and watch to make sure you're breathing properly.  If you're not losing breath during a BFL workout then it's a problem!

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  • Jessica, We were talking about throwing up not feeling queasy. I have seen you argue extensively with another BFL' er so maybe it's best that I don't respond to you. You seem to have to be right. I hope it does not turn off new BFL users like myself. This will be my last response to you. I bet you will still have something else to say.

  • Loren - The negative attitude you just showed me was not warranted.  My posts clearly differentiate between feeling queasy and throwing up.  Even throwing up, if on occasion is not a huge deal.  I have no issue with someone disagreeing.  Bring all the information to the table and we shall see.  Your issue is clearly that someone had another perspective from yours.  That's YOUR issue, not mine. 

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  • I love that nauseous feeling I get when I workout...means I'm working HARD and putting in all effort! I usually only get it when I do legs (lunges), but I got it last week doing abs! I have never puked...


  • I had my first LBWO today, and have to say I really enjoyed it. It was intense and I'm not looking forward to the soreness that comes and stays for a couple of days. No throwing up this time:).

    As far as the arguing and who's right, who's wrong... I don't think these forums are(or should be) about that. When I ask a question, I don't expect to get the right answer, especially since there may be several right answers. All I'm looking for is opinions, past experiences of people who've been there, done that. I noticed this in other forums as well, it all starts with good intentions and then people start offending each other and get offended.

    (New)People who post questions they are here to get different perspectives, or ideas. They may already have their own solutions just want to see what other people think. They don't need anybody fighting usually about minor details.

    Thanks for everybody's input!

    You guys are helpful!!

  • It's definitely not uncommon to feel nauseous after some of the workouts.  

    I'm not disputing anything said by a medical professional and in my humble opinion if you are having extended (all day) issues then please see your doctor for the all clear.

    I'm only stating my own personal fitness experience and for me personally it's not unusual for me to experience it on a weekly basis at some point depending on the intensity level of my workouts.  Some are definitely worse than others ;o)

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  • LeviA also on the DOMS-delayed onset muscle soreness be sure you are stretching and get up and move around every hour or so.  You may also be tempted to skip a cardio tomorrow but don't because the workout will help move lactic acid out of your muscles and will help you recover more quickly.  All else fails, grab a rolling pin and roll up and down your quads and hammies, works like a charm.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I did ease on the weights just a little bit for my second UPWO, and I paid more attention to the breathing and the 1 minute rest and there was no throwing up this time. I did enjoy the workout although I was not that satisfied with my effort as the first time.

    I think I'll go back up with the weights next time and keep the 1 min between sets and breathe right. If I throw up again, so be it. I want the satisfaction of pushing myself to the limit:) Sound crazy right?