HELP! Day 21 and nothing to show for it!!!

  • I forgot to mention that I am using Betagen 3 times a day and CLA 3 times a day along with a multi-vitamin (something with each meal).  For me, Betagen helps with muscle recovery and CLA helps with the muscle toning.  Also, I drink an EAS AdvantEDGE Carb Control daily--it is 17g of protein and 2 carbs with 110 calories...this counts as a meal.

    Even on my free day, I will only have 1 meal that doesn't consist of something from the BFL Food List.  Also, the free day is when I may partake of an adult beverage or two.  But, I find myself doing something for exercise on my Free Day (like walking around the LSU lakes or going to watch some tv at the gym while I am on the treadmill or elliptical.)

    Just don't quit!  Stay focused to how you want to feel and look at the end of this Challenge and for Life.


  • Karla,

    I am so happy you have such a great friend to guide you with your BFL journey!  (OK, I'm a tad bit jealous as well!)  

    I pulled up Katie's youtube video clips of her competitions, OMG is she talented and in shape!!!!!!  Splits, flips, ariels, handstands - you name it, she was doing it!!!!!  

    You mentioned you take CLA, I purchased some from EAS as well, but have a hard time remembering to take it with my meals.  Do you know how closely to meal time it has to be taken to be effective?  I posted a question about that on one of these boards, but haven't received an answer yet about the CLA.  Thought maybe you would know since you take it also, thanks!


  • She is amazing & I look up to her so much!  Yes she is definitely in shape and I want that!!!

    I take CLA with my meal.  I can feel the difference if I miss a dose.  I don't know if it is right, but it works for me.

    Also...I have learned not to take any supplement within a few hours of bed.

    Let's keep each other motivated.  I am friending you.

  • Friendship request accepted!  Looking forward to mutual motivation!  

  • your 4 weeks pics look great!  i went in to develop my starting pics on a saturday at a sam's club on a COLD snowy saturday and out i thought.  NO--there was an overly helpful, evidently bored man about my age so eager to assist me.  normally this would be a good thing but i knew those pics were in there...white, dimply and in a bikini.  he wouldn't go away so i did the logical thing...left and will upload from my computer.  i'm hoping for the apathetic employee when i go to pick them up.  but i fell off the food wagon at the end of week 4 so i'm holding off taking the 4 week pic.  probably tomorrow.  i know better than to weigh myself b/c i'll lose motivation if i don't like the results.  after seeing your 4 weeks and what the scale DIDN"T say is hopeful, mazjaz.  unfortunately i didn't take measurements to start with.  i will do that this week.

    off to do UBWO!

    PS i have no idea how to do the friending thing on this website. :/

  • Mazjaz -

    I second what Mooti said, lookin' good, girl!!!   I especially noticed the difference in your stomach area, and on the back under your swimsuit band.  The scale may not have moved much, but you are definitely making great progress!  

    By the way - the goal skirt is super cute, but the shoes are to die for!!!!!!!!!!!   : )

    I am getting my body fat tested again tomorrow night, will hopefully post my 4 week pix as well tomorrow night.  One question for you - I am getting a funky shadow around my body when my pictures are taken, sort of like someone outlined my limbs with a gray sharpie...............I take the pictures indoors, standing about 1 foot out from a light colored wall, and use a flash............what are you doing differently?  Are you standing super close to the wall, or is it a sheet of some type lit from behind?

    Thanks, and congrats again.............let's rock this next 4 weeks!


  • P.S. Mooti - thanks for the laugh, I would have walked out too!  

    Reminded me of the time I went to our local photo developing store to pick up my pix back in the days of 35mm cameras.....the wedding pictures I THOUGHT I was picking up had my wedding negatives in the package, but pictures from someones vacation to a nudist resort as the photos!  

    Only thing I can think is the 16 year old kids working were snooping at pix, and got surprised and quick shoved them back into the wrong envelope!   (At least I had my own negatives, so they could re-develop MY pictures!!!)

  • Hi Tina, I have only just got back to this thread after being off-line for over a week! Thank you for your feedback, it's nice knowing someone from the outside can see some difference... also funny you loved my shoes!!! As yes, they are my absolute favourite (snakeskin heels..... grrrrr !!!)

    Mooti - cant wait to see your photo's too!!! To do the "friend" thing you just need to go to your profile (click your screen name up in the right hand corner of the screen). I have sent you a friend request so you just need to accept!!!

    Can't wait to hear about everyone's week 5!!! We're nearly half way!!!

  • how's everyone doing?  i have REALLY faltered this week.  If this is going to be a lifestyle I need to figure out the eating part.  then i felt like i'm not really changing so getting to the work outs has been so hard.  the weather has been horrible which has affected the cardio for me.  

    i'm trying to plow through.  i had read a suggestion to take it one day at a time and one meal at a time if need be.  i guess i need to go back to that.  my clothes are fitting differently but i've only lost 1 pound.  my tanita scale said i went up in body fat.  i can see that that didn't happen so i'm not sure why it would say that.  any insight on tanitas and their accuracy?  (i've misplaced my calipers :)

  • i didn't start seeing changes until week 12, so glad i didn;t quit!

  • Keep the focus and don't even think about quitting. I think the people who loose the most straight off the line are the ones with the most to loose and looking at your photos you look pretty great 'as is' !!

    I wrote similar threads on here about day 20 or so (it's now day 55 for me) as I had a good first week and then stalled for a couple of weeks. The good news is the flood gates re-opened and i've now lost about 23 lbs (10.5 kg) so far.

    It was so tempting to say 'to hell with it' after i'd been so clean all week with my diet and busted my ass in the gym only to get on the scales sat morning to see no loss. But I used to say to myself 'what else are you gonna do?'

    The way I look at it is this - I'm 33 years old. I didn't get fat overnight. It took about 12 years. It's gonna take a while to loose it. It's as simple as that.

    Keep the faith, you will do this.

  • Mooti,

    We have all faltered but don't let that cause you to derail your hard earned efforts thus far. It is a good idea to take the challenge one meal at a time but remember weight-loss is more than just fitting into a size 3 it's about fostering health and banking on lifetime of longevity.

    My husband always says, "Don't dig your grave with your own fork and knife". You can do this. You are mentally tough. Do not let food define you.

    I believe in you!


  • Thanks for the encouragement.  I went back through my log for this week --and this is the beauty of journaling--I actually am on track for the most part.  If i get the cardio in today I should be good.  Eating not as clean as the first 4 weeks but not a total disaster...I just found my dark chocolate covered espresso beans from Trader Joes...oops.  :)  and a few Cheezits here and there but not that bad.  Haha

    Alright, I'm back in the saddle.  And that's part of this challenge as much as anything for me...learning perseverance and not quitting.  Thanks :)

  • Mooti - take those espresson beans and divide them into snack-sized baggies. Put them in the freezer and pull one out each free day. I guarantee you will enjoy them so much that way.

    Good job on the journaling. As long as we keep learning from our mistakes, we'll keep moving forward.

    take care.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Lovely HIIT session this to the gym and pulled out my tennis shoes, only to realize the water bottle I had tossed in there was not sealed completely and drained into my right shoe, plus soaked everything else in the bag!  

    Dried out the shoe as best I could, refilled the bottle and hopped on the treadmill and did my cardio anyways.  I was too hungry to take the time to go home and get another pair of shoes, and have really been trying to do my cardio on an empty stomach!

    Hope you all have a smoother start to your day than I did!