Work out program and Supplements

  • Good Morning Peeps,

     I am on W1D4.  The eating so far so good.  Two days I could only get in 5 meals. I know how important the 6 meals are, I will do better.  My husband is eating everything I'm packing for him which is HUGE!  He is now a recovering sugar alcoholic lol 

    Work out question?  I am doing the cardio on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this schedule works better for me.  Is this ok?  I am alternating upper and lower on the other days.  One of my friends is a personal trainer.  She went with me to the gym yesterday to show me how to do the cardio properly.  WHEW....between her and the elliptic they kicked my booty.  I'm so glad she offered to helped me because I totally jacked my cardio up Monday. haha!

    Supplements:  I bought Myoplex Lite vanilla powder and Myoplex Lite bars.  Do I need products for strength building?  I have a muscle disease, so the muscle soreness is about 5x's worse than normal.  I would like one of the Recovery products.  If this product works I'm all over it!!  But, I don't know which one to buy.  

    My goal: To lose 15-20 lbs. gain muscle, gain strength and to lose the cellulite in my arms.  Who has cellulite in their arms??  I woke up one day and my arms were cottage cheese.  The same day I woke up and I know longer had eyelids lol.

    Thank you for answering my questions.  I hope I find the answers.  I went through 518 replies on one of regular threads you all hang out.  There has to be an easier way.  Anywho, I am so grateful this site!!!!  Thank you BFLer's!!!!  Have a Blessed day :)


    Blessed by Him,

    Michelle' P

    (I noticed there was another Michelle', so I will go by Michelle' P)

    Blessed by Him,  Michelle'

  • I strongly encourage you to call EAS and ask about the strength building products. They are so incredibly knowledgeable. A friend of mine has a blood disorder and they knew which products to steer them away from, and why. Call them at 1-800-297-9776.

    I can speak from personal experience on the cellulite...not in my arms but my legs. I told everyone mid challenge that I was going to stop eating cottage cheese because it was skipping my stomache and going right to my butt and thighs. haha. Seriously, my cellulite got worse. Here's what was happening. I was unwrapping the top layers of fat on my body. As I got deeper, it got worse. As my progress was nearing the last 1/3, it started to improve. Do not get disheartened. It may get worse before it gets better. I kept telling myself that it couldn't have gotten much worse than where I was at before I started. :-)

    As for your droopy eyelids. OMG! Same issue here. I had always said that would be the one surgery I would want to have. Interesting....after challenge 1 that has changed too. My eyes are brighter and wider than ever. I don't use under eye concealer anymore. My facial wrinkles, including my neck, have reduced to almost nothing.

    Trust the program and give it 100%! It will give back 100%! It is not going to happen overnight. Keep watching for subtle changes. Celebrate the little victories along the way.

    Go Michelle P! Stick around and keep us updated on your progress!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Renee,

    Thank you for the reply!  

    Girl, if I get any more cottage cheese on my body I'll have to change my name to Borden's and slap a bar code on my forehead lol. I have already noticed the affects of the water.  I don't have near the puffiness around my eyes.  I always drink water just wasn't enough. I have read that a lot of women don't see any results until the 4th week.  I'm prepared. If I'm eating clean and hitting my high intensity at the gym, I'm a happy girl. 

    I'll keep you posted!  Thank you for taking time to answer my questions!!  

    Blessed by Him,

    Michelle' P

    Blessed by Him,  Michelle'