• Hi fellow Canadians!

    Just wanted to let you all know I finished my challenge today and feel like a million bucks!

    I have at least one, if not two, challenges left to get where I want to be, but I feel great about my progress so far.

    I dropped 23 lbs of scale weight in 12 weeks.

    You can check out my transformation (with pics!) in my profile.

    Go Habs Go! (had to slip that in there :P )

  • Congrats Newsie! Great work

  • Saw your results from the last challenge, and I would say  Hang in there and Make Canada even more proud of you.  Way to go!  Hope you overcome all of the kneecap problems but I do believe that the strengthening idea will work because I have one bum knee and it has helped me to strenghten my quads and legs as well.  Hope your next challenge goes well.

  • Well just finished my third and final challenge. I say that as I  think I have it down to a lifetime change now. We all know we need to eat properly and exercise...I realise my eating habits were because of sugar and junk food addiction and I have to treat it like that. Just like quiting smoking.If I go back to eating alitlle junk then il be hooked again. Anyeay I know how to eat proper and it took three challenges to keep me on track.Now i think i can do it on my own. .Oh I lost        17 lbs of weight this time around and Im sure its all fat...Did you know that canadians cant win this years challenge. I didnt know that until I submitted my challenge Hope all is well with everyone..Ill keep checking this thread time to time...Rob

  • Hello all fellow north of the 49th parallellers!!! I am part of the challenge group with Newsie. She's on her second....I'm on my first. Originally from Calgary now residing in Kingston ON. Nice to see Canadians here on the site.