BFL! where to start from?

  • Hello Mustafa/Everyone!

    Mustafa, If recall correctly, you ordered the book.  Have you received it yet? 

    Here are my responses:

    1 - White bread or Whole wheat brown bread? (I am more a white bread guy but can definitely make switch)

    Whole Wheat bread.

    2. The MYTH of the Portion Size?  

    It not a myth at all.  It works, give it a try. 

    3. Portion size of Cheese? (first should it be regular cheese or the low fat cheese - secondly does the fist size portion also applies on cheese or not?) 

    I can't answer this because I do eat cheese.  It just doesn't agree with me.

    4. Rice - yes or no? (if yes then what is the most healthy way to cook rice and also the type of rice & its portion size)

    Brown rice and the portion is the size of your clenched fist.

    5. Grilling Red Meat - Rare, Medium Rare or Well Done? (I prefer well done)

    I prefer well done too.  I only eat red meat between challenges.

    6. Shall I use Cod Liver Oil capsules during the BFL along with EAS supplements? (good for joints)

    Fish Oil is recommended.  I'm not sure of the difference in what you asking.

    7. My cooking usually includes lots of Olive Oil and Butter for, can I continue with that during BFL or not?

    Cut the butter.  Olive oil is ok.

    8. Vegetables - boiled,  grilled or steamed? (seriously first time in my life I am forcing myself to have vegies at least once a day, it isnt as bad that I thought to be).

    Anyway you like it.  Just don't add anything to them other than spices.

    9. Ranch Dressing - yes or not? (for a guy like me it makes the vegetables eatable)

    No.  Use, lemon juice or Balsamic Vinaigrette instead

    Mustafa, What is your start date?

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Thanks a lot to Jessica - Mighty Max, ayummymommy, Boltsfan and Super---Sharon--Wonder-Woman, I really appreciate all the replies and massive information that is based on your own experience, thank you very much.

    Honestly I am feeling so blessed and lucky that you guys are willing to help me so sincerely, Jessica - Mighty Max, ayummymommy, Boltsfan and Super---Sharon--Wonder-Woman, you all are to kind and generous.

    I have finally got hold of the BFL book and its so easy to read though I would say that the book may be good but the advice and information that I am getting from the awesome members is as good as the Book :)

    At the moment I am traveling and would be back  in Canada in next few weeks so I am  hoping to start the BFL from early March though I am really tempted to start way sooner then that. I am thinking that I should the BFL pattern diet and workout a few weeks (without any supplements) before the actual BFL, it has been years that I havent done any sort of exercises and or any activity that can be classify as a WORKOUT or HEALTHY DIET so first want to do moderate stuff to channel my mind and body in appropriate manner :)

    Beside that from ages I am thinking to do a meditation course called Art of Living (its all over the world - google it) to get hold of the loose ends of my life and mind, it may sound odd to a few though I strongly believe that if there is mental distortion and lack of harmony and peace in our lives then we won't be able to achieve our goals and dreams - life would be a burden rather then a blessing. I am sure that meditation course will help me big time to successfully complete BFL.

    @ Boltsfan - saw your profile and pics, awesome transformation buddy - really motivating for me, congratulations. Can I add you as a friend?

  • Thanks for the compliments Mustafa and I've added you as a friend.  Since you are travelling it is a good chance to read the book and get things all planned out for when you get back.  Trust me, planning is crucial to this program.  Even though I'm not doing a challenge right now I still have my workout sheets and stopwatch with me in the gym.  If I don't have my workout planned out I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels in the gym.

    If you have any other questions let me know and I'll help if I can.

    Train to grow, not for show!

  • Thanks Boltsfan, I look forward to contact you and other few people when my BFL will start, I know that it would be an awesome journey and you all will inspire and help me in best possible manner :)

    By the way I finally got hold of my BFL book, really nice.

    Just waiting to get back in Canada, once I am there then will join a gym, first two to four weeks would be prep the body (and test my cooking skills) and then starting the BFL.

    Thanks guys. Train to grow, not to show (really nice).

  • Hey Mustafa.  I kind of stole that saying from a buddy of mine.  Walk into any gym and you will see people lifting weight they have no business lifting.  I've seen so many people using poor form or partial movements just so they can say they lifted a certain amount of weight.  Yet if they were to do full reps or use good form they would probably cut the weight in half.

    It can be hard sometimes but I've learned that if you check your ego at the door and do things properly it really pays off in the long run.  Not only will you get the full benefit from the exercises but it will help with injury prevention as well.

    Train to grow, not for show!