BFL! where to start from?

  • Hi guys

    I am really excited to participate in BFL though I really dont know where to start from also I dont have any such exposure or knowledge about fitness supplements, gyms (sports centers) and diet stuff.

    My Bio:

    Height: 5.8'
    Weight: 220 lbs
    Waist: 44'

    GOAL: To lose massive amount of fat and gain lots of muscles.

    Question 1: Which package shall I go for? (GOAL: Get Lean & Strong or GOAL: Build Size & Strength)

    Question 2: How man days servings/supplies are included in the packages? (like 7 days, 15 or 30 days?)

    Question 3: From where I can have info about motivation, diet and workout to have very positive results?

    Please help me by guiding me.


  • Welcome to BFL! You will yield fantastic results with this new lifestyle. I would suggest you purchase The Body-For-Life book by Bill Phillips. It will explain the program, offer detailed pictures of the exercises and go over the eating plan.

    Here is a link to obtain the book-

    The book will help you understand the principals. Please feel free to ask specific questions if you need additional guidance.



  • Hi lorig2727

    Thanks for replying to my post, I just bought the book through the mentioned weblink - thanks for that too.

    It will be really awesome if you can help me by answering to the first 2 questions that I asked (you already answered the third one).


    Height: 5.8'     -     Weight: 220 lbs      -       Waist: 44'

    GOAL: To lose massive amount of fat and gain lots of muscles.

    Question 1: Which package shall I go for? (GOAL: Get Lean & Strong or GOAL: Build Size & Strength)  - it may sound stupid but if I am gaining muscles then automatically I will lose fat - right? please guide me in this.

    Question 2: How many days supplies are included in each packages? (like 7 days, 15 or 30 days?)

    Once again really thanks the reply, I really appreciate your kind reply.


  • Hi and welcome!!

    I am going to come from a different angle...

    Why do you need supplements? U can use real food and get the same results, the supplements are just that...supplements. They are better used for convenience etc. Try to get your nutrition from whole foods like egg whites, chicken, turkey, lean cuts of beef, fish, tuna, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats, brown rice, fruit and veggies and some fish oils and olive oil. And like Lori said... best to read the book and understand the principles first.

    Question number 2 doesn't apply if you go this route.

  • I agree with ayummymommy!! The goal is to lose weight and gain muscle and that can be accomplished by eating clean and working out 6 days a week. The foods she suggested will help you to build the best body yet. You don't need to commit to a specific package per. se. Just take it one day at a time. You goals are subjective and your desire to change is hidden only within yourself. You hold the key to transform.

    Here are a few suggestions to begin the program.

    1) Clean out your fridge

    2) Make a shopping list and plan your meals

    3) Make photo copies of the exercises you will perform and rehearse them in your mind prior to working out

    4) Take measurements, your body-fat analysis and your before pictures

    5) Get your workout clothing ready. A good pair of sneaker, begin a success log

    6) Understand the HIIT program for cardio

    7) Get your goals crystal clear

    8) In your minds eye conjure up an image of yourself at your ideal weight and continue to focus on that image

    Best of luck! Make it hapen.


  • I think it's possible the question was misunderstood.  For which package, I would suggest a call to EAS to talk through specific goals and certain stats. 

    Yes, whole foods are necessary, but that shouldn't discount supplements.  Supplements are not needed, but sure help.  They are vital to my transformation, while others choose to not go that route. 

    Personally, I recommend supplements and feel the people who use them wisely in conjunction with great whole foods have the best progress overall. 

    The packages asked about were the ones that Abbott offers with different supplements packaged together for the BFL Contest.  Call EAS to discuss.  You might find one package is better than another for you, but you also might find you like some things from one and some from another.  I buy my supplements from and have had great success with them.


    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • The best supplements are nutrition shakes because of the convienience they offer

  • The best supplement depends on your goals. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • First of all thanks to ayummymommy,  lorig2727 and Jessica - Mighty Max and  6packmission for posting the replies.

    Hmmm ayummymommy and  lorig2727 honestly both of you have left me scratching my  head because the very first time I came across BFL was in early 2000. Bill Phillips was the key icon of the whole marketing and promotional strategy and according to him that the DECLARED goals were to reach the fitness level BY USING THE EAS Products and workout routines. Maybe since then I always thought that to compete in BFL I need / bound to use the EAS products though due to few issues I never did.

    Guess I was wrong though being honest with you guys that for years some how I always felt that there is some magic hidden in those EAS products (yep I am a nut case) and those magical potions will transform me into something very lean and and muscular (I am not crazy though I believe on magic) :)

    I have checked the profile page of  lorig2727 and the transformation images are simply amazing and mind blowing and if you have achieved this without using any supplements then you from now on you are my Angle of Fitness :)  – honestly your pics are a true inspiration for people like me and I respect you for your hard work, level of commitment and dedication. By the way thanks for the awesome suggestions – right now my fridge overloaded with lots of junk food, I guess I need to learn about different changes that I need to make in my life.

    I am sure there are many achievers in this forum that I have yet to meet – really looking forward to meet them and have loads of inspiration from them.

    Jessica - Mighty Max is positive about supplements :) I like the website that you mentioned, I hope it would have a branch in Canada or got good delivery rates.

    In the start I was kind of reluctant to use the supplements because I always heard about the side affects of such stuff and now EAS is owned by Abbot which means now more superior quality and effectiveness in products. I would definitely give a call to EAS people and discuss my options though unlike before now I would really like to look into the natural foods as mentioned by  ayummymommy and supported by  lorig2727 because in the end of the day my ultimate goal is to be fit and to have a very healthy life style something that I haven't experienced from a very long time.

    Thanks for the kind replies.


  • On your question about EAS product use.  It is only required if you plan to send in a challenge packet after your 12 weeks and even then, having only used one EAS product once (for example, 1 shake) is good enough to qualify.

    Best wishes on your BFL journey. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your kind words concerning my transformation. It sure feels good.

    I need to clarify. I was urging you to understand the basics first and not get locked into a specific category until you read the book and understood the principals. Supplimentation can be a wonderful tool to use to reach your goals. I thought you were putting the cart before the horse.

    I used myoplex light drinks and Reload during the challenge. The protein drink are a nice convenient way to suppliment food. Reload helps with muscle recovery. Once you read the book, plan the workouts etc.. then you can decide if you want to include suppliments. As Sharon-Wonder-Woman pointed out (thank you) it is necessary to include one item to officially enter a challenge.

    Body-For-life has transformed millions for more than a decade and their program is scientifically proven. Eat clean is key. When describing clean eating, it's important to point out what eating clean is not. Clean eating is not a diet, although it is a great way to reduce body fat, lose weight, and keep the weight off. Clean eating is a lifestyle that requires time, commitment, and pre-planning and is not just a way of eating that can accomplish weight loss or overall health just by doing it during it sporadically It is a lifestyle.

    In reference to a "magic formula" the only magic that really exists is your ability to unlock your potential within. Tap into your inner-athlete and be a warrior in the gym. Stay focused and be the best you can be.

    We all are rooting for you! Keep the questions coming as needed.


  • Thanks Sharon--Wonder-Woman for the info, I am sure that this information would be helpful for me in the days to come though right now I really want to get as much info as possible to mentally prepare myself before filling up the BFL competition forms.

    Thanks ok.

  • Glad to help Mustafa.  I've seen lots of people start BFL only to find out later that they did not have to use supplements.  They weren't happy to find that after the fact so I thought I'd let you know now. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • My pleasure helping out and I will say again supplements are great for convenience and making sure you get what you need. But they are definitely not "magic". Don't feed into that part. They are definitely helpful but won't break you if you can't afford it or don't like them or whatever.

    Lori knows her stuff, has been through it and is a REAL asset to this forum...

    And thanks SWW for clarifying!!


    Hi lorig2727

    Ok I got to say that you are 110% correct about me that I am just being too hasty and ignoring the homework that I should do before getting myself into BFL stuff, thanks for the reminder, I do appreciate this from your end.

    Back in my late teens and early 20s I was a gym buff and every day working out without having any right guidance (just the workout books) for hours and during that time I saw guys literally having massive muscle gains in very short span of time by using illegal stuff, I was tempted though never went for it so I guess deep down I am still craving to use something powerful that is side affect free. Though you are very right that I need to first need to do all the required prep before anything.

    I am learning about supplements and trying to find some in depth info in which each supplement can be discussed in appropriate manner like its application, usage frequency, how to make it more affective by combining it with so and so supplement etc.

    My knowledge about healthy and clean diet is close to zero – the only vegetable that I know are CHIPS :) so now I feel that there are loads of things to learn way before entering in BFL, thanks lorig2727 and Sharon--Wonder-Woman for putting sense in me. 

    Ok a few questions:

    1. Is it wise to join a gym a month before the BFL just to prepare myself mentally and physically?

    2. Name one book on healthy diet / cooking / nutrition that played a vital role in your transformation?

    3. Your life style and physical activities from early morning till going to bed time during BFL?

    I really liked your approach of becoming a warrior in the gym and “Stay focused and be the best you can be” very well said, thanks.